How to Dribble Better in Basketball

How to Dribble Better in Basketball Review

As experts say …

Basketball is all about dribbling and shooting the ball with accuracy.

Everything else comes naturally with the passage of time.

There is another reason why dribbling is very important – short guys and gals can be really good at dribbling, even better than tall ones, and this compensates for their inability to jump shoot the ball.

In this post, we are going to take a look at how you can dribble better and with ease.

How to Dribble Better in Basketball (4 EASY STEPS)

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Lay Low and Dribble

Keep it Low- dribble better in basketball

What dribbling is actually?

It is the act that you do to keep the ownership of the ball, while you dodge the opponents and make your way to the hoop.

What is the biggest problem in dribbling?

When you throw a ball on the ground it bounces back and comes back to your hand and then you repeat the process.

But not only during coming back to your hand gravity is making it slow, but in case you dribble with your back straight as an arrow, you increase the distance that ball has to cover between the floor and your hand.

This slow speed and increased distance are exactly what your adversaries want – they would snatch the ball somewhere between the court and your hand.

So bend your back and your legs, lay low and dribble from that position. This will decrease the distance and improve speed.


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Dribble it Hard

Dribble it Harder- How to dribble better in Basketball

The second solution to reducing the distance and beating the opponents as well as gravity is to dribble it hard.

Bounce the ball harder to make sure that it comes back fast and your opponents do not get a chance to snatch the ball in the air.

Reduce the time for which ball stays in the air and increase the speed – you will never lose control of the ball.


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Dribble with Finger Pads

Dribble with Your Finger Pads

All it takes to dribble is smash the ball in the ground and receive it for another ‘pat’.

You can do this with your fist or entire hand or your arm, but in order to do it effectively while saving the energy and avoiding any finger strain or injury, you have to dribble it with your finger pads.

If you do this with fingertips you might fracture your finger. Doing it with your palm will require more exertion and more force.

The only way you can do this flawlessly is by using finger pads.


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Keep Your Head Up

How to Dribble Better in Basketball Review

Your head position is very important while dribbling and I am going to show you why.

If you keep it hanging – looking at the ground, you will end up with a stiff neck or causing some problems to your spine.

You cannot look up while dribbling or passing or shooting, because not only it includes neck strain, it is also useless. You have to keep your head up, but straight.

Not only this is the natural posture of your spine and you will feel easier and lighter, but by doing this you can look right into the eyes of your opponents, judge their next move and evade it.


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