How to Change Alexa Name, Voice & Location

Change Alexa Name Voice Location Time

Today, we are going to discuss How to change Alexa name, voice, location and time (very easily)!

But first, let’s discuss a little bit about Alexa! Its Mind Blowing invention! Isn’t it?

Alexa is the name of an imaginary person which is built in inside the Amazon’s Echo smart speaker.

It is a famous device when you talk about a smart home.

It can tell you the weather, news, play music, control your other smart devices, order anything from outside, and much more.

Sometimes you feel while interacting with Alexa that its always the same, and a personal touch is added to Amazon’s Smart assistant adds.

If you are tired of listening to her name and if you think that her voice is always the same, feelings come in mind that this whole character is a fake one and can’t be customized.

But this isn’t the truth, the best way to do this is to change default settings. It’s not only the name which you can change, her name, her voice, language, and location, everything can be customized.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to change Alexa Name, Voice, Location and Time

How to Change Alexa Name, Voice, Location and Time

How to change Alexa’s Name

How to change Alexa’s Name

Sadly, you can’t simply pick any unique/old name to replace it with Alexa.

If you thought to ask Ronaldo, Messi, Prince Harry to order pizza, turn on music, it will look funny.

You have the option to choose between Amazon, Computer or Echo if you are tired of Alexa’s name.

Here’s how you can change it.

  • Turn on Alexa App and into your account.
  • Open the menu which is located on the top left corner.
  • Open the settings tab
  • Select your device which you want to customize and click on the wake word.
  • When you open the drop-down menu, you’ll see an option to change the name.
  • You can pick the best name you like from the choices.

How to change Alexa’s Voice

How to change Alexa’s Voice

If you want to change Alexa’s voice; you have the option of this too.

Sadly, you cannot refer to Oprah or other bands to be a voice assistant for your Alexa, though if it was possible, it would funny.

If you’re tired with her default accent and you want to change it to British or German accent, you can easily do so.

As it isn’t the real personality, that means changes in accent might change her some answers too.

People still confound that Alexa can’t have a male voice, but Alexa can surely switch to different accents and languages.

Here’s how to change it.

  • Turn on Alexa App and into your account.
  • Click on the gear button.
  • Select the device you’re going to customize.
  • Tap on the language but and open the dropdown box to select the language which you prefer.
  • Save your changes by click on the save button and confirm it.

How to change Alexa’s location

Change Alexa Name Voice Location

Alexa has become much smarter than it was when this technology came into existence, but Amazon’s assistant is performing above than our expectations.

It’s normal that we don’t feel comfortable sharing or personal details such as our home address to companies like these, as trust is the main factor.

But adding your location will have certain benefits too. If you tell your correct address to Amazon’s Echo device, it will give you the best response.

Such as showing the correct time, giving you the news relating to that area, providing you all the weather updates relevant to your area, etc.

Here’s how you can change it.

  • Turn on Alexa App and into your account.
  • Tap on your device to change your device location
  • From the drop-down menu, select the device settings and click on the location button.
  • Select the country you live in and add your home address.
  • Save your changes

As the location is different for each device, changing one device location won’t change the settings for other devices. So, if you want to change the location, name, voice of other devices then you must follow the same procedure again.

How to change Alexa’s time

How to Change Alexa Time Name Voice Location

Changing your Alexa’s time is directly linked to the location you’ve added.

Changing time isn’t necessary as the moment you change your device location; it will switch to your location time.

If you’re facing time issues then you can reset your device.

The reasons to change the settings of your Alexa and the process to change it is discussed in the article above.

Follow the procedure carefully and I hope you succeed in i

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