How to Boost Wi-Fi Signals at Home

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Last time when i discussed wireless routers, i received many comments and feedback from people all around the world. Few people asked me how to boost wifi signals at home?

After spending lots of time and effort i found few WORKING methods to boost wifi signals.

8 Best Ways to Boost your Wi-Fi Signals at Home

How to Boost Wi-Fi Signals at Home

Wifi is amongst the most essential advancements in the evolution of internet technology.

It will be frustrating and irritating to browse on a slow speed internet because of wifi issues.

One of the most important issues which people are facing includes poor streaming, dropped Wifi signals, wireless dead-zones which is making the whole world mad.

Using proper wifi is a necessity nowadays as getting online is important as any other thing.

If in case you’re not able to catch your wifi signals properly as per your expectations and if you feel your wifi has become dull, there are numerous tools you can use to boost the signals before you buy a new router.

In this article, you’ll get to know some tips that can upgrade and improve the performance of your wifi network.

1. Pick a good place for your Router

How to Boost Wi-Fi Signals at Home

Wifi routers may not be as classy and elegant to keep it in front, however, that doesn’t mean you hide it inside the cupboard or cabinet.

Not all rooms and spaces are appropriate for your router as it can affect your wifi signals.

There are some things you need to keep in mind, such as avoid keeping your router near metal objects, electric wires, and devices that produce electromagnetic waves.

If you want the best wifi signals, you need to keep your router in open space, far from any wall and other blocks.

In case the space where the router is kept doesn’t have any tables or flat surfaces, make sure whether you can wall mount it using a mounting bracket or mounting holes.

While it’s enticing to put that weird black on the shelf, you’ll get quality signals if kept in open space (which will also solve heating up issues) to get be best possible result throughout your house.

2. Buy a WIFI Adaptor

If you have a laptop and don’t have money How to Boost Wi-Fi Signals at Hometo replace your router, you can purchase an 802.11ac wifi adapter that you can easily connect in your laptop via USB port.

Even though they look cheap and makes your system heavy, and sometimes can trouble your OS, but it’s one of the best ways to boost and improve your wifi signals.

3. Consider a WIFI mesh system.

In case you’re facing difficulty getting a solid How to Boost Wi-Fi Signals at HomeWIFI connection in your house, you can get a wireless mesh system, which is a flawless way to boost your WIFI signals.

Setting this up is easy and can be operated via a smartphone application. Mesh system provides you extra speed when connected to the primary hub.

The best ones consist of backhaul which can be used to talk with each other via their access points, making sure you get the best possible result even if your device is far away.

That time isn’t far away when you’ll be able to utilize these devices with each other.  802.11ac router can be converted into a mesh device too.

4. Keep your router up to date


Nowadays, the cases of large-scale malware attacks have been increasing continuously which is costing huge businessmen nearly millions to billions every single year.

The scammers wouldn’t be able to do this if routers were kept up to date. The moment malware attacks a router, it can steal data and spread it all over the network and then to other devices connected to it.

Even if there is no threat of malware attack, the outdated routers won’t catch many signals as compared to properly updated routers.

5. Get a powerful Antenna

You must have noticed that whenever you buy a new router, it usually comes with a small, frail antenna. Price is not just the factor for manufacturers, its about the size too.

The default antenna which comes with your new router is usually not that tall whereas, the strong antenna is nearly 10-12 inches tall (also consisting of 4 dB gain) depending upon how powerful it is.

If you don’t have any problems with a huge antenna, then you should surely buy it as it is the best way to boost wifi signals at home. All WIFI antenna is connected in the same way so it can be bought easily from anywhere.

6. Switch to 5 GHz

The 5 GHz wireless frequency is much beneficial than 2.4 GHz wireless frequency as it gives fast and accurate rates in the smaller distance, and it’s less busy too. Not all routers are compatible, but if it supports 5 GHz then you should think of switching to it to boost the performance.

7. Reboot on a Timely Basis

Boost your Wi-Fi Signals at Home

One reason for the poor performance and week signals of WIFI can be because of the overloading of data. IT expert’s advice it that turning off the wifi for 2 mins and then turning it on can improve the performance of your wifi as it clears all memories and install the updates in the process too.

8. Buy a WIFI extender

WIFI extender can also be called as WIFI repeater and WIFI booster. Their main purpose is to update it and transmit it. A quality repeater will cost you nearly 100$ and can be set up easily within few mins.

The installment procedure includes only the press of the WPS button. Some extenders work with Wifi extender app that makes it a little bit easy to adjust wifi settings and to get the best possible results.


With these steps, you’ll be free from all your wifi problems without even buying a new router. These will help you to boost your WIFI signals, and we assure you that after following these steps you’ll feel the difference in the performance of your WIFI.

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