Miller Millermatic 141 Review 2020 [TOP RATED]


If you are looking for a modern welder which can weld all types of metals including stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and aluminum then Miller Millermatic is an ideal choice for you.

This welder is specially manufactured for specialists and experts with the objective of amazing user experience. This welder can be utilized by DIY specialists and in workstations.

This Millermatic 141 welder is highly flexible, solid and full of different features. Let’s look at the key features of Millermatic 141 welder.

Key Features

  • Easy to understand and use

Probably a great thing about this welding machine is the auto set control which is recently added. Once the auto set control is activated a blue light will appear.

As soon as the light appears, you need to choose the thickness of the material and diameter of the wire and your machine is ready for welding.

Millermatic is capable to weld steel ranging from 24 gauge to ¼ inch and aluminum ranging from 14-18 gauge. It isn’t the strongest welder as compared to others but gives great quality cutting and best experience.

  • Power

Miller Millermatic 141 welder contains an amp which can reach from 30A- 140A. At 90A the duty cycle is just 20% and at 40A you’ll get a 100% duty cycle.

If you’ll weld for 2 mins at 90A then you must wait for 8 mins for the machine to cool down. One of the best features of this welder is the limitless voltage control which guarantees you the exceptional quality welding with maximum power.

  • Transport

Millermatic 141 weighs just 51 pounds and is designed in a way to increase convey ability. It is 9 pounds lighter than the last machine of this brand.

If you do a lot of traveling and need to carry this welder from one place to another then this is an ideal machine for you as it is simpler to lift around.

The upgraded version also contains 2 new handles to make it easier to carry. You can use the wheeled card to carry it from one place to another.

  • Price

Though it is a little expensive welder, it has some features which are unique such as infinite voltage control and auto-set feature. If you are looking to spend more then you can choose this without hesitating as it gives you a 3-year warranty too.


  • The updated design makes it simple to carry.
  • Simpler to use and understand due to the new auto-set feature.
  • It contains 120V inputs for you to use at home.
  • It has limitless voltage control to make sure they achieve the best quality and extreme control.



  • It can’t be utilized for construction projects which use thick metals.
  • More costly than the other welders of the same category.


Miller Millermatic 141 is a superior welder that has reformed the 140a series with the additional auto-set feature. It can be used by the users who are new in the welding job. If you are working in your workstation and willing to spend more than you should purchase this welder for best results.

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