BM EC161 Review: Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Did you know that backaches are one of the leading BM EC161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviewcauses of disability in the United States?

After all, Americans spend about $50 billion in health care costs on an annual basis due to back pain.

If you add the lost wages and productivity, the figure can rise to as high as $100 billion without difficulty.

You can avoid this with a great massage chair. What’s good is that a lot of these chairs now come at affordable prices.

One of these is the BM-EC161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. But is it worth your money or should you look elsewhere? Read on and find out more:

Key Features

There are a lot of great things to you can expect from this BM-EC161 review. It’s a chair that can offer you a full-body shiatsu massage therapy at zero gravity. It has an ergonomic design that your body and mind has the best relaxing experience.

Here are the specific features of this massage chair:

L-Track Roller Massage System

This system’s design is to give gentle support to your body. This gives a good massage since its shape supports your neck all the way down your spine up until the buttocks. This decompresses the individual spine bones on your body.

What this means is that you’re left rejuvenated and relaxed.

Zero Gravity Technology

This is a feature that helps distribute your body weight in a way that it feels weightless. The chair makes your body spread to make the feeling stay consistent throughout the massage session. You can adjust the chair in three levels.

When it’s fully-reclined, it gives you a therapeutic effect. You can feel it in an almost instantaneous manner. The pain relief it gives is best when you’re working the entire day, sitting still.

A lot of people who got this massage chair report that they feel like floating on a cloud. The zero gravity recline helps stretch your muscles while adjusting your spine. This can take a lot of pressure off your heart.

OPTO Sensory Devices

The chair comes with sensory devices that sense your body. It can detect your shoulders and let you know if it isn’t positioned properly. Once you do, you can adjust it for the best possible fit regardless of your body type or size.

The sensory devices can customize your experience. That means the chair will cater to your specific body conditions. It maximizes your comfort levels and gives the relaxation you need.

Roller Massager and Roller Scraping

There are a lot of benefits to roller massage therapy. There are some studies supporting the fact that roller massages can have a positive impact on pain as well as improving your range of motion. If you’re active in sports, you can benefit on neurophysiological effects of this chair.

Here are other benefits of roller massage therapy:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better immune system
  • Rejuvenated mindset

The BM-EC161 Black massage chair uses the roller scraping feature on the foot. It covers the entire area to improve the concentration of therapeutic effects in that specific area.

Waist Heater

Is your waist stiff from too much or too little physical activities? Your best bet is to apply heat therapy to get rid of the pain. The reason behind it is the fact that it relieves the tension caused by your back aches.

The massage chair comes with a waist heater that warms up your waist and hips. This can help relieve the negative effects of a cold stomach.

Smart Massage System

This works by working with your own body shape to deliver different massage techniques. This can affect the entire length of your neck and spine. This helps better relieve your muscles from the soreness, stiffness, and tightness.

The system makes you more relaxed by stimulating your pressure points along your meridian. It’s an excellent means of treating your backaches and stiffness. Its 3D massage system works on the body surface and the underlying muscles.


This is an outstanding massage chair that comes with full features. It can compete against the luxurious chairs that can have ten times the actual price of this product. What this means is that this chair is excellent considering its price.

This cutting-edge massage chair has programs based on traditional Chinese therapies like Shiatsu. It can help in making both your mind and body more relaxed. These therapeutic massages are products of the latest technology in engineering.

The best part is that the chair often gets sold at a discount. If you’re patient enough, you can find great deals for this chair. It’s important to shave off as many dollars as you can to ensure it’s worth the money.


If you’re confined to a small space like an apartment, this chair isn’t for you. It needs at least 20″ of space between the chair and the wall. If you don’t, it’s unlikely for you to make full use of its recline capabilities.

This isn’t the massage chair that you can use as a recliner. The reason is that the leg and footrests don’t rise in an independent manner.

It’s quite bulky so it’s important to contact people to help you get it inside your house. The installation process isn’t covered, meaning you need to assemble it. The manual isn’t that informative, so prepare for a day’s worth of DIY.

Get the BM-EC161 Massage Chair Today!

If you want to buy this massage chair, take note that warranties depend on the store you bought it from. You need to do your research before you buy the BM-EC161 massage chair. Your local outlet can give out extended warranties at the cost of more fees.

Getting this chair means you’ll have the power of therapy in your home. It’s an investment that can help you lead a better, healthier lifestyle. Its luxurious features and durability can help your body stay well for lots of years to come.

Do you want to see your other choices? Contact us or browse through our site to check out other massage chair reviews!

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