Lotos MIG175 Review 2020 [TOP RATED]


You need the best welder for the best results, and Lotos MIG 175 welding machine is something that any genuine user would want to have with them.

This solid machine has all the features a person wants in them. Some of the features include Roll feed wire and Argon shielding. It is mainly designed to function with flux core, and it contains its own gas controller.

It means that any type of metal can be welded including copper, steel, and aluminum. You won’t regret your decision of buying this MIG175 as it is the best welder of this brand.

Key Features of Lotos MIG175

  • Spool Gun feature

It saves time and makes the welding process easier. It helps to nourish the wire regularly and the Argon gas and flux core feature catch the impurities. You can consistently weld, and it will pass Max Motion and X-Ray scan without a hitch. The results will be effective.

  • Productive DC Arc

The LOTOS MIG 175 welder is using the same DC arc which has been used for 100 years which helps in heating the metal.

  • Portable and can easily be carried.

This welding much weighs just 80lbs and can be carried from corner to stall. If you need the best performance, then this welding machine is perfect for you. You can carry it in workstations and construction sites without hesitating. It is lighter as compared to other welders of this category.

  • Easy to use and set up

When you’ll buy MIG175 welder you’ll get a complete package. The package includes a spool gun that will deal with standard size reels effortlessly. The kit also includes argon gas controller, hand shield, a welding torch, brushes to clean the torch, and gas hose, etc.


  • Advanced transformer technology upgrades the performance and quality of welding
  • The welding machine can easily be linked with 200V to 220V.
  • The installation process is easy and can be completed in just 10 mins.
  • It contains a temperature controller and an overload breaker which helps in protecting the machine during welding.
  • It is capable to weld all types of conductive metals including copper, steel, and aluminum
  • It has the power productivity of up to 80% and the yield current ranges between 30amp-175amp.
  • It has 2 automatic circuits designed in a way to protect the wire feed motor.


  • The delivery process is not the best one as some of the components are broken. Though customer care is a good one and replace the components if it defects.
  • It is good for DIY jobs but isn’t ideal for production jobs.
  • It is great for basic purposes but doesn’t attempt to do industrial work.


Usually, when a new product is launched, people are scared to try it out, but in this case, you should not be scared while buying Lotos MIG175.

It is ideal for specialists and individuals who’re just learning techniques for welding. This welding machine gives good performance and will prepare you for more technical projects in the future.

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