Lotos TIG160D Review 2020 [TOP RATED]


Finding a welding machine isn’t an easy task and that too when there are a lot of options to look for but don’t you worry.

When you are looking for a machine, you expect it to give you smooth results and satisfy your needs, Lotos technology is one of the companies that care about its customers. The company makes tough products which weld smoothly and precisely.

Lotos TIG160D is one of the welding machines that are user-friendly, affordable and easy to carry around so if you are looking for a machine that gives the best results and it has many good features then you must read this article.


  1. Welds Precisely:

The machine welds different metals which include stainless steel, copper and other metal objects very smoothly and precisely. It has PAPST built-in cooling system due to which the machine is durable and gives great results.

  1. Stick/TIG Welder:

The machine is an MMA/stick welder as well as a TIG welder. It works on DC and makes deep pool welding with great and exact shape. The machine can weld with different kinds of electrodes i.e acid and base.

  1. Dual Frequency and Voltage:

The Lotos TIG160D comes with a dual-frequency of 50/60 Hz and a dual voltage of 110/220V. The TIG welder gives good results on stainless steel and gives accurate results on materials with thinner gauges. It works on Argon air compressor and the efficiency of the product is 83%.

  1. User-Friendly and Portable:

The product is very simple and doesn’t require any assistance or help. It can easily be used by people who are beginners or those who work at home. The machine doesn’t weigh too much and is small in size which makes it easier for the users to carry it around.


  1. The machine is very easy to use and requires no hard work
  2. Easily affordable and low in price as compared to other brands
  3. Portable and easy to carry around without any hassle
  4. Doesn’t weigh too much
  5. It gives precise results and doesn’t make any mess.
  6. Dual-frequency
  7. Dual voltage


  1. Doesn’t have a foot pedal, needs to be bought separately

The Lotos TIG160D comes with the following accessories:

  1. TIG torch
  2. Ground clamp
  3. MMA clamp
  4. Stick clamp
  5. Power supply

Final Words:

The product has a lot of good features and pros with fewer complaints and almost no negative points about it.

The company gives a 2-year warranty for the product and you can return the products within 30 days with a money-back guarantee. The best part about it is that it isn’t an expensive product and gives professional results.

Hope this article helps you in deciding if this is the product that fulfills your requirements and satisfaction.

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