Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is certainly among the majority creative basketball players of all time.

A kid genius, he was intended to make it a huge name in the game of basketball, known for his outstanding perceptive of the sport, quality character and a deep wish to achieve the top place. 

He had had a competitive spirit and a strong desire to be among the best players of all time since his high school days.

He went to town catholic high school and really did extremely well in the game. He went to Syracuse University and led the team to win a national championship.

His spirit and passion for the game brought him much fame and glare of publicity. As he became a professional player in the year 2003 he started breaking previous records in several games.

Due to which he became among the top NBA player. At first, he was in collaboration with the Nuggets.

Later with New York nicks. Above all this outstanding player has also managed to win gold medals twice in the Olympics game. He has also once won a bronze medal in Olympics.

Early Childhood Life

When he was two years of age his father died as he could not survive the lethal disease cancer. This left all the responsibility on his mother’s shoulders.

They had to move to Baltimore When he was eight years old. The new neighborhood was quite dangerous as there was a frequent abundance of drugs, crime, and murders.

But their mother kept a strict eye on her kids to save them from such crimes. In school, he was very good at the games but his poor academic results caused little problems for his sports career in the beginning.

Due to his academic results, he was sent to the oak hills academy so that he could find an opportunity to improve his grades. There he worked on his academic grades as well as on the games.



He got selected into NBA in 2003. There he scored 30 points and was known as the youngest player who managed to score 3o points. In the year 2013, he had become the first Knicks player who had the highest-selling jersey in NBA.

He had been picked up in All NBA selection five times. For NBA All-stars he was chosen 6 times. Once he had been selected for All rookie challenge MVP.

He is among the biggest stars of the NBA. He was given the bronze medal in the year 2002 and 2004. Furthermore, he also managed to receive two gold medals in the years 2008 and 2012 in the Olympics game.

Personal life

He had a romantic relationship going on with the beautiful lady Alani La La. They have been together since the year 2004. On March 7, 2010, hey both became parents and were blessed with a child.

They named the boy Kiyan Carmelo Anthony. They both decided to get married in the year 2010 in New York.IN year 2016/17 they decided to go for separation but later got back together in 2018.

What shoes does Carmelo wear?

 Air Jordan 34 sneakers

Jordan 1.5

Jordan 5.5

Jordan Melo M3

Jordan Melo M4

What size does Carmelo Anthony wear?

Size: 14 (U.S.) Size: 13.5 (UK) Size: 47 (Europe)

What is Carmelo’s zodiac sign?

Carmelo’s birth sign is Gemini.

What is Carmelo Anthony’s height in feet and centimeters?


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