How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error?

Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error: Discord is a popular chatting app built for gamers to develop communities and talk to one another. Since the app’s launch in 2015, it has grown to include many internet cultural groups such as memers, artists, and writers.

Being a gamer in today’s age, especially with the ongoing pandemic, Discord has become an essential communications app for gamers.

However, as these things go, many issues crop up from time to time on such services. The one we are going to talk about is the dreaded Discord “Awaiting endpoint Error.”

This error is a pretty common error and can be easily fixed by going through the following steps outlined in this article.

What causes the “Awaiting Endpoint Error”? 

This error might be caused by slow internet speeds on the user’s end, a server outage at Discord’s end, or any other network-related issue. The developers of Discord are aware of this issue and are working to fix it, but until then, we can troubleshoot using the following methods.  

4 Steps To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

Method 1: Change your Discord server region 

As explained in the previous paragraph, the error is probably caused by a server outage at Discord’s end. So, the most logical first step we can take is to change our server region.

Here is a stepwise guide: 

  1. Open up the discord app
  2. Then go into the settings menu
  3. In the Settings sub-menu, look for Server settings and click on Overview.
  4. In Overview, look for Server region and then tap to change
  5. Change to a Server Region that is closest to your region.

Method 2: Check your Wi-Fi 

If Method 1 does not prevail and you’re still getting that pesky error then it’s time to look towards your Wi-Fi.

First, check if your internet connectivity is working by opening up any other website (any website is fine, we don’t judge). If the website opens up, your Wi-Fi is fine, but if it’s not, then we can perform a couple of troubleshooting methods.

Rebooting the modem or your router can clear up most internet connectivity issues. It’s as simple as powering your modem/router off and then turn it back on again.

If rebooting does not solve your internet connectivity issues, you can try opening up the admin section in the network dashboard and changing the settings to the defaults.

If that does not resolve connectivity issues, you can call up your Internet-Service Provider and complaint to them about the issue.

Before calling up your ISP, you should check if you’ve paid your internet bill and avoid any embarrassment.

Method 3: Reinstall Discord 

After exhausting all your efforts with methods 1 and 2, it is time for the nuclear option by deleting the app/software from your system. We recommend using a third-party uninstallation program to remove all corrupted files from your device completely.

However, if you choose to uninstall Discord using windows uninstall, you should perform an app data purge manually.

To perform that, you open up the Run program from the Start menu and type in ‘%appdata%,’ then hit enter. Select the discord folder from the window that pops up and delete it.

After that, you open up the Run program again from the start menu and type in “%localappdata%, “then hit enter. Select the discord folder again from the window that pops up and delete that as well.

With this procedure, we have manually deleted any residual leftover files from the previous Discord installation. Before downloading the latest version of discord from the internet, restart your device.

Please remember to download the Discord software from the Discord website and not some shady website.

Method 4: Use a VPN

This error can also be caused by your IP settings. You can try installing any free or paid Virtual Private Network (VPN) and run that on your device to see if the error is resolved. 


The Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error is a common occurrence while using Discord, and most of the time, if you leave it alone for 5 minutes, it tends to resolve itself.

But if it does not go away by itself or you’re too impatient, you can use the methods above to troubleshoot this out and get back to your neck bearded comrades on your Discord meme server.

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