Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook was born on 12 Nov- 1998 in California. His father was his inspiration to play basketball. He learned it from him. His team entered in NBA finals in the year 2012 final game.

He was also named as the MVP of the game in the year 2017. He became the only player in the time period of fifty-five years to have scored triple-double average for the whole season.

He has already made a name because of his sense of style and fashion. This is why he also had a chance to make collaborate with Barneys Newyork and set a foundation for the eyewear brand.

Early Education & Career

His mom and dad both wanted their kids to focus on studies. Westbrook later became a bright shining student receiving an honor. He drew a little attention to himself because of his height which was 5 feet 8 inches.

He went to leuzinger high school in Lawndale. He went for a growth spurt that immediately transformed hi9m into a major basketball hope.

He played very well and was employed for Ben Howland at UCLA. He also got named for the NBA all-rookie first team when he scored more than 15 points for every game he played in the first season.

When he reached the third season have had become the fifth player of the league who managed to make a score of 4k points, 1500 assists and 1k rebounds in his by then career life.

In 2013 he had to go for surgery because of a torn meniscus and later he had to go for one more operation. Because of this the streak he had maintained was broken.

Later he had gone for another operation of the knee and had to miss two months. Later in 2018-19, he made a score of average triple-double for the subsequent two seasons.

Fashion and Interests

Besides his game performance, he also had a name for colorful and eye-catching clothes. Because of his interest in fashion and style, he was given an opportunity to make collaborate with a luxury store named Barneys Newyork. Which he readily took and began selling in 2014. He also had an eye-ware brand in the year 2015.

Personal Life


He tied the knot with the lady named Nina earl in the month of the august year 2015. Nina earl and west brook went together to the college where they met.

In May 2017 Nina gave birth to their son who named Noah. In the next year 2018, they had another two children. They were twin girls. They were named as Jordan and Skye.

In West brook’s personal interest list at the top is basketball. And the rest consists of video games, bowling, and above all the time he gets to spend with his beloved family.

West Brook also sometimes seen wearing the KB3 wristbands and sneaker shoes with KB3 written on it. He seems to be honoring his childhood friend named Khelcey Barrs. They both started dreaming about playing at this scale tougher.

What shoes does Russell Westbrook wear?

Adidas Dame 6.

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low.

Air Jordan 34.

Nike LeBron 17.

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro.

Puma Clyde Hardwood.

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2.

What is the size of Russell Westbrook’s footwear?

Russell Westbrook wears the shoe size 15.

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