JaVale Lindy McGee

Lindy was born on date 1988 in 19th of January in a place called “Flint-Michigan-United States”. He went to Detroit-country e day School for his high School education and he changed his highschool 2 provenance-Christian and afterword he then transferred to a school in Chicago named as Hales-Francisionhigh School. 

Like every other basketball player he also started his game from school and college level in his God gifted position of small-forward and with addition of both forward-sports. He attended University-of-Nevada. Later his in-experienced game he was able to score 14.3-points along with 7.3-rebounds and he got gift of scoring from 54%  off of the field.

JaVale Lindy McGee Carrer

In  2008 ‘national basketball association’ draught he was selected by the team called ‘Wizards’with whom he signed a 2.4 million dollars contract. For playing in another team Lindi God fined of $10,000 by the team management of Wizards. In 2010 he wanted participate in national basketball association slam-dunk-contest.

Contest in 2011 made a “ Guinness world record” by dousing three balls in only one jump.

Game in 2011 across Chicago-bulls hi he got to score his first career double triple enlisting 11-points and 12-rebounds. Because of his some mistake he got criticism on his action of play but he made a statement about criticism by saying that he got a double triple the people who are talking have they got a double triple?

From 2012 2015 he we moved to team called “ Nuggets”, and on 21 of March he scored a game winning point by dousing a free-throw in only lost 5 seconds of game.

 Philadelphia 76 ers choose Lindy in 2015 dated 19th February , but only playing 6 games he abandoned Philadelphia team.

He from 2016 to 2018  made a contract a team called “golden state warriors” and later that year in December he score season top points of 17 by defeating the ‘New York knicks’. Because she was signed only for 1 years in Golden state warriors so they made him to to be angry on one year agreement.

From 2018 to till now he is playing for a team called “Los Angeles Lakers”, because of his infection in in his respiration he misplaced for 7 games and in the next year in 22nd March he got to score is carrier top most points and rebounds instead of his effort they lost to Brooklyn-nets.

JaVale Lindy McGee personal life

Lindy following his inheritance he is 6 foot 10 inches in height and his mother is 63 inches tall, he was bor with his twin sister named “Paulla” . His sister was a “Olympic gold-medalist” in 19 84.

McGee started a  reality-show on TV by a name “Mom got game” along his mother.

For sometime he got a habit of dieting to lose-weight.

He had longest enlisted reach in national basketball association of 7 feet 6.6 inches. He also been advertising on daily basis for TV show named “Inside the NBA”.

What shoe size does JaVale Lindy McGee wear?

12.5 US shoe size fit in in Lindy’s foot.

What shoe brand JaVale Lindy McGee wear?

In 2011 national basketball association douse-contest he was financed by a brand of China called Peak. In the contest he weard 5 distant colour-ways of the Peak.

The ultimate collection of Lindy is:

Peak Relentless


Nike-air Max-dominate

Nike-air Max audacity 2016

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