Chris Emmanuel Paul

Chris Emmanuel Paul is an American basketball player who is currently playing for the team Houston rockets of NBA. Chris Paul along with his team had won gold medal in the famous Olympics games. He was born in North Carolina in US. He had a keen interest in sports since very young age.

He was an enthusiastic and brilliant game player. At first when he was just a little he had more interest in football but later he got more interested in the basket ball game. He went to wake Forest University and played basket ball for his college team. Later he was joined for NBA by New Orleans Hornet.

After playing for consecutive six seasons of the game he joined hands with Los Angeles clippers. For a few years he has been given the president of the well known basket ball game association NBPA National Basketball Players Association. As a person the player has a very down to earth nature. He seems to be quiet religious and gives all the credits to the God for his remarkable in the world of basketball game.

Chris Emmanuel Paul Professional Career 

Before officially joining the university he had lost his grandfather. He was killed when some robbers in the house made an attack. Later he joined the university team named as Demon Deacons. Chris was given the position of team leader considering his brilliant performance and leadership skills.

Thanks to his passion and enthusiasm he won ‘Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Year’ and got to break 5 previous records. Numerous publishers called him the best player present in the nation. For his NBA career he was picked up by the team New Orleans Hornets.

He also got chosen for the 2006 FIBA World Championship and managed to achieve a bronze medal along with his team members. He once again got an opportunity to take part in 2008 Olympics games in city of Beijing. With his remarkable performance he got his team a great glory by winning a gold medal. Later he was sent to Los Angeles clippers took part in another Olympics game and won another gold medal.

Chris Emmanuel Paul’s Personal Life

He was born on 6th of May 1985. His parents were Charles and Robin. Chris Paul’s wife is jada Paul. The couple tied the knots in the year 2011 in the month of September.

Jada gave birth to their first kid Christopher Emmanuel II in May 2009. Their first child was born before they got married. While second child Camryn Alexis, who is a girl, was born after the marriage.

Chris Emmanuel Paul’s Net value 

Chris Emmanuel Paul’s net value is 75 million dollars.

What shoes does Chris Emmanuel Paul wear?

Jordan CP3.12.

Jordan CP3.11.

Jordan CP3.X

Jordan CP3.IX

Jordan CP3.VIII

Jordan CP3.VII

Jordan CP3.VI

Jordan CP3.V

Jordan CP3.IV

Jordan CP3.III

Jordan CP3.II

Jordan CP3.I

What is the size of Chris Emmanuel Paul’s foot wear?

The size of Chris Emmanuel Paul’s footwear is 12.5.

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