Best WiFi Water Shut Off Valves

Best WiFi Water Shut Off Valves

“Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water” 

That’s so true! isn’t it?

One of the main causes of water waste is because at night you forget to shut-off valves.

In many cases, this negligence leads to a waste of water and fine, but in some cases, we notice even worse situations when pipes burst in the night when people are asleep.

In all such situations, the damage is caused to one’s own property as well as neighbors’ property.

From your expensive furnishings to your memories e.g. old pictures, other memorabilia, and items that can be badly affected with rust or water – the list is long.

Best WiFi Water Shut Off Valves Reviews

Introduction to Best WiFi Water Shut Off Valves

WiFi Water Shut Off Valves

Whether it is your home or workplace where you need a lot of water pipes, just install WiFi controlled water shut off valves.

With a simple push, you can shut off the valves and have sweet dreams. Because you will not have to worry about all the valves and all the water.

Apart from all the damage and fine and crap – leaving your bed at the last minute when you think of delving deep into dreams is by itself nothing short of torture. You may get rid of it by installing WiFi controlled valves on every pipe or water faucet.

Best WiFi Water Shut Off Valves [Top Picks]

Now that we know what these valves are good for and how they protect you, here is the list of the top of the list WiFi water shut off valves that you can easily buy from Amazon.

leakSmart Water Leak Detection and Shutoff Kit Reviews

Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART includes 3/4” Automatic Water Shutoff Valve, Water Leak Sensor, and Smart Hub

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Well, By now you must have got this that this is not the kind of product that gets thousands of customers.

The customers who buy this type of product are of a very specific type. They are mostly those with small industrial units or people who are oversensitive about their homes.

This product is then lucky to get at least 19 quality reviews. Here is our take on the pros and cons.

What we liked
  • 3/4″ Automatic Shutoff Valve
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • leakSmart System Hub – Controls as many as 32 Sensors
  • leakSmart App – Instant notifications of leak and control thereof
What We didn't like
  • Sensor Offline Issue
  • Small Area of Coverage

Yes, the cons are not so easy to understand! Let me spill the beans to you so you can see what I’m trying to explain here. Let us talk about the cons first.

Sensor Offline Issue

Well: This one is more like a glitch. From time to time, as per a customer’s review, roughly three times a day, you read this message on your cell phone’s screen.

“Sensor Offline” And then you have to go and check the sensor, but amazingly it is mostly a glitch with the app.

Whatever might be the reason, the complaint was only made by one customer which proves that it is not that big of an issue and perhaps their unit is the glitchy one.[/su_spoiler]

Small Area of Coverage

This is not a flaw in manufacturing or something that has been reported by more than 1 customer or something that everyone will experience.

But, yes there are one or two customers who claim that the area of coverage offered by this kit is a small one.

No wonder, It is because there are only one sensor and shutoff valve that comes with this kit. You can have as many as 32 sensors and increase the area of water leakage control.

“3/4” Automatic Shutoff Valve

This is not just a shutoff valve, but an entire kit. The most important part of this kit is the 3/4″ automatic shutoff valve. The purpose of this valve is to automatically shut off the water supply of your house or workplace in case of a malfunction.

It is a small and smart electronic motorized brass ball valve that can receive a signal from the hub and shut off the water supply.

Water Leak Sensor

You can use as many as 32 sensors with one hub. These sensors can be placed underneath or close to the pipes and places where a water leak or damage is highly expected.

It detects leak or damage to pipes or water outbursts immediately and thus it allows you to immediately shut off the valves and take other required actions.

leakSmart System Hub – Controls as many as 32 Sensors

The elegance and unique value that the leakSmart kit offers to you is its hub. It is something new and entirely different than other systems that we will review in this post.

The hub: not only you can connect it to as many as 32 sensors, but it also works as the center of communication between sensors, valve, and your app > your phone > you.

leakSmart App – Instant notifications of leak and control thereof

It’s the age of the app-automation of everything – almost everything. leakSmart lets you automate and control your water shutoff with a few simple touches on your cell phone.

With this app, you can get leakage detection notifications, monitor the temperature, battery life, and connectivity of the kit components.


Dome by Elexa Home Automation Water Shutoff Valve Reviews

Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve - for Pipes up to 1 1/2", White (DMWV1)

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Dome’s beauty is its simplicity, adaptability, and compatibility. This device, unlike the one reviewed above, is neither a very expensive one or a complex one.

Its function is very easy. Basically, it is a motor that controls the valve and shuts it off when there is water leakage or any similar problem.

What we liked
  • Works with any or all Smart Home Devices
  • Automatic Water Shutoff
  • Z-Wave Mobile App for Remote Shutoff
  • Use on any Quarter-Turn Ball Valve up to 1-1/2 to 1/4
What We didn't like
  • Insufficient Torque
  • Oscillating Mode Needs Improvement

We will talk about the cons first again because they need an explanation.

Before I go about explaining those cons, it is very important to understand that this WiFi water shutoff valve kit is one of the most frequently bought kit on Amazon.

Insufficient Torque

Think about it or not, but apart from the hub and app and whatnot, a WiFi water shutoff valve basically consists of a motor and the valve that moves and shuts off the water supply.

The problem is that you’re using a motor and not manual power. In that case, you need enough torque, enough power to not just close the valve but close it with zero chance of leakage.

It seems that the motor that comes with this one does the job, but not as good as expected because it lacks the torque.

Oscillating Mode

That’s not much of a con, it is actually pro. The way they designed it and how it fails makes it a con. So, what is the oscillating mode?

An oscillating mode is applied to a product when you want it to try and make some movement e.g. swing back and forth to do the job.

The purpose is to compensate for the lack of torque, but as it is noticed, not only the oscillating mode does not help with a full closure of valves, but it also does not time out and keep trying unless you intervene.

The pros of this product make it all worthy of your dime. Here they are.

Works with any or all Smart Home Devices

The best thing about this device is its adaptability. You can use it with so many hubs and you do not have to worry about the compatibility.

It can be paired with Wink, Nexia, HomeSeer, or Smart Things hubs. All you have to do is connect it with the hub and then start using it. Just like that.

Automatic Water Shutoff

This thing does the job and that is it. This is the reason why it is the most sought after water shutoff valve on Amazon.

It can automatically shut off water and it depends on whether you’ve scheduled it or if your smart hub shows you some water damage or leakage.

Z-Wave Mobile App for Remote Shutoff

What could be more terrifying than the idea that you’re away from home and there occurred some water leakage or damage to the water pipe?

Even if you forget to shut off the valves, you can remotely shut off the valves using a very easy to use Z-Wave Mobile App that is specifically for this purpose.

Use on any Quarter-Turn Ball Valve up to 1-1/2 to 1/4

Another fact that makes this product more universal and more applicable to any home anywhere in the world is how it fits properly on more than 1 type of ball valve.

It works for a 1-1/2 quarter-turn ball valve and compatible with 1/4 ball valves as well. PVC, PEX, water heaters, and radiant heat systems: all ball valves are perfectly suitable for this device.


Guardian by Elexa – Best Automatic Water Shut off valve

Guardian Leak Prevention System - No tools/pipe cutting and works with copper, PEX, or PVC pipes from 1/2" to 1

Check Price on Amazon

Without cutting any pipes or using special tools, you can use this water shutoff kit with ease and confidence.

It has got all the components that you need for proper water waste management. It is one of the best whole house automatic water shut off valves on the market!

What we liked
  • Automatic Shutoff on Leakage, Freezing Temperature, and Earth Quakes, etc.
  • No Tools – Quick and Easy Installation
  • Extreme Long Range – 1000’ Away from Controlling Hub
  • 5 Different Points of Detection
What We didn't like
  • Less Torque
  • Glitches with App

Let us define the cons first.

Less Torque

No, the problem with this machine is not the same as the older one. It has a torque issue with different details. It does not open and/or close the valves to their fullest. This means that there may be continuous leakage.

Glitches with App

The app promises to help you control the entire system including valve controllers. However, a few customers had this issue that when they are too far from the home, the app fails to keep the controllers online and under control. If they go off-line, it is equal to not having a system at all.

Here are the pros.

Automatic Shutoff on Leakage, Freezing Temperatures, and Earth Quakes

The quality of sensors that you get with this kit is simply unparalleled. This kit will automatically shut off your water valves in a situation leakage, freezing temperatures (that lead to bursting pipes) and earthquakes.

No tools – Quick and Easy Installation

This kit can be used on a quarter-turn metal ball valve from 1/2” to 1”. Installation is very easy and it does not require you to have any bolts or nuts or tools. Just place the valve controller on the pipe and tighten it.

Extreme Long Range – 1000’ Away from Valve Controller

The valve controller hub is where all the action occurs. It stops the damage from water as well as water leakage. You can place the leak detectors at a range as much as 1000’ from the valve controller you will still control them and prevent water loss.

5 Different Points of Detection

With this kit, you can easily monitor your entire home for leaks or water damage. There are 5 points of detection that make your installation more flexible and offer a better range.

With that, you can easily monitor all water pipes and exits e.g. toilets, sump pumps, water heaters, sinks, drains, and almost everywhere in your house.


How do WiFi Shut Off Valves help?

Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART includes 3/4” Automatic Water Shutoff Valve, Water Leak Sensor, and Smart Hub

It’s a smart solution that helps you with smart technology.

Every home or factory has a main water supply. When you sleep the water supply machines are still working.

Sometimes the pipes get frozen and they burst into pieces because there is water pressure from a water supply.

This was the worst-case scenario. The worse case is when you leave the supply open and some faucet somewhere in your house or workplace is also open, and when you wake up in the morning it is water everywhere.

Water is worst of the natural disasters because its impact cannot be reversed even after many months.

Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART includes 3/4” Automatic Water Shutoff Valve, Water Leak Sensor, and Smart Hub

WiFi shut off valves can be shut off with one touch on your smartphone. And you can turn them on with some manual control.

They can be controlled automatically as well. Optimize your WiFi valves for when to shut off and when to open, and live a life free of worries.

It will automatically turn off the valve and then turn off it at a previously set time.

However, the manual override is always there to help you shut off or open the valves.

The purpose of manual override is to help you deal with the automatic system malfunctioning or to enable you to override the schedule if and when needed.

Our Verdict

Now, All 3 of them are really good water shut-off valves, with a considerable number of sales on Amazon.

Here is a table to help you understand how one is better than others.

leakSmartDome by ElexaGuardian by Elexa
Kit ComponentsHub, sensor, automatic shutoff valveOnly shutoff valveSensors, shutoff valve
Size of Ball Valve3/4"1 ½”½” to 1”
Pipe MaterialN/ACopper, Pex, PVCCopper, Pex, PVC

What is our verdict?

Based on Amazon rating, number of options and features, we believe that leakSmart Water Leak Detection is the best WiFi water shutoff system to go

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