How Engineers Play Basketball

So, this is a rather fun blog post about how engineers would play basketball if they are asked to play it or they love to play it.

The topic is inspired by a video that went viral on the internet and social media.

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I bet you must have enjoyed the video.

The moral is – you should never look down upon others. You never know – when a meek redneck proves to be an absolute volcano in the sack.


The moral lesson for us is this video – as funny and short-lived it is, is that it has many tips for someone who loves basketball.

If you do not play in a college club or a team, but you love to play it at school or home, you can learn a lot from this video.

And no – you cannot really master the art of dunking that hoop just like the guy in the video did. That was fiction or farce or humor – not basketball.

Lesson 1 – Motivation

You always need motivation – it has to come from someone.

Most of the people get motivated when they see someone playing. Many of them get motivated in a big stadium – filled to the brim with fans of this or that team.

They get motivated by their favorite basketball players – there are so many who get motivated this way: majority.

However, in this video that sweeper was motivated not by watching that guard playing basketball, but when guard sorta kinda made fun of him.

That was the straw on the camel’s back and now he wanted to learn dunk the hoop irrespective of whatever it took.

Lesson 2 – Never Give Up

Did you notice that before totally getting into an engineer’s skin, he was trying to do that the way basketball players do and the way how the guard was doing it.

He never made it possible.

He failed again and again, and we notice how that guard was laughing at his futile attempts – he was watching him on CCTV screen.

The lesson is that you would not be at your best on the first day. You would fail many times and we all know that now it has become a cliché but fail actually means ‘first attempt in learning’.

Lesson 3 – Find Your Strong Suit

So, when he failed to dunk the hoop the way others did. Other like national basketball players, club-level players and that guard!

He decided to skip doing it like others did and from a dark corner of his brain, he retrieved all his engineering knowledge.

Math was his strong suit. You see him taking a measurement, using cons to mark distances and writing all the equations.

Don’t do that all. You are not a mathematician; you are a basketball fan/player. Just find your strong suit and stick to it.

It can be dribbling or it can be shooting. Do not try to be a jack of all trades. Use your skill, specialty and knowledge in a particular part of the game and rock the defenders.

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