How to Palm a Basketball

How to Palm a Basketball best way

First thing first…

Many of you – those who are not into basketball – but thinking to get into this game, must be thinking what palming a basketball means.

Well to palm means to hold a basketball or any ball for that matter with only one hand.

To do this you have to spread your fingers – as much as you can – and them with your palm supporting the ball and you hold the ball with your fingers.


This might sound something more like spinning a ball, but it is not like that. You do not do it only for fun. Being able to palm the basketball helps your offense and your grip on the ball.

In this blog post, I have shared a few tips on how to palm a basketball, develop this habit and nurture it into a strength that you will be used against opponents.

Few Good Steps to Palm a Basketball Correctly

Palm It

How to Palm a Basketball method

Believe me, this is not a joke, this is the best tip. Remember when I said, the best trick to get stamina for basketball is to play basketball. Simple!

You need to start your day with a normal workout that you do for your health or for basketball and include this tip in your everyday workout.

How to do this? Follow these tips:

  • Spread your fingers until your palm touches the ball. You have to spread them hard and dig them in basketball as if you’re about to make holes in it.
  • You would then have the basketball palmed bring your hand on top and the ball should be facing the ground.
  • Now, stretch the fingers of the other hand and shift the ball from top to the lower hand. Press it hard with your top hand until the palm and fingers of your lower hand get a good grip on the ball.
  • Do it every day for as many times as you can – for one set of 30 seconds.

Ball Slaps

How to Palm a Basketball Tips

No one’s slapping anyone here. If you do not know do know that ball slapping is a kind of basketball workout.

How do you do it?

You get the ball in one hand and then slap it on the other hand, grip on it and within the same second slap the ball on the first hand.

But for palming purpose you need to do it differently.

Here is how you do this.

  • Do it just like you do ball slapping every day.
  • The only new thing that you’ll add is that you will not immediately shift the ball to the other hand once you get it in one hand, but you will keep it in each hand for a few seconds.
  • The recipe is the same – do it as many times you can in a day. One set should be of 30 seconds.

Dribble with Fingers

How to Palm a Basketball

Squat on the ground and start dribbling with your thumb. You cannot dribble too hard or otherwise ball will go higher and you’d have to leave your position.

You would dribble with your thumb for a few seconds and then shift to the index finger – repeat the same routine for a few seconds and then … you know the drill.

Do it with all the fingers.

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