Hobart Handler 140 Review 2020 [TOP RATED]


The Hobart Handler 140 is one of the most famous welders specially manufactured for flux core and MIG welding purposes which is capable to cut the metal in both thick and thin sizes. It is a great option for home-based jobs and will give the best results. Apart from offering flexibility and great quality cutting, this is a portable welder which makes it easy for you to carry around on fields without any problem.

Why should you buy?

There are many reasons to purchase this welder. Some includes that it is easy to set up, easy to understand and use and deliver best results.  It takes just 115V current to work and can be easily carried anywhere. This is an ideal welder to use on daily purposes in workshops or home.

Key Features of Hobart Handler 140

  • Usability

This welder has MIG and Flux-core function in-built in it. With MIG welding function, you can cut thinner metals including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. Furthermore, with the Flux-core feature, you can weld thicker metals such as steel up to quarter inch. Another great feature is limitless control on the speed of wire to make alterations.

  • Power

The Hobart Handler 140 welder delivers 20% duty cycle at 90 amps which is all you want for any home project. The maximum power output which this welder offers is 140A. Even 140A works on just 115v voltage which means that it can be used anywhere you want. There are five distinctive voltage setting which enable you to weld up to quarter inch steel on the most elevated setting. The other setting is for the gauge, depends on what gauge is suitable for you to weld, 24 gauge is the most recommended on lowest setting and 16 gauge is highly preferable on 2nd setting. There is a door menu located inside the machine to make it easy for you to pick the correct settings.

  • Easy to carry

The Hobart Handler 140 welder is easy to carry because of its light weight of just 57 pounds. To make it easier carrying around on daily purposes you can use a wheeled cart. The power cord is just 5-foot-long, and it would be better if it was a little bit big.

  • Price

The Hobart Handler 140 is a pocket friendly welder. It’s truly financially savvy because of all the amazing features it contains. It also has a warranty period of 1 year so if incase any of the parts fail while welding, they will replace it in no charge.


  • It weighs just 57 pounds.
  • The installation process is easy and fast.
  • It requires just 115v to run which means you can use it anywhere u want.


  • The welder containing MIG function requires extra gas cylinder.
  • Perfect for household projects but not for bigger ones.


It is a perfect welder for beginners as it gives high quality cutting which can encourage them in long term. Also, the fact that it can be carried around easily and can be used in any power supply makes this welder a better option than all others in the market.

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