Lotos CUT60D Review 2020 [TOP RATED]


Lotos CUT60D plasma cutter is an ideal machine for basic metal welding job. The machine has high frequency which makes it perfect for mechanics and users doing DIY jobs. You will surely adore CUT60D if you work in a small workshop or a repair shop. It can cut all multiple types of steel including stainless and alloy, copper, aluminum, and other types of metals. This is the reason this plasma cutter is the perfect choice for any expert auto technician.

Key Features

  • Easy and Quick Set up

The automatic installed NPT D plug along with the air filter controller makes the process quicker. It connects the air compressor through the stand coupler which is attached on the air compressor. The ERGOCUT torch with focal connector spares the time to connect the torch with the machine. The whole set up process can be done in just 1 minute.

  • Dual Voltage and Dual Frequency

Lotos CUT60D delivers double voltage ranging from 110V/120V and 220V/240V and Dual frequency ranging from 50-60Hz which enables the machine to work on 120/240V. 20-30 amp helps the machine in accurate cutting and best finishing. From the adaptor plug the voltage can easily be switched. Plasma cutter is capable to cut Mild Steel, Aluminum, Copper and it utilizes less risky air for safety purposes at low price.

  • Multiple Plasma Functions

The different plasma functions can simply change from Non persistent pilot arc, Plasma air gouging (which is available with the kit) and Ceaseless Pilot Curve Model. 2T/4T and flowing control function can be triggered too. Persistent pilot arc model can help the welder in expanded cutting.

  • Design

Lotos CUT60D contains a Pre-installed CNC base along with Voltage Height Controller. It also contains an Ergo-cut torch (made in Italy) with a central connector.

  • Complete Package

When you buy Lotos CUT60D plasma cutter you get a complete kit. The kit includes a torch with blowback feature, Ground clamp, Air filter controller, Dual Voltage convertor, Manual Instruction guide, Safety Kit etc.


  • It works with both 110V/220V and 120V/240V power sources.
  • Most of the components are pre-installed and ready to use.
  • The compressed air which is used is less harmful.
  • Manufactured in a way to guarantee its use in most rough jobs.
  • Can weld all types of metals including aluminum, steel, and copper.


  • It utilizes the resources quicker as compared to other plasma cutters.
  • It is more expensive when you compare it with other plasma cutters of the same brand.


The 2 disadvantages don’t mean that this product isn’t ideal for the people using a plasma cutter for the first time. All other plasma cutters of this category use the resources as quicker as it does, but the performance isn’t as better as Lotos CUT60D. It isn’t an ideal plasma cutter for tough jobs, but it is the best one for DIY purposes.

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