Best Segway Without Handles Review

Segway Hoverboard

Basically, Segways is a scooter with no handles but with a remote. You can use an app made specifically for this to control the speed.

You won’t have to worry about the broken roads to adjust the speed and the twists.

All Segways Scooters with no handles have passed the fire test and water test. It’s one of the best scooters you can ever put your hands on.

Down below we have discussed three types of Segways without handles that are currently on sale on Amazon. We have also compared these three scooters for your ease.

All you have to do is choose from the below 3 best Segways with no handles and you won’t be disappointed.

Best Segways With No Handles 2020 [Top Picks]

Segway Ninebot S Smart No Handles Self-Balancing

This one comes with UL 2272 certification which ensures that there’s a high chance of this scooter to be protected from fire and water, both.

For various weather conditions, IP54 waterproof protection is installed in it. It weighs 28 lbs and can easily carry up to 220 lbs.

  • The batteries in this scooter are 400 W motors, making it reach 10 mph easily.
  • 5″ pneumatic tires, knee control bar. are two major pros of this product.
  • Another amazing thing about this product is that it can run for 13.7 miles when the battery is fully charged, going up the slope of 15°.

Segway Ninebot Without Handles S-Plus Smart Scooter

This comes with auto-follow mode and remote control. The speed it can take is up to 12.5 mph, courtesy of the 400 W batteries that come along with it.

This can run up to 22 miles straight when the battery is full up and running, doesn’t matter how steep or broken the road is. It is because the 11″ pneumatic tires are there to give you a smooth and straight ride.

  • The height of this segway is almost 3. 11 – 6. 6 Inches.

Segway Ninebot LOOMO No Handles Robot

The LOOMO advanced robot/ segway scooter is different from the rest because it’s a legit robot. LOOMO follows you everywhere if you want it to because of the computer vision and can shoot videos.

Intel RealSense ZR300 camera giving you a 3D view as you go is one of the major segments in this. What makes LOOMO smart are the  2 infrared distance sensors, maps, and bump-avoider sensors present in it.

When you feel like walking but don’t know what to do with your scooter, you can get off of it and it will follow you on its own. Like a proper robot!

Segways Without Handles For Sale: Which One You Should Buy?

So which one should you buy? If you compare the price, the first one’s under $500 which seems like it’s so worth it for so many functions it gives you at such a reasonable price.

If you look at the second one, it’s better-looking, has premium technology, battery monitoring, and has an auto-mode when you don’t feel like handling it with a remote. So this one’s a steal as well.

Concluding with our favorite one, the LOOMO, it’s not like your own personal robot but it IS your personal robot by giving you so many functions.

Such as 1080p HD-camera, software update on its own, speak with your robot through the app, explore and interact. It’s one of the best segways with no handles you can ever have!

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