Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio is from Spain a place called El-Masnou in Barcelona. Date of birth of Ricky Rubio in 1990 21st October. Rubia is an Spanish national containing Spanish nationality.

He is professional basketball player playing for Phoenix in national basketball association. At the age of 14 he got to play in ACB league Spain and that he become the youngest player to play at that age in Spanish league.

By his parents Rubio was his name but Vives was his is motherly name. While in Spain the sports bar is run by his family. In October 2006 Rubio debut for Euro-league at the age of 16 and then he became first person to play a in 1990s for Euro-League-game. 


Rubio started his career by joining ACB league in 2005 season and at that time he became a first younger player of age 14 to play a for Spanish league. Later that year he won F.I.B.A Euro-Challenge championship. He also leaded the ACB league at that season.

In June 1, 2011 -2017 Rubio signed an agreement to be the the part of timberwolves and the deal assigned with was Minnesota. On on 17th of June Rubio call the press conference and made a statement that he joined Minnesota.

As regular player Rubio made his first debut on 26th of December in 2011, in in his debut Rubio scored 6 points with addition of rebounds 5 and assist 6 in only 26 min.

On 15 December 2012 Rubio as a carrier first double-triple writed down with 21-points and including 13-rebound and 12-assist. In in the next year on 11th November in 2013 Rubio write down his second carrier best double-triple with 12-points and 13-rebounds with addition of 12-assist.

In 2014 31st October Rubio gotta deal of 56 million dollars with a team called timberwolves. In the next year on 28th of October, leading the team to win the game opposite to to Los Angeles Lakers he score his career top points of 28 in the opening of season.

From 2017 2019 Rubio was moved tu to Utah jazz in the draught pick and he got picked in the first round. In 2018 Rubio recorded the best season high score of 34-points by winning from San-Anyonio-Spurs.

In 2019 July 8 Rubio gotta deal with Phoenix Suns for 3 years of 51 million dollars, later that year Rubio help Phoenix Suns to win from Kings by scoring 11-points and 11-assist.

Personal life

Ricky Rubio has an affair with Clara Lago and seen dating her, but his married status is unknown. Esteve Rubio is his father and Tona Vives is mother of Ricky Rubio the birth place of Ricky Rubio is El Masnou.

The Scorpio is a zodiac sign of his. His elder brother who played pro league of basketball inMasnou. About affair with Lago Rubio confirm that he is no longer dating her. He never talks about his personal and private life. And also in addition with by sexually he is straight.

What shoe size does Ricky Rubio wear?

Rubio shoe size is 12 USA in addition 11.5 UK a and European size is 46.

What shoe brand does Ricky wéar?

In Olympics 2016 Rubio weared Adidas exclusive shoes because of his deal with Adidas and nowadays while playing for Suns Rubio wear special and modern Adidas shoes.

Adidas D-O-N Issue@1

Adidas Pro-Bouncee-Low 18

Adidas Crazy-Explosive 17

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