Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The Basketball game is a very eminent game that is played all around the world and has a huge fan following. This game is all about professionalism and includes moves like tricky cut, high jumps, sharp twists and turns, and fast running, etc.

You need basketball shoes to play the basketball game because the shoes are constructed especially with features like cushioning, traction, breathability, support, stability, protection, and protection, etc, that boost your performance.

Basketball can be played indoors and outdoors, the shoes designed for these courts are also different and are based on the conditions of the courts.

We have made a study on many outdoor basketball shoes with the help of the internet and have shortlisted the top six best outdoor basketball shoes and have discussed these shoes in this article.

1-Adidas Dame 4

Adidas Dame 4 stands first in our top picks and it has all aspects that are needed to boost the performance while playing outdoor.

These shoes are made with modified mesh that, in the back area, is coupled with a well-padded neoprene compression collar to give a snug ride. Now,  from midfoot forward,  there has been observed coupling of layers of mesh with the TPU-thread layer. Such a construction adds flexibility and also makes these shoes highly comfortable.

These shoes are very supportive which is attributed to many factors, one of them is the incredible lockdown of these shoes. Moreover, the heel counter and internal shank also adds to this factor and provide the users with the heel support and torsional support respectively.

Adidas Bounce cushioning technology is featured in these shoes and in response to it, you get outclass bounces and good levels of responsiveness for your game along with meritorious impact protection.

These shoes have outstanding traction due to the rubber outsole and the use of a wave-like traction pattern. This works amazingly well by gifting you with an exceptional grip for all your movements that could be tricky moves, running, jumping, etc.

2-Nike Lebron XIII

The Nike Lebron XIII picks the second position on our list for the best basketball shoes for outdoors. Its upper region is composed of hyperposite, fuse and mesh that makes the overall composition very breathable, comfortable and durable.

Lebron XIII, for lockdown, has utilized Flywire cables that provide exceptional lockdown and increases support. The fit provided by it is very supportive and comfortable. It is a high-top shoe that gives good ankle protection to the users.

These shoes are introduced with Hexagonal zoom air units that offer hood bounces, good levels of flexibility, high responsiveness and reasonable impact protection.

The excellent traction of Lebron XIII is attributed to the thick bar lines and works effectively on the outdoor courts.

3-Nike Air Versitile NUBUK

This article from the Nike brand is nailing the third position in our top picks for the best outdoor basketball shoe. The upper part is comprised of NUBUK and mesh material, with the mesh material boosting the breathability of these shoes and ultimately your comfort level.

When it comes to the outdoor game, your feet may come across a rock or uneven surface, which demands more protection from your shoes. The shoes are constructed with Achilles protection that keeps your ankle protected from injuries by acting as extra padding around the ankle.

These shoes deliver you a comfortable and sock-like fit, you play each of your desired shot and move more easily and more comfortably.

These shoes have good cushioning properties that equip you with good bounces and also protect your feet from trauma on impact.

These shoes have utilized a durable rubber outsole that works pretty well in providing you with an amazing grip during your game.

4-Under Armour Clutchfit Drive II

These shoes come on the fourth number in our top picks for best basketball shoes for outdoors. The upper is made up of synthetic material and mesh along with some specific areas having the patterned clutch fit underlays. The composition is very impressive and delivers you durability, breathability, flexibility, and support.

These shoes give a tight fit and this tight fit and upper material collectively provide the shoes with much support and good lockdown.

The charged cushioning technology used in Under Armour Clutchfit Drive II is responsible for remarkable court feel, good responsiveness, and reasonable impact protection.

The notable traction of these shoes is the outcome of herringbone traction pattern and this pattern, along with, rubber outsole equips you with exceptional grip and optimum stability on the court during the game for making your moves. It also allows multidirectional movements and works great on outdoor courts.

5-Nike KD 8

The Nike KD 8 comes on the fifth position in our top picks. It features a Fly weave upper that makes the shoes supportive, breathable, flexible and extremely light.

You get good cushioning, high impact absorption and much responsiveness out of these shoes because of the Nike zoom air units featured in KD 8 and these cushioning units are spread the entire length of the shoes.

The Flywire cables featured in KD 8 act along with its lacing system to deliver tremendous lockdown to largely increase the support. These shoes also ameliorate stability by utilizing light-weighted Phylon midsole.

The traction of these shoes is awesome and works amazingly on the outdoor court. This traction is provided in response to the multi-directional traction pattern on the rubber outsole.

6-Under Armour Curry 4

Under Armour curry 4 nails the sixth position in our top picks for best outdoor basketball shoes. It is introduced with a simplistic upper which is constructed with knitted material that is then complemented by the synthetic leather overlay.

This kind of upper is effective in making these shoes durable and it feels like that the shoes also molds around your foot shape once the knitted material breaks-in.

These shoes need some time to break-in, but, once break-in they fit true to your size and do not feel narrow. These shoes have a commendable lockdown that is ascribed to the materials used and the bootie structure of these shoes.

These shoes show good cushioning, satisfactory impact protection and good court feel. Those players who need much court feel they must try this pair of shoes.

Herringbone traction pattern is used in these shoes along with rubber sole that creates a very incredible traction setup allowing multi-directional movement on the court and providing the users with stable movements with exceptional grip throughout the game.


We have searched on different outdoor basketball shoes and have shortlisted top six basketball shoes among them. These selected shoes are placed in six ranks according to their aspects and performance.

Adidas Dame 4 comes in the first position in our top six picks of best outdoor basketball shoes and is composed of modified mesh that adds to durability, flexibility, and comfort in these shoes.

These shoes show snug fitting and impressive lockdown. Adidas Bounce technology is used in these shoes that provide good bounces and pretty much protection from injuries.

The use of rubber outsole and wave-like traction pattern delivers outstanding grip on the court surface that makes you play more confidently with high stability.

We highly suggest you use these shoes if you are going to play outdoor, we assure you that you would never be disappointed by our selected pair of shoes and would love to use them during the game.

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