Nick Young

Nick Young, full name “Nick Aaron Young” is nicknamed as “Swaggy P” was born on 1st of June 1985. His birth place was Los Angeles in California respectively. He was born to American parents whose names are “Charles Young Sr” and “Mae Young” respectively. His siblings include two brothers whose names are “John Young” and “Charles Young Sr respectively”. He is heighted to 6ft and 7 inches and thus weighs 95 kg or 210 lb. However with his increasing success, his networth reaches to 8 millin dollars. He attended his highschool in Cleveland which is also located in California respectively.

Nick Young Career

Nick, however attended his high school in Reseda located in California where he played for “Cleveland High School” basketball team respectively. During his senior year in 2004, he had an average score of 27.2 points, thus he was declared the seventh best player in all of America by “Hoop Scoop”.

He attended college at the “University of Southern California” from 2004-07 and thus played for their basketball team. However, in 2007 he announced that he would be entering the NBA draft followed by his upcoming senior year. Hence he was selected by Washington Wizards at the sixteenth position.

He, thus played his first game of basketball on 15th December in 2007. Nick managed to achieve a tremendous score of 43 points on 11th January 2011 against the Sacramento Kings.

In  March 2012 , he was transferred to “Los Angeles Clippers” and collectively in July, 2012 he signed a deal with “Philadelphia 76ers” for a timespan of one year(2012-2013). From 2013-17 he got himself transferred to “Los Angeles Lakers”, thus making it a great 21.5 million dollar deal respectively. In November, 2016 he suffered a strain in his right calf muscle as a result of which he had to remain off court for two to four weeks as a result of this injury. From 2017-18 he got himself signed to “Golden State Warriors” and then collectively on 2018, he signed himself to “Denver Nuggets” respectively. However at the end he was waived by the team respectively with few months left in his contract.

 Nick Young Personal Life

However, in 2007, he became the main subject of “Second Chance Season”, which was basically a documentary which titled his shortcomings, and also the ups as well as downs of his career and also his frustations related to them.

Young  had an off and on relationship with the love of high school “Keonna Green” from  2002. However, they had three children together, both the sons were born in 2012 and 2019 respectively and daughter was born in 2016. He and rapper “Iggy Azalea” had their engagement scheduled in June 2015. Their engagement broke after an year, when Iggy saw a video of Young having an affair with another woman. After his engagement declared to be broken, “Keonna Green” declared 22 weeks pregnancy of Young’s second child.

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