Trae Young

Trae Young was born in September 19 1998 in Lub-bock Texas, he is racial mixed American- African-Caucaasia. While throughout his career, every person argue about his origin because of his looks which you are familiar with both Asian and American due to this some people said that he is Asian and some said he is Asian and some said that he is American. But his nationality is American and also he was born in USA. But basically he is from Oklahoma.

Trae Youngs’rae Young attented Norman North high School in norman, Oklahoma where he played basketball as a high school player.

Trae Young’s Carrier

Trae Young started his career for playing in a team in his inexperienced is yours while along that year his average aaj points were 25 including 5 assist with addition of four ribbons for every game due to his extraordinary performance Norman north win 2015 area championship because of Trae Young and and God name of” Oklahoma Sophomore” of the year. 

For playing high School team m improve his game much more than he thought average 34.2 points alongside 4.63 pounds and 4.67 total assist and he hi help the team to win 28-4 records. In 2017 Trae Young signed with” Oklahoma sooners”, in beginning of the season he recorded as many points to win from University of Nebraska Omaha. Later that here young scored season high 43 points in a win over” Oregon Ducks”.Young won “Wayman Tisdale Award” as a national freshman by USBWA of the year.

Young started his professional career by joining Atlanta Hawks in 2018 till now, NBA draught of 2018 young vas selected by” Dallas Mavericks” but later on he was exchanged to” Atlanta hawks”. In 2018 19 November young got his high 17 -assists including 25 points and 3 rebounds and after that while playing across Chicago bulls he got his new career best 36 points with 10 assist, in 2019 31st March young played a game winner roll and got 12 points with 16 assest against planing “Milwaukee Bucks”. 

Young Trae Personal Life:

Young as 6 feet 1 inches height and 82 kg in in weight , usually he plays as a gaurd point position. Young is called an American African but his wife is Caucasian Candice. Young got two sisters and one brother which is younger to him receptor names are Camryn and Caitlin young. 

Timothy younger brother of young was very close to him and as of young saying that the moment shared with Timothy what’s the best moment of his life. Trae mum is Cacuasian and she is very e complexion while his dad Ray Young is an American African his father also played basketball University of Texas his mother name is candice young.

What shoe size does Trae Young wear?

The shoe size of Trae Young is 12 US.

What shoe brand does Trae Young wear?

Young signed deal with Adidas, and he often seen some rock style Adidas “N3Xt L3v3ls” and they looked just like ICEE

Adidas Hardeen B\E²


Nike Kyriee4


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