Jimmy Butler

Jimmy butler is an America player who plays with passion and rigor. That why his fans just adore him with all their heart. He plays dynamic and intense games. He is among study and muscular players of NBA.


Jimmy butler was born in taxis Huston. His father left the family when he was young. His mother had to take all the responsibility of raising children. But when he turned 13 he got kicked out of the house by his mother as well. She told him very harshly that she does not like having him at her house and he has to go to somewhere else. Jimmy was a homeless child. He did not have a permanent home. He sometimes stayed at friends’ house. But then he met Leslie whose mother allowed him to stay with her family. Even though she herself had a responsibility of six children. Even though his parents treated him very bad he says he is still in contact with them he adores them.


He went to Tyler Junior College. There he showed an outstanding performance. He was regarded as a two star recruit by the 247 sports. He was also offered scholarship programs by Marquette University. He readily accepted the scholarship to begin his career in basket ball game. He managed to get All-Big East Honorable Mention in his junior years. He also got an All-Big East Honorable Mention consecutively.

For his professional career he was picked up by the team Chicago Bulls. In 2013/14. He did not get to play a lot of game the being his injury. He got to play only 67 games. But managed to top the league. In the end of the season he was given NBA All-Defensive Second Team honors. He was also given NBA Most Improved Player award. He was given an opportunity to sign an agreement for 5 consecutive years with Chicago bulls. The contract was worth 95 million dollars. In 2016 by his astounding game he got to break a record of ace Basketball legend Michael Jordan which was a big hit for his career. His team made an awesome victory in the match against Toronto rapters.later he had a knee injury that restricted him from taking part in NBA All stars match. In the year 2018 November he was signed with Philadelphia 76ers.

Personal Life

He has an ongoing romantic  relationship with a pretty lady named Charmaine Piula.his interests consists of die hard love for country music. He also reveals that he is a huge fan of Taylor swift, Garth brooks and brad paisley.


He has a fit and attractive body. He is 6 feet and 8 inches tall. His weight is 107 kg. He is paid a huge sum of money .his net value for year 208 is 35 million dollars. His salary is 20 million dollars. He owns expensive cars including range rover, BMW and Chevrolet Colorado.

What shoes does jimmy butler wear?

Air Jordan 32

Air Jordan 31

Jordan Ultra.Fly 2

Air Jordan 29

Jordan Ultra.Fly

Air Jordan 12 Retro

Air Jordan 13 Retro

What is the size of jimmy butler’s footwear?

Size 13.

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