Lotus MIG 140 Review 2020 [TOP RATED]

Lotus MIG 140 Review


If you’re working in a construction project or with metals, or even a tiny workshop then you must need a welder. Lotus MIG 140 is a perfect tool to give it a try as its appropriate for small workshops as well as big projects. It is an extraordinary welder in a decent price. The upgraded version of MIG 140 is a piece of improved machinery and has some new features which increase its value.


  • Usability: –

Operating this welding machine is easy to use and understand. The control panel contains a power switch which is located on the top left, below the switch are 2 dials to alter the voltage and speed of current in the wire. The new upgraded version has a new feature of 2T/4T switch which provides you additional flexibility during welding. By using Lotus MIG 140, you can weld stainless steal from the range of 24 gauge to quarter inch with an alternative of motion core welding.

  • Power: –

 This MIG 140 requires voltage of 120v to work and the power output supplies from 30-140v. Moreover, the duty cycle of this welding machine is 20% at ninety amps which is strong enough for any type of welding project. The power components of this welder are relatively easy to find in the market and to take full advantage of this MIG 140 you can purchase a breaker of 30amps.

  • Portable Design: –

The weight of Lotus MIG 140 is 54 pounds which is around double the heaviness of other comparable welders available in the market. Regardless of its weight, its easy to carry around through a wheeled card. Though this welder is heavy, but its size is as same as the other machines, and the interior quality is quite superior than the other ones.



  • Price: –

Lotus MIG 140 welder is pocket friendly which attract the users who’re running a small workshop to purchase it. The features which this welder contains is as same as the other welding machines of this category in cheap price. The warranty is of shorter period, but Lotus offers a 100% cash back if customer isn’t satisfied.


  • Control Panel is simple to operate.
  • Amazing features in cheap price.
  • It weights only 54 pounds and is easy to carry.
  • Lotus MIG 140 contains accessories including gauge regulator, MIG torch, and gas house.


  • No doubt it has some great features, but they are for basic use only. The features can’t be used for more advanced work as other welders such as Millermatic 141 can do.
  • This Lotus MIG 140 can only be used for small workshops and medium-size projects.


Conclusion: –

This is one of the best welders for the people who are new in this welding job and using a welder for the first time as it is pocket-friendly as easy to use. If you are thinking to use a welder in a small workshop which is cheap, this is an excellent option.

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