Schwinn 470 Review

Schwinn 470 Elliptical MachineReview


Warranty: Labor 90 days, Mechanical 2 years, Electronics 1 year, Frame 10 years

Console: 29 workout programs, MyFitnessPal and SchwinnConnect compatible

Handlebars: both mobile and fixed (with pulse sensors)

Resistance system: 25 levels, Eddy current

Incline: 0-10 degree angle, motorized

Footplates: articulating, with cushioning

Stride: 20 inches (51 cm)

Maximum user weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Assembled weight: 164 lbs (74.5 kg)

Assembled dimensions: 70.1L x 28.2W x 63.2H inches (178.1L x 71.5W x 160.5H cm)

Schwinn is mostly famous for producing elliptical machines. They produce other home gym machines as well, but they are known for cycles and elliptical machines in the market. Schwinn have been competitive with other companies for so many years and kept its reputation for producing long lasting machines and equipment.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is an upgraded version of 430 model. It is a mid-level machine for those users who want to have a good run and exercise workout just at the peace of their home and stay in good shape. This machine offers some great features with top-quality. The assembled dimensions of 470 Elliptical Machine are 70.1” length, 28.2” width and 63.2” height. These dimensions tell that its quite bulky and covers a bit of space on the floor.

The Pros

  • Design is solid and elegant
  • Smooth and improved with comfort with cushioned pedals
  • It has 20” stride, that makes it a reasonable choice for even the taller users
  • It has an automatic incline which goes from 0 to 10 degrees
  • It has 25 levels of eddy current with smooth resistance
  • 29 built-in programs
  • Function available for goal tracking
  • To create your own workouts, 4 custom user program is available
  • It is MyFitnessPal and SchwinnConnect compatible
  • USB charging port is available
  • Console is enabled with pulse sensors and telemetry
  • Console has few amenities available
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great warranty
  • Little maintenance required

The Cons

  • A tablet may cover the console which shows the workout values
  • The monitor for heart may cause some issues showing the heart rate
  • Some users may find it heavy and bulky while moving it from one place to another place

Frame Construction

The main frame of this 470 Elliptical Machine is made from steel tubing with anti-scratch and corrosion resistant paint. Few other parts of this trainer are made from material, which are pedals, casing of the flywheel and coverings of the crank arms.

The machine’s frame consists of two parts. The front part of the frame which is the drive and resistance system that attaches to the rear which is sliding of the pedals. These front and back parts are attached with each other with the four screws making the connection between them very solid.

As the assembled dimensions are already discussed of the 470 Elliptical Machine. It tells that it should be assembled in a room where the workout will be performed. The assembled weight of this trainer is 164 lbs which tells that it is heavy, but the machine comes with a feature of caster wheels. It can be moved from one place to another by tilting forward and rolling around. The weight also plays a vital role in the stability of the machine i.e. the heavier the machine, the more stable will be the machine and the user will be able to perform the exercises tension free.

One last element to be discussed here is that the front part of the machine consists of caster wheels, the middle and the back part has rubberized levelers which helps in the grip of the machine and not let it move while exercising.


Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine has an eddy current brake mechanism system which is controlled by a servo motor. Keeping the resistance in control, the user can adjust the pull of the magnet to the flywheel, reducing or adding the tension to the elliptical motion.

The resistance of this trainer can be controlled by using the console only. There are 25 levels of resistance, the top levels of the resistance offer a challenge. The resistance can be adjusted via the quick keys or gradually. As for the incline is concerned, if the user is using any on-board program, the resistance will be adjusted automatically by the machine.

As this machine is motorized in incline and resistance system, it requires to run by 120 volt in order to work. It comes with a 60Hz AC input; 2.0A output, 120V and it also has a power switch.


One of the great features of Schwinn 470 is that it has an automatic incline system. It adjusts the ramp automatically while workout. This is connected with the machine’s console. It has keys for gradual adjustments and also keys for quick adjustments.

The ramp of Schwinn 470 starts from 0 degree angle all the way to 10 degree angle, in other words, it has 10 positions in total. While adjusting the incline, it offers to focus on several muscles of the body to give the desired output.

Lastly, at the maximum position of incline, the pedals stands at the height of 22” (56 cm) above the floor. So, it is suggested to put this trainer in a room with a ceiling higher than the user’s height and at least 22”.


Schwinn 470 Elliptical has a console which is an inclusive for this model. It offers various amenities such as; tablet tray, sound system and cooling fan. The fan features three speed settings. The sound system on the console is not exactly of a very good quality but still it offers good sound than the smart-phone or the tablet. Keeping in view, there are no volume buttons on the console, the user have to control the volume using the smart-phone or tablet. But there is 3.5 mm jack cable is supplied. The shelf for the tablet is situated under the wider monitor of the console and it has enough space to hold any tablet.

The console consists of 2 monitors, one of which is 3.0” x 5.0” and the other one is 1.0” x 5.0”. they have blue LED backlight to let the user read the values easily. The monitor with wide screen displays the selected workouts and goal percentages, while the other monitor with small screen shows the values of speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate and RPM.

The console also has 29 workouts built in it to give the best exercising experience. These workouts are 9 heart rate programs, 12 profile programs, 4 custom user programs, 1 recovery test, 2 fitness test and manual program mode. The 4 custom user program let the user create own 4 tracks for exercising and re-use it every time they like. While crafting the custom programs, console asks to fill up the data to keep the track. It also lets the user set up the goals for workouts.

The console has a compatibility with MyFitnessPal and SchwinnConnect to connect and transfer the workout data on tablet or smart-phone. It has USB post as well for charging or transferring the data. Another aspect of the console is that it is telemetry enabled. It can keep the track of heart rate via chest strap transmitter. The transmitter is not included in the package, it is to be bought separately. It the user don’t want to but it, there are pulse sensors on handlebars that can also keep the track of heart rate.

Drive and Stride

The flywheel of Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is heavy-duty belt-driven weighing 20 lbs. It is tested in the lab before launching in the market. The crank arms of the trainer are steel built and covered with plastic covers. The pedals are made from polymer material offering the cushioning and with 2 degree angle outward tilt to have a good grip of the feet on the stepping motion.

The stride of Schwinn 470 is non-adjustable with a flat 20” stride. It can adjust the incline, adding one inch to the stride of the machine. With 20” stride, this machine can easily accommodate a user with 6’5 height.

Last but not least, this trainer’s pedals can also work backwards with the same resistance as pedaling normally.

Assembly and Maintenance

As this trainer is heavy in weight, it is recommended to put it together where the workout will be done. The package includes a manual and the easy follow instructions are given to assemble the machine in right way with the parts to put in the right/or in their position.

Maintaining the trainer is not difficult at all. The internal parts of it comes pre-lubricated to last many years. The maintenance is only required by greasing the joints if they start to make squeaky sounds. To avoid any other damage, the user must look for the rollers and rails before the workout. Other than this, remove any dust or sand if there is.

Final Words

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is an all in one trainer to provide with the best features with the price it comes. It works absolutely fine for the mid-range model. This is perfect for those users who want to build the stamina, muscle toning and cardiovascular training as well as it can help in loosing the weight. It can also work best for those users who require recovery because it has high ergonomics and low impact on the joints while exercising.

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