Real Relax Favor-01 Review

Real Relax is an organization which focuses on massage components, specially massage chairs and their main focus is to make them perfect.

Real Relax has made 4 full body massage chairs till now and today our target will be to give full review about Real Relax Favor-01 massage chair. It’s quite rich and modern with elegant design and are manufactured in different colors, and there is an advantage for customers to pick their favourite color.

This massage chair will make your home look as a complete one and after doing all hard work, you can find full satisfaction and relaxation by taking massage session on it. Having massage sessions have several health benefits and massage chairs can give same feel and relaxation as specialist hands.

Though this model is expensive but it is one-time cost and can be a good investment if you compare it with a cost of weekly massages. It can also be time consuming for going to a massage parlour on daily basis, and who doesn’t want to come home and get relaxation in just mins.

Massage chairs can relieve tension, and muscles stiffness, and the intensity of massage chairs has been broadly recognized. This review will clear all your questions regarding Favor-01 massage chair and you’ll be able to choose if it’s appropriate for you.


The features which this Favor-01 massage chair consists, it was not possible to enjoy them without spending a min of 2000$ whereas this model costs only 1000$. It has all the features which a customer demands in a cheap price which makes it pocket friendly. The features which makes this model better than other models are as follows:

  • Airbags for shoulder massage: – This model consists of 4 airbags for shoulder area to inflate it which provides exceptional massage. This is an incredible feature which you won’t be able to find in other models because external airbags are rare for shoulder part. A special function is there which focuses and gives a great massage for neck area.
  • Zero Gravity Massage: – Having Zero gravity position in a massage chair is one of the most demanding features which every customer wants. As the main purpose of the massage chair is to give full satisfaction, this feature changes the seat position in a way that helps the body to achieve further dimensions of full relaxation and eventually make you feel weightless. Zero Gravity position was only found in expensive massage chairs until this one came into existence.
  • Comprehensive Calf & Foot Massage: – The calf massage is more extensive as compared to other massage chairs in this price, which uses airbags and quad rollers for calves and special rollers for the massage of feet. The rollers on the feet rest gives full intense massage which can be brutal for their feet, so they should add paddings to make it a little delicate.
  • Airbags for waist and foot massage: – The airbags are located near waste area which can massage the waist. As we have seen above that feet can be massaged by foot rollers, this massage chair also contains airbags which can massage the feet. Foot and waist massage are customizable, it can adjust the rollers itself for tall and healthy people. Furthermore, the airbags for waste are located on the side of your massage chair which can stimulate on different occasions to stimulate the hips, and as a result can increase the circulation of blood.
  • Customizable Ottoman: – Real Relax Favor-01 massage chair has the power to accommodate the tall users for the massage. Though this model lacks in different places, but this is an incredible feature which can attract the eyes of the customers.
  • Remote: – Favor-01 massage chair also contains a remote which can be used to customize the massage and change the settings. It is simple to use, and the chair will function properly. You can easily increase/decrease the massage time or change other settings by just sitting and using the remote.
  • Heat treatment: – Real Relax favour-01 massage chair does not only contain features for the user to relax, but it has many health benefits too. The chair has heating equipment located in the lumbar area which is great for people who’re suffering from back pain as it can lower down and relieve the pain.


Special Features: – The leg area can be expanded which in result will fully scan your leg as per placed on the chair. It benefits taller people. This chair also contains a VR headphone of Google company as a complementary item. The chair has a special led remote through which you can control the whole menu and choose the massage sessions of your choice.


Though this real relax favor-01 massage chair has some great features including their heat treatment, special design for tall people, and zero gravity seating, but on few places, they implemented it wrongly and were not the best of chairs. If you’re buying this massage chair for casual use and to get relaxation, then it’s a good chair which can give you a brilliant air massage. And the features which this model is giving in this cheap price, its hard to find in other massage chairs. If we look on the other side of the coin then this massage chair lack some of the features including tracking of massage, quad rollers for body parts, music/mp3 system, different massage methods, special controls and much more which will make it hard for customer to trust and buy this product.


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