Bowflex PR1000 Review


Warranty: frame 1 year/ power rods 5 years/ parts 60 days

Resistance system: Power Rods

Maximum user weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Possible exercises: 30+

Standard weight resistance: 210 lbs (95 kg)

Assembled weight: 131 lbs (59.4 kg)

Assembled dimensions: 84L x 38W x 81H inches (213L x 97W x 205H cm)

Bowflex has marked its name in manufacturing the gym equipment whether it be home gym machines or heavy weight lifting machines. This company uses the latest technology for weight lifting and fine steel material which lasts years. Its model PR1000 contains all the features one could find for a home gym machine to keep the body in shape and makes used to the weight lifting which helps in strengthening with more than 30 exercises. Bowflex PR1000 has assembled dimensions of 84” length, 38” width and 81” height. And its assembled weight is 131 lbs, so this means it becomes quite heavy and is unable to move from one room to another.

Frame of Bowflex PR1000

The frame of the Bowflex PR1000 is designed with heavy duty steel material which can resist the weight of the user up to 300 lbs. Anti-corrosive coating of paint is used to protect the steel from scratching. The fully assembled dimensions of the machine tells that is does not occupy a large space in the room but keeping in mind that while doing workouts, the user must keep some more space around the machine to avoid any damage and have the best experience of the exercises.

Under the frame, there are stabilizers which are coated with rubber to protect the machine from any scratch and the damage on the floor. This machine can also be used by users which are 6’6 or 6’7 in height without any difficulty for most of the exercises.

Last but not the least, the frame of the PR1000 is designed in such a way that both its bench bar and the bench is foldable. This allows the machine to turn into a folded position and save more space when the user is not exercising on it. It offers 2 position angles of 45 degrees and 180 degrees. And both these also features a long lasting 2” cushioning encased with faux leather.

Power Rod System

Bowflex PR1000 uses Power Rod resistance system for the exercising. This technology is different from weight plates which are normally used in the home gym machines to exercise. Each rod has a different weight resistance power and has a hook on top of it which lets the cable to connect for workout. These power rods are made from composite material which is highly durable and is covered with sheet of rubber. It also offers the different combination of rods starting from the light to the heavy for workout. The standard weight resistance the rods offer is 210 lbs which is good enough for a user who wants to keep the body in shape.

Exercises It Offers

Bowflex PR1000 offers more than 30 exercises which can keep the body in very good shape. The exercises are as follows:

  • Seated Lat Bars
  • Narrow Pull Downs
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Trunk Rotations
  • Wrist Curls
  • Leg Presses
  • Seated Hip Abductions
  • Incline Bench Presses
  • Seated Shoulder Presses
  • And many more…

The package also contains a chart for the exercises which makes it easier for those user who are new to the machine or who have just started working out on their bodies to get in shape.

Maintenance and Assembly

Maintaining the machine does not take much of the time of the user. All need to keep in mind is that it must be checked on the rollers and the hook of the pulleys before exercising.

And assembling the machine is not a difficult task. Though it comes with quite some parts and as they are heavy, the user need to assemble it where the exercising process will take, because once assembled, it will not be able to move. The instructions with pictures is also included in the package which makes it more easier to assemble and less time it would take.

The Pros

  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Folding bench and bench bar
  • 2 inch cushion foam on bench for maximum comfort
  • 3 types of grips for handling
  • Power Rod resistance technology
  • Over 30 exercises available
  • Great warranty package

The Cons

  • No tools included
  • Weight resistance is not up-gradable


Bowflex PR1000 is an entry level home gym which offers more than 30 exercises just in the comfort of home. It uses best materials for the frame and uses power rod technology for workouts. It enables the users over 300 lbs and 6’7 tall to use the machine with ease. It allows to shape and tone your body just like a gym or any fitness club could give. PR1000 has many features with latest technology system which no other manufacturer uses for the price it comes under.

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