Lotos CT520D Review 2020 [TOP RATED]

Lotos CT520D Review


If you are looking for a welder that isn’t too pricey and also gives satisfactory result then you must read this article of the Lotos CT520D. Lotos technology has got the best products and you won’t have to put in a lot of efforts in finding a perfect welder or a plasma cutter. It has products ranging from low to high price which are reliable, strong and are of great quality.

This product is made to be used in your homes and is a multipurpose machine. Hope this article helps you in deciding whether to buy this product or not. Let’s look at the features of Lotos CT520D.


  1. Multipurpose Machine:

This machine isn’t only a Plasma cutter but it also comes with other features like Stick welder and TIG welder. The machine has a 50MP current and it can cut through ½ inch materials with no difficulty and very precisely and it also works well with ¾ inches products.

The plasma cutter uses compressed air and cuts through different materials which includes copper, aluminum and steel. The cutter is perfect for switching jobs and it is very user friendly and easily portable which makes it even better.

  1. Dual Voltage:

Another good thing about this machine is that it can be used in your home or in your shops. It comes with dual voltage of 120V/220V. It can be used for home job or professional use and provides great efficiency.

  1. Portable and not too heavy:

The machine can easily be carried from one place to another and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t weigh too much. The machine is made from the best products and gives best results regardless of its size.

  1. TIG and Stick Welder:

The TIG welder provides a very accurate result and it has a feature of 15-200 AMP welding current. The foot pedal and the hand torch both are very precise.

The Stick welder has a hot arc current which helps in creating the precise, deep weld pool with great shape. It comes with dual voltage of 110/220V and dual frequency of 50/60Hz. The machine runs on both the voltages but you’ll need to buy a pigtail for it which doesn’t come with the machine.


  1. It has dual voltage and frequency.
  2. Plasma cutter
  3. TIG/Stick welder
  4. Not too expensive
  5. Easy to use
  6. Portable and not very heavy


  1. The machine doesn’t come with a pigtail which is a negative point
  2. The machine doesn’t have a foot pedal which makes it a lot easier so you’ll have to buy it along with the machine
  3. The length of the ground cable is short
  4. Words on DC only

Final Words:

The Lotos CT520D is the best if you have a shop or you are a DIY worker because the machine is pretty affordable and it also has three different features including the Plasma cutter and TIG/MMA welder.

The product has a one year warranty and you can return the product within 30 days with money back. It is a very reliable product with good results so you must give it a try.

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