Lotos Tig200 AC/DC Review 2020 [TOP RATED]


Though Lotos Tig200 welder isn’t pocket-friendly it is not much expensive too as you are getting a lot for the price you’re paying.

The best thing about this welder is the double voltage feature which means it can be used for both steel and aluminum.

This welding machine has numerous features for regular users, but the people who’re new in this job can also use it by the help of a detailed manual. The manual will spare your time and make the installation process easy.

Who Should Buy?

The Lotos TIG200 is completely ideal for the freelancers and individuals who are new in the welding area or just have intermittent use of welding machines.

You won’t find advanced features in this welder as its mainly suitable for small workshops. It is a cheaper machine and gives fabulous finishing and performs exceptionally.

Key Features of Lotos TIG200

Square wave inverter

This welder has square wave inverter technology in it which is used to cut aluminum with higher precision. Moreover, it performs exceptionally when welding stainless steel as it cut the edges properly.

Dual Voltage

Lotos TIG200 welder produces double voltage and double frequency ranging from 110-220v AC and 50-60Hz which enables the machine to work on 110V and 220V.

The best part is that this welder automatically adjusts the voltage as per the need. With the help of the adaptor plug, you can easily change the voltage from 110V to 220v.

Accurate Control and Steady Performance

A high-frequency start feature helps with a solid and quick start at each recurrence and performs consistently every time.

It is capable of weld aluminum and steel up to a quarter of an inch and is appropriate for a wide range of metals.

Extraordinary Duty Cycle

Complete duty cycle on low amperage tasks wastes less time and help you worry less about the overheating of the welder.

Simple Design and Complete Kit

This welding machine is designed in a way that is easier to understand and use. Adjusting or fixing the machine is simple. This machine comes with a complete package. The kit includes a torch, cables, regulators, adaptors, ground clamp, and protecting shield.


  • As it is a basic welder, the features differ from the Miller welder. It can take more time for the users to understand the procedures.
  • The kit contains a European Torch, but people are more used to pencil torches. It makes the package heavier. The foot pedal can easily be turned on or off instead of variable which means that you must adjust the amperage on the machine.
  • The people using this welder complained that the dust can adjust itself beneath the cover which creates a problem while using it.


Lotos TIG200 is a basic welder which has everything in the kit you require. It has all the great features which you find in a pocket-friendly welder. Though the weight is heavier, you can easily carry in your workshops without the fear of getting harmed.

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