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Derrick Martell Rose is a well-liked American basketball performer who at present plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.

Rose has been caught up with basketball from the time when he was still in high school.

Soon after his aptitude in the game became obvious, he rose to become one of the most excellent high school players in the state.

Afterward, he played college basketball for the University of Memphis Tigers, where his exceptional skills were rather valued. He was sketched into the NBA in 2008 by the Chicago Bulls.

As he had a good height and good body he ascended to be one of the optimum athletes in the record of the NBA.

In the year 2011, he was named the youngest competitor to triumph the NBA mainly precious Player Award at just the age of 22.



Involved in basketball from a little age, he signs up at the Simeon Career Academy where his aptitude in the sport makes him a lot of fame in a small-time.

He assists his squad, ‘The Simeon Wolverines,’ win the Chicago Public League championship in 2006. The occasion, which was apprehended at the United Center in Chicago, observed one of the most excellent presentations of Rose’s profession so far.

By the time he gets to his senior year, he was grade as the fifth most excellent hope in the state by the well-liked publication ‘Sports Illustrated’. With his assistance, Simeon became the initial Chicago Public League School to have productively won two instantly state championships.

Once he completed his schooling, more than a few college coaches had him on their schedule owing to his fame. Finally Rose made the choice to register at the University of Memphis and stand for its basketball squad. He escorted the Memphis Tigers to a sum of thirty-eight wins in his year with the players.

Personal life

He, all along with his three elder brothers, was brought up by a single mother, who even with being harsh was also kind and affectionate. Being the youngest of the brothers, he acknowledged paternal liking from his older brothers, Dwayne, Reggie, and Allan.

What is Derrick Martell Rose’s height?

Derrick Martell Rose’s Height: 6’3’’ (190.5 cm).

What is the weight of Derrick Martell Rose?

The weight of basketball player Derrick Martell Rose is 86 kg (189.5 pounds).

What is Derrick Martell Rose’s footwear size?

The size of Derrick Martell Rose’s footwear is 13.

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