Evan Fournier

Evan Mehdi Fournier is a French professional basketball player, born in Saint Maurice, Paris. He belongs to mixed ethnicity and is French by nationality, currently playing in NBA.

He won a Silver medal in FIBA Europe U-18 championship 2009. In FIBA Europe U-20 championship 2011, FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014, and FIBA World Cup 2019, Evan has won three Bronze medals with one in each.

Evan’s other achievements include Bronze medal in Euro-Basket held in France in 2015, French League Rising Star Award, French League Most Improved Player and his participation in Nike Hoop Summit in 2011 and others.

He has played for JSF Nanterre, Poitiers Basket 86, Denver Nuggets and currently playing for the Orlando Magic during his basketball career.

Evan Fournier Family

Evan is the only son of Francois Fournier and Meriem Fournier. His father is French while his mother is Algerian and both are martial art experts. His father is a businessman who has experience of trading companies related to Healthcare and his mother is a housewife.

Evan dated a girl for a longtime named Laura. They got married in 2016 during their holidays to Utah parks. They are blessed with a son, Elias and are happily living their lives.

Evan Fournier Education

Evan took his early education from INSEP established in Paris, which is a French institute that serves as a teaching center and also as a sports training center. From his teenage, Evan got interested in basketball and he picked sports over his studies. So, he didn’t get any further education after school.

Evan Fournier Career

Evan got interested in watching basketball very early during his teenage. He started playing basketball during his days at INSEP. Before getting drafted in NBA, Evan has played with clubs of LNB Pro League including Nanterre 92 and Poitiers Basket 86.

Evan was picked by Denver Nuggets in NBA Draft 2012. He signed his first rookie contract and made his debut in the Summer League, where he averaged 12.3 points at the end of the season. The next season, playing for the Nuggets again in 2013, he scored his career highest 27 points against the Kings.

Evan was traded to Orlando Magic in 2014 and is playing for the franchise up until now. He scored career highest 10 rebounds in an NBA game with a loss to Toronto Raptors and the next year he grabbed the highest 10 assists in a game against loss to Boston Celtics.

His record is scoring 32 points which are his career highest score against the Golden State Warriors.

Evan Fournier Net Worth

Evan signed a four-year contract with the Magic in $85 million in 2016. Earlier in his contract with the Nuggets, he earned $27 million from the franchise in a two-year contract. His net worth is estimated above $109 million.

His other sources of income are his endorsements and sales profits of his signed T-shirts and trading cards.

Evan Fournier Basketball Shoes

  • Nike Kobe 4 Protro
  • Nike Hyperdunk
  • Nike Hyperdunk X
  • Nike Zoom Rev 2017

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