How to Build a Smart Home System

Build a Smart Home System

The future is here where there is a number of different ways to improve our lives by using modern day technology.

One example of Modern technology is creating a smart home.

But the question which confuses many people is that what a smart home is and how can it improve the lives of the people.

In simple words, Smart Home technology is the set up in which every device, gadget, and appliances can be controlled via internet or smart apps.

In other terms, It means having digital assistance to help you monitor your life, or to control your smart lights, or kitchen appliances to make your life easy.

What is the need for a smart home?

Make a Smart Home System

People are usually unsure if they require a smart home or not.

There are a number of benefits (will be discussed later) of turning your home into a smart home which includes, saving money, easy lifestyle, convenience, etc.

There are uncountable categories of smart home products that you can convert every manual device in your home into a smart device.

From lights to temperature, from locking a door to closing a window, everything can be controlled smartly. Here’s a small list of most used products in a smart home.

To begin setting up your smart home, you may require these central hubs which will help you to control all your gadgets.

How to Build a Smart Home System using 6 Tools

  • The Smart Speaker


 The present smart speakers make it simple to connect with different smart home devices that can be easily controlled with your voice.

If the setup isn’t complicated, then there is a possibility that you can control your smart home system using your phone and your speaker.

  • The Smart Hub

The Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is basically an app from which you can control a number of different smart home devices.

Before this technology came into existence, people used to keep different apps for different things, but this can be called an all in one app as all devices can be controlled from one single application.

Once you’re done with your smart home setup, you should start finding the right smart home appliances to take advantage of it. There are a bunch of different devices that can be connected to this smart home system.

  • Smart Blubs

Smart Blubs

Buying smart blubs is surely one of the easiest ways to make your home smart.

It is much more convenient and facility to switch off your lights even if you’re away from home is one good thing.

If you’re away, switching on lights is a great way to make people believe that you’re at home.

If you’re afraid of darkness, then you can turn on the lights before entering the home. LIFX bulbs are one type of Smart lights and its very efficient as it doesn’t require any controller to work.

They can easily be connected to other gadgets. If for instance, your home has picked fire, LIFX bulb will blink red and will turn themselves automatically into full brightness so that you can easily escape the house.

  • Smart Locks


Using Smart Home technology efficiently is important, and when it comes to efficiency, the first thing which comes in our mind is security.

Safety is the priority and living in a proper safe, locked house is important.

Smart locks can connect with your smartphones and with the help of it you can lock or unlock your house even if you’re away.

You can also link your smart lock with Amazon Echo Speaker to control your door with your voice.

Smart locks usually issue one time coded which you can provide it to your family to access the lock via their smartphones.

  • Smart Coffee Maker

Smart Coffee Maker

A smart Coffee maker is one of the most interesting devices which will be a perfect fit in your smart home.

A smart coffee maker can prepare your coffee right after you wake up.

Some coffee making devices can customize the coffee as per your requirements too.

It saves time and most importantly, it saves your energy.

  • Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

There are multiple options of Smart Thermostats in the market, though we suggest, you prefer the ones made by Nest.

The smart thermostat not only makes your house more convenient, but it also helps you to save money by preventing energy costs.

The latest smart thermostats have built-in Amazon Alexa features which can let you enjoy the same features which Alexa has, such as playing music, controlling devices extra by your voice.

As compared to conventional homes, smart homes have a number of different advantages which can make your lives easy and better.

Benefits of a Smart Home System

  • Security

The set up of security is perfect in Smart Homes. It includes security cameras, motion sensors, fingerprint identification, making it a tough job for thieves to break in the house.

  • Efficiency

Smart homes have different features to offer improved efficiency. With the help of smart lights, you can turn off the lights when you’re away to save energy.

A thermostat can drop the temperature when no one’s home and return it to normal before the residents arrive. All these features along with smart home devices help you to save energy, water, electricity, and other natural resources.

  • Resale Value

Smart home set up also have a huge advantage when you’re selling it. The seller can explain the whole setup to the buyer which will attract him, and he’ll be ready to pay a higher price for it.

Smart homes can be sold at a higher price as compared to conventional homes. We can conclude is that this is a worthy investment as it will increase the market value of your home and will attract buyers in the future.

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