Kahuna LM7800 Massage Chair Review (2019’s Best Guide)

With chronic back pain on the rise, we know that Kahuna LM7800 Massage Chair Reviewyou’re willing to try almost anything to get some relief.

And as much as you’d love to be able to visit a massage therapist a few times a week, the truth is that it’s just not realistic – or in your budget.

That’s why more and more people are investing in massage chairs for the home or office. One of the most popular models of the moment is the Kahuna LM7800.

Is it the right one for you?

Keep on reading this post to learn about its features, the areas it targets, the types of massages you’ll get, and much more.

Kahuna LM7800 Massage Chair Review

The Basics of the Kahuna LM7800 Massage Chair

First, let’s talk about the basic features of this massage chair.

It’s especially well-known for its innovative track design, which reaches all the way to the tailbone and follows your spine’s natural curve. This means that the rollers feel much like human hands do.

Additionally, the track can even be set to run across your glutes and thighs, making this chair an excellent choice for those who experience leg tension from running or simply chronic pain.

Another exciting feature of the Kahuna LM7800 chair? It uses incredibly three-dimensional body scanning technology (through a computer system in the chair itself) to position the rollers in the right place.

While you can manually adjust the positioning using a remote, many users find that the body scanning technology can easily target areas of tension and pain.

You’ll also enjoy the zero-gravity seating feature of this chair. This is a huge factor in what makes the chair so effective when it comes to massage. Because your knees are elevated up above the heart, your back and body will be able to press harder against the rollers.

This means you’ll experience the benefits of a deeper massage.

Finally, we know that you’re curious as to how much space this massage chair will take up in your home or office. One of the most celebrated features of this chair is its space-saving technology.

It needs only four inches for clearance, and it actually pivots on the base of the chair when you lean back. So, even if space is limited, this chair will likely be the right fit.

The Different Massage Techniques

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Kahuna LM7800 chair, let’s talk about the different types of massage that you’ll be able to experience when using it.

As you’ve likely expected, you’ll be able to get the more traditional techniques, like kneading, tapping, rolling, and a combination of tapping and kneading.

However, this chair takes things one step further when it comes to massage techniques by offering shiatsu massage. This type of massage is especially helpful in relieving stress, promoting a sense of calmness, and helping you to release long-term muscle aches.

It’s even been found to help improve your digestion and lower your risk for developing migraines.

In addition to giving you the many benefits of shiatsu massage, this chair also lets you target specific pain points on your body.

For example, you can choose to focus on your neck, your lower back, or even your waist. So, no matter where you’re carrying tension, the Kahuna LM7800 chair helps you to beat it.

Plus, you’re able to work with three different levels of intensity. You don’t need to worry about the massage feeling too hard or too soft.

You may also like the air massage mode, which uses a whopping 36 airbags to give you immediate relief from tension. You’ll also be able to turn the chair onto its heat mode, which can help sore muscles to feel better in an instant.

Finally, take advantage of the timer feature to ensure that you can always find a few extra minutes to squeeze in a daily massage.

Other Things to Consider

Life is all about multi-tasking, and we know that sometimes, you’ll still have to work while you get massaged.

That’s why we love that this chair has built-in speakers in the headrest. You can listen to music, or plug your phone in and take a call.

We think that a good massage chair is one that focuses on the details. That’s why we love that you can switch out the covers on your chair so that you can clean or even replace them if needed.

Additionally, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Kahuna LM7800 massage chair is, especially when you consider all the features you’ll get, fairly affordable.

The only slight drawback?

If you’re looking for a chair with a twist feature that helps you to stretch out, not just massage away, muscle pain? That specific feature isn’t a part of this model.

Still, we think the heat, shiatsu, and other features definitely make up for it.

Will You Get a Kahuna LM7800 Massage Chair?

We hope that his post has helped you to decide whether or not the Kahuna LM7800 massage chair is the solution to your stress and tension.

Remember that, especially if you’re looking for zero-gravity features, heat technology, and the ability to target specific sections of your body, this will likely be a good fit for you.

However, if you rely on the “twist” features of other massage chairs that will help you to get a full body stretch? You may want to go with another option.

The good news is that there are plenty of amazing chairs out there. Our detailed and honest reviews will help you to find the perfect choice for you, so keep checking back with us to learn more.

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