Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

The vaporizers were introduced and marketed in the market in the earlier 2010s. Ever since that day, there has been a tough competition between cigarettes and vaping devices.

The youngsters usually prefer vaporizers, and you might also see some mature smokers switch to them too. Vaping devices can be a life-changing thing for you if you are among the ones who are considering them. 

We bring to you some of the factors which can compel you to use these masterpieces.

Vaporizer vs Smoking Cigarettes: Why Vaping is Better?

Vaporizer Vs Smoking Cigarettes

Not As Toxic As Cigarettes

Talking about the toxicity, cigarettes have always been criticized by doctors, parents, government, and no wonder how many nicotine intakes, combusted smoke, and the tar factor.

There is no such thing in vaporizers, as the temperature levels are accurate, and you have full control over the herbs you are burning. The convection heating further improves the oxygen levels in the chamber, where carbon monoxide is reduced. The ash level is also low.

The Dirt

The ash level is incredibly low in vaping sessions. The reason is that you heat the dry herbs at an optimal temperature, and the ceramic chamber does not allow the residue to seep out from the device.

Once you buy this gem, you won’t feel the need to carry an ashtray with you. Vaporizers don’t produce ash because the heating method is the combustion, and the chamber handles the rest for you.

Temperature Control

You can select your favorite temperature while using a dry herb vaporizer. You will find vaping devices with either automatic controls or manual ones. Many vapers around the globe like a precise temperature setting for all sorts of herbs. 

Enjoy the controllability with a wide range of temperature settings and handle your vaping sessions as per your own choice. If you want to know more about vaporizers Revival Vape is the best vaping resource for you. 

Easy-to-inhale vapors

The vapors produced by vaping devices are cooler than those produced by cigarettes. In son vaporizers, you will see a cooling system installed to make the vapors even cooler. 

This further eases the trachea and lungs to let the particles pass through them. On the contrary, cigarette smoke contains smoking hot molecules, making it harder for your lungs to cope. 

The Smell

Have you ever been to your family get-together and wanted to smoke a pack of cigarettes? Why did you skip the thought of it? We all know that people hate going out to smoke a cigarette and coming back to get scolded by the elders.

The reason that gets you in trouble is none other than the unwanted smell that sticks to your hair, clothes, mouth, and pockets. 

Dry herb vaporizers negotiate this risk, as the vapors are aromatic, and the smell is not long-lasting. The risk of getting caught by family members and even partners in most cases is now a goner. 

The Taste

Your experience matters the most, which is why dry herb vaporizers are rising in popularity. You would see people recommending these devices to their friends because they taste better than cigarettes.

While cigarettes use the combustion method to burn tobacco, you will find either conduction or convection heating in the vaporizers. Convection heating almost nullifies the taste deterioration.

The ceramic heating chamber and isolated vapor path also play their path in improving the vapor quality. Cigarettes have no such taste feature. Even if they contain flavors, the majority of the time, combustion heating ruins it for you.

A Healthy Way To Smoke

As we mentioned earlier, the vapors are cooler than the cigarette smoke, so your body does not need to deal with something alien in terms of temperature. Moreover, many people fill the chamber with health-friendly herbs like marijuana to keep their nervous system healthier and more active than before.


Some smokers think that a pack of cigarettes is portable than any other substitute but hang on. Cigarettes are vulnerable physically, as a slight force might damage their shape or even tear them apart.

The vaporizers might seem a bit bigger than the traditional substitutes, but the more durable, and taking herbal fillings with yourself is inconvenient.

A Thing To Look at

When you buy a dry herb vaporizer, fill the chamber with your favorite herb, turn on the device, and start smoking; you will see people looking at you.

These devices look cooler than a paper stick full of tobacco. The size, design, density of smoke, and aromatic smell simultaneously catch everyone’s eyes.

An excellent plus point for all those boys and girls who like to party hard with their friends. This factor will impress you if you are looking for a stylish way to smoke your stress off.  

The Cost Factor

You might see people reluctant to invest their budget in vaporizers. The main reason behind their unwillingness to buy this amazingly designed device is the amount of money that they have to pay.

While you purchase the vaporizers for a high cost, the incremental future costs are lower than regular cigarette intake. 

Buying a device might be an investment of hundreds of dollars, but the herb fillings cost lower than the pack of cigarettes. The vaping devices last for more than 5 years, so you can divide the investment by the number of years you have used them.

When you get the device’s yearly value, add the cost of the herb that you have consumed in that year. Now compare the resulting value with the annual cigarette consumption and see the difference for yourself. You will prefer vaping devices over cigarettes every single day.

Final Words

Cigarettes and vaporizers are as closely related substitutes as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, or tea and coffee. You might find one more convenient than others.

While cigarettes are more old-school and traditional than vaporizers, they do not provide the convenience and features that the latter will bring with them.

We will still recommend you invest your money in vaporizers to get the most out of your smoking sessions. 

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