Bolt Power D29

Is the Bolt Power D29 Jump Starter trusted enough to buy?

The beautiful green colored Bolt Power D29 Jump Starter has everything which specifications have mention. Bolt Power has ensured to provide 900 peak amps with amazing performance on all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, tractors and other heavy machinery.

The package includes Dual USB port to charge mobile phones and other electronics, Strong Clamps, LED lights on button indicators, flashlight for darkness, and compact design which can easily be stored in glove compartment. With these specifications it seems to be a great device, but this review will further tell whether it is useful and worthy enough to buy.

Benefits of Bolt Power D29 Jump Starter which buyers usually discuss in their reviews.

Bolt Power D29 Jump Starter bring number of features along with them but the most important one is ample power which is perfect for almost all vehicles and emergency situations. Buyers haven’t reported any problem regarding the performance of the device. They say that it is capable to instantly jump start any dead car alive. The users are impressed with the battery life and even after using it couple of times the battery doesn’t go down by much. This gives a confident to motorists for a long journey. Another great feature is the LCD display on the jump starter which indicates how much battery life is left and the output on the ports for smart phones charging. Lastly, the manufacturers have done all the safety precautions required including circuit protection inside the clamps to prevent from over voltage and over current.

Drawbacks of Bolt Power D29 Jump Starter which the buyers should be aware off

Sadly, the buyers have complained that the performance declines in severe weather conditions. They also stated that they kept the battery in cold weather and the battery charge was automatically declining. Other complains are of damaged products. The battery life is too low on their devices. For example, the user used flashlight for 10 mins, and they lost 40% of the battery charge. This isn’t the problem of a device unless the user receive faulty one.


  • Trusted enough to jump start all types of vehicles without any problem
  • Battery life is long on most of the devices.
  • Amazing display screen which shows the accurate readings.


  • Issues with battery life if they receive faulty product.
  • Problems of performance in severe cold conditions.

After reviewing the issues and benefits, is Bolt Power D29 Jump Starter is recommendable?

It is necessary for users to test the battery life of the device by just turning on the flashlight for 10 mins and check if the battery is going down quickly or no. By this they will be able to know the lifespan of the device. In the end it is an amazing compact device which will help u in emergency situations. The features including immense power added with some additional safety measures make this device amazing one.

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