Lotos LT3500 Review 2020 [TOP RATED]

Lotos LT3500 Review (500 words)


A proper welder for cutting metal is necessary because poor cuts can ruin the whole product. There are huge number of plasma cutters available in the market but if you want a superior product in cheap price then Lotos LT3500 is something you should look at. This welder is specifically made for welding in small workshops and is easy to carry because of its light weight. The extraordinary design and powerful cutting abilities makes it a better welder than other ones in this price range.


  • Portable: –

This LT3500 weighs just 18 pounds which is a lighter to carry on work. All welders aren’t easy to carry on workshops or construction sites. Some are heavy and to carry, it takes a huge transport cost. If you’re working in a small workshop or home DIY job and you require welding machine on daily basis while travelling, then this is a perfect welder for you.

  • Easy to Setup: –  

This is the biggest worry for the person who purchase a welding machine is that how to set it up. LT3500 is easier and quicker to set up as compared to other welding machines. When you purchase this welder, you get a complimentary NPT industry plug which helps you to connect to air compressor. The stand coupler which connects to the air compressor is also available in the machine. This welder is designed in to make the process quicker as it automatically connects to the existing wall outlet of 110v, and this whole process takes just a min. The other welding machines take hours to set up and make you feel tired.

  • Usability and Efficient cutting: –

If you are buying this Lotos LGT3500 welder then not only you will get a NPT connector, portable design, and a quick set up process but you’ll also be able to witness efficient cutting. This welder can cut different type of conductive material and metals with accurate finishing. Lotos Lt3500 is capable to weld aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

  • Affordable

This Lotos LT3500 is a pocket friendly welder. The other welders of similar features are high in price ranging from $500-1000$. It will just cost you 200$ which means you’re getting a superior quality welder in a very less price.


  • It can be easily carried during travelling and maybe the lightest plasma cutter available.
  • The installation setup is easy and understandable.
  • Capable to weld different kinds of metals for example aluminum, copper and stainless steel.
  • Cheap as compared to other welders.


  • Can be utilized in small workshops only.
  • The warranty period is short
  • Use the resources quicker as compared to other plasma cutters.


This is a perfect plasma cutter for the freelancers or DIY specialists who utilize it for small cutting. If you budget is low, then this is the best product as it is pocket friendly with amazing features.

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