How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Basketball – or any sport for that matter – is not just a matter of playing, winning and losing. It is above and beyond that.

People love these sports; they want to enjoy them.

They don’t just want to see a game between two teams or to be a part of any of those teams to go home with a victory or loss.

They celebrate how different and yet equally amazing and exciting these games are.

They want to enjoy it – because to them, it does not matter whether it is basketball or football.

They love to play ball and do tricks and merrily go to their homes. This is why you’d see the best and brightest of them spinning the ball in front of media and fans.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to learn to spin the basketball just like pros.

How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger (Best Tips)

Just like any other thing that you do for fun, you have to be prepared to spin a ball. You have to set the stage for this.

This is a prerequisite for those who never spun a ball. Here are the steps that you need to take.

Cut your nails

Cut your nails to spin basketball on your finger

Remember, your skin and the padding provided by the flesh make it easy for you to spin the ball. However, you cannot do the same in case you have big nails.

Cut your nails to make sure that you do not have long nails. They can easily get broken and even draw blood.

And yes – leaving them where to stick a little out of your fingertips is a nice trick because they will help to balance the ball.

Do some exercise

Do some exercise - how to spin basketball on your finger

Do you know what is the longest period of time for which someone spun the basketball on their finger? Well it was more than 4 hours.

Shocking, right? Now you do not need to exercise for that much time, but do some finger and arm stretching exercises so you may have the stamina to spin the ball.

Get an old basketball

Get an old basketball - spin basketball on your finger

Why use an old basketball? Because the grooves on a new basketball are new and very apparent.

They make it difficult for you to maintain a balance and have a fingertip grip on the surface of that basketball. Get an old basketball with nearly vanished grooves.

Now Do It

How to Spin Basketball on your fingers

Now you’re prepared to do this. The stage is all set for the spin.

But do know that before you start spinning the ball, there comes a stage where you toss the ball in a swivel.

You choose whether you would use both your hands or do it with one hand.

While it is easier to do it with one hand – it is easy only if you know how to hold the basketball with one hand.

Now holding the ball in your strong hand (with strong finger), toss it in the air and let it land on your finger.

What you do after this is an act of balancing the ball, because it will go right and left, back and forth – you’d have to move your finger accordingly to maintain the balance.

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