How to Clean Basketball Shoes

Best Tips For Cleaning Basketball ShoesYou must know this. Getting into your shoes is a blessing. Shoes have a rough job.

From dirt to rugged terrain, whatever you put their way, they will take it to keep your feet away from harm.

This is the reason good people take care of their shoes.

They find some time from their busy routine and on a Sunday, they clean the shoes, polish them and make sure to maintain them for a long time.

This is what you need to do for your basketball shoes – and then some.

Pack them Right

Clean Basketball Shoes - pack shoes

I’ve seen people coming to the basketball court and them leaving it. There are many of them who are in a haste to leave the court and shoot off to their destinations.

And this is where many people make a mistake. In their sport or gym bag (whatever kind of bags one can bring to a court), they simple shove the shoes deem down.

By doing this, they change the default shape of the shoe, make a roll of it and just shove it – just like that. This is not right, because shoes will lose their actual shape.

Keeping them clean is all about the time and money you have for this purpose.

Best Tips For Cleaning Basketball Shoes

Follow this process and see if you are happy with what you see.

Step 1

Get a soft-bristled shoe brush or toothbrush – you do not need to buy a new one in case you already have an old toothbrush or a shoe brush.

Step 2

Gently brush the shoe (without using any polish or liquid). Brush everywhere – inside and outside. You are doing this to remove dirt or any such residues that do not belong on the shoe.

Step 3

Get lukewarm water or warm water and mix this with a drop of leather cleaner (in case of leather shoes) or laundry detergent. Stir the mixture with a light movement and then get a soft microfiber cloth.

Apply the solution to that cloth and use that cloth to clean different areas of the shoe – outside, leather parts, heel counter, fabric and inside of the shoe.

Step 4

Now remove the insole and clean it with a dry and clean cloth (not the same microfiber that you used for the outside and inside of shoe.

Once cleaned properly with a dry cloth, apply the same solution to this. Dunk it into the solution and the get it out. Use brush and then dry cloth to clean it.

Step 5

Apply warm water on another microfiber cloth and apply the cloth everywhere inside the shoe and outside. The purpose of this step is to absorb if any excess soap has been left on the shoe.

And job is done.

Speaking of mistakes – one of the biggest mistakes people make is drying wet shoes in sunlight or next to a heater.

Remember, that leather or faux leather shoes, as well as all other types of shoes, may lose their shine and even their form if you do this. It will not be a snug fit ever again.

Let them dry in room temperature right underneath a fan.

This is it.

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