Cobra JumPack XL Reviews 2020 [TOP RATED]

To attract the buyer’s attention this Cobra JUMPACK XL Jump Starter has included all the amazing features and technical specifications. It contains a batter of 41Wh made with Lithium to efficiently jump-start vehicles and to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices. The package contains 2 powerful clamps for jumpstart, USB cable of 3 amperes to charge portable electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones. It also includes LED lights on buttons and Flashlight for the darkness. The producers claim that this product has covered all the areas. This review will tell if the statement from the producers is true.

What are the Benefits of this Cobra JUMPACK XL Jump Starters which buyers have been discussing?

Firstly, the device is slim and compact which they claim to be smaller than 90% of the other jump starters of this category. Modern compact jump starters are usually small in size. The reason why this benefit is discussed is because it is the perfect size as the kit is. The kit efficiently fits the device, clamps, and cables. The device is easy to use, and the controls are easy to understand. You can easily store it in the glove department or the toolbox.

This Cobra JUMPACK XL Jump Starter is amazing performance wise too as per the positive reviews from the customers. They are impressed from the easy setup process and knowing that it can be used both as the charger and battery enhancer. There are certain features which protects from over voltage, over current, and reverse charging. It is capable to charge 3 vehicles in a single battery life.

The problems which users should be aware before buying this Cobra JUMPACK XL Jump Starter

The main problem which the buyers have complained is that they are facing difficulties in using it in low temperature. The device is not capable to work in severe cold which can be a major problem for people using at night or in northern areas. Some of the complains suggested that the device wasn’t charging anything, but this can be due to a damaged product.


  • Slim and compact device
  • It is easy to use.
  • Effective performance in preferred conditions
  • Long battery life for dual charging purposes.


  • Device won’t work properly at nights in colder regions specially in northern areas.
  • Rare reports of damaged products.

After going through the issues, is this Cobra JUMPACK XL Jump Starter is reliable enough to buy?

Most of the users have shown their trust and satisfaction in this product apart from some of the people who have been negative. Almost all the buyers who bought this are impressed because of its slim and compact structure and its effective performance for charging electronics and jump-starting vehicles. If you live in a colder region then you should keep in mind that it cannot handle extreme weather, otherwise it is a wonderful device for motorists.

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