7 Best Soft Tip Darts 2019 (Latest Guide)

Do you want to get out of the daily hard work routine and take some time to relax and enjoy your free time?

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So, today, I’ll be discussing the best soft tip darts of 2019. I’m pretty sure that you’ll love it!

These are the most premium and high-quality darts. It does not matter if you are a beginner or even a pro. You will find the best one for you after reading our entire article!

A premium dart with a sot tip and configuration will play a huge role in your playing because they help you hit your target even more comfortable than you think!

The weight and the barrel are some crucial detail as well. Be ready to impress all of your friends with your amazing skills using one of our premium products!

So take a comfortable seat and enjoy our article!

Best Soft Tip Darts Reviews 2019 (Top Picks)

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten

The Viper Diamond is a premium and good looking dart which will fit great for any player (does not matter if you are just an amateur or even a pro player). The remarkable and unique colorways make the Viper Diamond a unique and special dart.

The box of the Viper Diamond has some impressive aesthetics as well, looking like a professional one. In the box you will find three darts, gearing up with some large variety of soft tips and staff needed to perform the best plays you can.

The only little disadvantage is that the pack contains only three pieces of darts inside. The box is a travel one, where you will be able to keep all of your darts tools.

The Viper Diamond are very high-quality. These are based on black-coated 90% tungsten and 10% nickel barrels which has a slim configuration to increase the effective balance and precision.

Every single barrel provides well placed knurled bands, diamond-cut inscriptions, and some hand-designed rings to give a superior and consistent grip for the player, throw after throw.

The premium lightweight aluminum shafts come out with diamond cut etchings for a professional and premium style and locking holes for a more secure fit in hand.

The 16 grams Viper Diamond make a perfect fit for a beginner or even for an intermediate player who wants to enjoy a premium feel while playing. The weight plays a huge role to have better precision and stability.

Any single slim flight is designed with a shiny holographic design. These darts work mainly on the electronic or most sisal dartboards.

The amazing pack of Viper Diamond comes up with 6 flights, 3 extra nylon replacement shafts, 6 2BA Tufflex II tips, a dart mechanic repair tool, 3 flight protectors and a good for traveling box with soft materials lining to stock and protect your premium darts.

The Viper Diamond has a soft and premium tip which will fit right especially or the beginners and even for the intermediate darts players.

The box is an ideal one for travel, which comes up with all the tools needed for a perfect dart game, whit some extra tips to make you safe in case if one tip is going to break.

The premium barrel has a premium feeling from the first touch and helps you with increasing the precision so you will be the best player out there!

The Viper Diamond darts comes up with a box which contains only 3 darts, so this is the only disadvantage, but you still have a lot of other tools inside, so this is not a pretty huge deal.

Wolftop Soft Tip Darts

The Wolftop Soft tip Darts are some significant performance darts with a variety of designs and models.

The Wolf top soft tip darts are made of some plastic materials, and the entire weigh based at less than a gram/ dart. The size for some standard darts is around 1.73 inches or 44 mm long and 1.42 inches or 36 mm wide.

The high-quality aesthetics will make you love the Wolftop Soft Tip Darts. There comes with 5 variety of colorways and models do not make the game boring. You will always be able to switch them and impress all of your friends!

The premium aluminum shafts, you do not have to worry about the durability because you can expect some high level of sustainability during the years of intense using.

You are going to enjoy each soft tip dart features as well — the black coated barrel of one of the Wolftop Soft tip Darts weighing 15 grams and measuring 1.97 inches long.

Each box of darts comes up with 12 soft tip darts and 36 dart points which is an excellent thing especially if you are a beginner and you use to break them pretty quickly.

The box comes on with extra 60 darts soft tips, so this is a pretty good deal. The barrels are premium and easy to use.

Because of the high quality based on the creation of the Wolftop Soft tip Darts, you will perform the most fabulous shots, even on the bullseye. So this aspect of this awesome darts will boost your precision and tenacity!

The tips are some soft one, so you do not have to worry about targeting. There are pretty durable as well, but you still will have to take care of that aspect as a beginner.

The throwing is a significant part of the durability of the Wolftop Soft tip Darts so you should take care of the force and power of throwing at the dartboard.

The Wolftop Soft tip Darts has a massive pack of tools and darts so even if you are a beginner and use to break the tips frequently; now you will have a lot of swiping ones.

The barrel is made of the most premium materials, including aluminum which will improve the targeting of the player. You will be able to make the best shots you can!

The durability of the Wolftop Soft tip Darts is a good one, so you will be able to use them years after years without a single worry.

The colorways are a lot, and the aesthetics are amazing so you will be able to impress all of your friends showing up these darts tools!

Despite the impressive aesthetics of the Wolftop Soft tip Darts, the back of them can be damaged pretty easy if you will not keep them safe in a well protected and special darts box.

Elkadart Black Mamba

These are some well-looking darts which some smart thinking technology which will help you improve your targeting and the crucial precision.

The first thing that we are going to talk about is the fantastic barrel. The barrel of the Elkadart Black Mamba is a unique one because of the excellent grip and the premium materials that this is made of.

The multiple varieties of grip used on the barrel make you choose between your favorite styles. Depends on the spot that you love to throw the most.

The weight of the Elkadart Black Mamba Darts are around 20 grams, so this fits the best between an intermediate darts player and a casual one.

A little bit of happiness will not be an unfortunate aspect of this darts because you still can throw them considerably.

The aesthetics of the Elkadart Black Mamba darts are fantastic. There we can see some angry snake head on the bottom and some good color contrast.

So, you will be able to impress all of your friends using this powerful darts tools.

The box is a compact one, including only three pieces of darts. The box is a well looking one, making the steel type darts looking even better. Also, this is great for traveling.

The flight from the back plays a significant role on aerodynamics and speed of the Elkadart Black Mamba so you will perform the best plays like a real pro because of this premium darts.

The Elkadart Black Mamba are some excellent ones created of some lightweight materials which will offer to the best grip you can obtain from a dart to target even the bullseye easier than ever.

The flight from the back of the darts is a well-looking. With some good aesthetics and models, which will help you impress your friends and at the same time will increase the speed and aerodynamics needed while playing an intense game of darts with your friends.

The tips are some steel ones, pretty soft which will guarantee long time durability so you will be able to use them years after years, performing the best plays you can!

The box of the Elkadart Black Mamba comes up with only three dart pieces. But, despite this negative aspect, the aesthetics of the box are impressive and well looking.

Also, you will be able to keep the darts safe and well protected during the days when you will not be able to play darts with your friends.

Viper Ranger 80%

The Viper Ranger 80% are some fantastic and premium darts with a lot of well-placed materials to help you hit the bullseye more comfortable than before without putting a lot of effort.

This darts are an excellent choice for intermediate players and even for the professional ones.

The first thing that we are going to talk about is the barrel of the Viper Ranger. This one is made of aluminum and other materials which are equipped with a lot of grip places to make the player comfortable while throwing the darts.

Those grips are going to fit the best with you, does not matter of the playstyle that you select to play with.

The barrel of the Viper Ranger will secure even more precision and tenacity while throwing the darts to the dartboard.

The aesthetics of the Viper Ranger are pretty amazing, and there we can see some fantastic colorways and models on the flights from the back.

The lovely and well-thought design of this darts will offer you a lot of confidence while playing and your friends will be pretty impressed as well.

The design is a unique one like other premium viper darts. There we can see a little logo of VIPER in the bottom right corner and a beautifully designed target on the opposite corner, the top left one.

As we said, the flight of the Viper Ranger 80% darts is pretty unique because this one is going to give to you some extra speed combined with a lot of aerodynamic proprieties to make even a stronger throwing at the dartboard.

So the amazing speed and the great targeting provided from the barrel of the Viper Ranger 80% darts will secure you more confidence and even more beautiful throws and plays so your friends will be amazed.

The box of the Viper Ranger comes up with a huge deal. A set of three pieces of darts combined with three extra flights with a different model on there.

A particular key to assemble every piece and make it stable. A lot of different kind of tips, perfect for a large variety of situations and plays.

So overall, this is a pretty good deal where you will receive a real professional kit of darts to be able to play like a real one!

The barrel of the Viper Ranger 80% is made from a lot of premium materials, including a soft aluminum combined with some excellent grip to match it with basically any kind of playstyle you have.

The flights from the back of the darts are going to give you a lot of speed combine with impressive aerodynamics to get more power in your throw.

The Viper Ranger is going to offer you a lot of upgraded precision and tenacity to make the most significant plays and impress all of your friends.

The box of the Viper Ranger is overall a huge deal, but one unfortunate aspect of that is the low number of darts geared up by the box. There are only three darts.

WINMAX 80% 90% Tungsten Darts

The WINMAX are premium darts which are going to be perfect for you even if you are a beginner or even a professional darts player.

The impressive designs, soft and premium materials are going to give you an unforgettable experience while playing darts and will improve your playstyle to beat any of your opponents and enjoy the game as well!

Moving to the barrel, the materials will be giving you a better targeting on the dashboard, even exactly on the bullseye with a small effort than before.

The stell materials from the barrel of the WINMAX will improve the pleasant feeling and the grip as well, to fit it with any playstyle that you have. It does not matter if you have a lower grip or a higher one. You will feel comfortable anyway!

The flight from the back of the WINMAX is based on some amazing colorways and models so you will be able to impress all of your friends with your new acquisition!

This excellent package comes up with five models of flights to personalize the darts so you will not go to be bored because of the same models play after play.

Also, the flight is going to improve the speed of the dart after the throwing because of this great aerodynamics.

Also, the package comes up with some extra tips, so it does not matter if you are a beginner or just an intermediate player who use to break a lot of tips. Now you will have some of them to swap them all!

The package of the WINMAX is a compact and little one which can be easily carried away. Your darts will be kept in safe. Also, this pack will offer you some professional vibe and feeling so you will boost your confidence because of this fantastic small details.

Overall, the WINMAX are amazing steel and soft tip darts which will give you some special moments along your friends who want to enjoy some relaxant game of darts with some premium darts. The aesthetics are amazing as well so you are going to impress all of your friends for sure!

The WINMAX are based on a lot of premium materials which are going to offer you the best feeling before and after throwing the darts to the dartboard.

So, you will easily hit the bullseye or any other target that you want!
The flights from the back of the darts are coming up with a lot of models for you to choose and a lot of speed after throwing so this is one of the significant and positive aspects from this darts.

The pack of the WINMAX is a minimalist one who is going to protect all of your darts pieces and will store them in safe.

Also, this package will offer you a boost of confidence so you will be able to impress all of your friends!

The grip from the barrel is not one of the best despite all of the premium materials present on this amazing darts. Anyway, this is not a huge deal because you will still have a lot of targeting boosting and speed increasing abilities.

Sametop Soft Tip Darts

The Sametop Soft Tip Darts are some amazing darts with impressive aesthetics which are a top choice for beginners who want to enjoy the game of darts with their friends.

They are some great performers, and they fit good even for the intermediate players or why not, for the professional ones.

Starting up with the barrel, the Sametop Soft Tip Darts have some pretty unique grip, and the dart will not slip out of your hand even if you are sweating a little bit because of the game pressure.

This grip technology made by some premium aluminum shafts is going to fit right for any dart players, does not matter the grip that you use to take while playing.

Also, the nickel plays a significant role in the technology of that incredible and premium barrel.

The aesthetics of the flight are just amazing! There are four different models and colorways which will impress all of your friends, family members or even the business partners.

The aesthetics are based on some flame models combined with remarkable color contrast. Also, the flight is increasing the speed after throwing a lot. So, the power of your shot will be better now.

Even if you used to throw some weak shots that were not going to grab the dartboard, now you will be amazed by the performance of the Sametop Soft Tip Darts.

One of the unusual and unique things that this package will give you is the special Dart Wrench which has a dartboard aspect and which has some multiple functions as a bottle opener.

This accessory is easy to be attached to your keys and be carried everywhere you go so you will have a useful tool at you anytime!

The box of the Sametop Soft Tip Darts has a professional aspect. It is a black one, very simple and pretty easy to be carried everywhere you want so after you buy this pack you will be able to move the tools to whenever you want (your friend’s houses, some bars, holidays, etc.)

This offer is a fantastic deal! The pack contains 15 darts (3 for each model) + a unique and useful Dart Wrench good for any situations and 100 SOFT TIP PIECES! This is an incredible deal!

Overall, The Sametop Soft Tip Darts are some rentable darts comes with a fantastic package made for any darts players, does not matter if you are a beginner or even a pro, you will enjoy this offer!

This pack includes 100 pieces of soft tips so even if you are just a beginner and you use to break a lot of tips, now you will be safe because you can swap them whenever you want!

The Sametop Soft Tip Darts are some premium darts which fits any player because of the premium grip from the barrel which is based on a high-quality aluminum.

There are 5 amazing and well aesthetical flight at the back of the darts so all of your friends will be impressed by the unique design of this premium darts!

The box comes up with a lot of handy tools (100 dart tips, 15 darts pieces and a universal tool which can be easily carried all over the places where are you use to go) which is a huge deal which cannot be refused by no one.

Is not recommended to take all of your dart tips in your special box not to lose them all accidentally if you damage the box so this one falls on the ground.

W.M Darts

The W.M Darts are some premium and well-looking darts which are an excellent fit for the businessmen who want to enjoy their free time with style by using some beautiful darts with high-quality design.

The design is based on the gold-black color. Moving on to the barrel, there we can see the black and gold combination as well.

The grip is amazing! It’s like a diamond surface which can be grabbed pretty easy and pretty strong by the player even if his palms are sweating a little bit, maybe because of the pressure of the clutch dart game where he needs to hit the bullseye or another target.

We are happy to announce you that the targeting will not be a problem anymore, as well, because of the premium barrel of the W.M Darts which are going to improve your targeting and tenacity.

The only problem is present on the back of the dart. Notably, the flight where there isn’t a lot of premium materials so, in conclusion, the speed after throwing will not be increasing a lot.

Despite the impressive aesthetics and design, the materials are a little bit disappointing, but this will not go to be a huge deal because the rest of the materials and dart pieces are premium and enjoyable.

Moving on to the tips, there are pretty premium and soft, and even if you are a beginner who use to break a lot of tips, the pack comes up with some extra ones, even different between each other.

Also, the pack comes up with a tool which will help you dismantle all of the little and tiny pieces of the dart pretty easy and quickly.

The pack of the W.M Darts is a premium one, a well-looking one which will fit exceptional to the business persons.

Or even for the people who count a lot the aesthetical part and want to combine it with a lot of performance and easy moving.

Overall, the W.M Darts will offer you some premium feeling to enjoy them every second of the dart game.

Amazing materials. An excellent barrel grip to feel great while throwing, and to improve your targeting and tenacity.

Also, the pack comes up with some large variety of tips to adapt them to your favorite playstyle which is an impressive aspect of this darts.

The barrel of the W.M Darts has an excellent grip which will still be good even if your palms will going to sweating a little bit, and also it improves the targeting and the tenacity of your throwing.

The box of the W.M Darts is a premium one who comes up with a lot of different soft tips to match them to your favorite playstyle while playing darts.

Also, the box is straightforward to be carried away and has a fantastic design which will be appreciated by the elegance lovers and the business people.

The design is well thought, and the gold and black combination is just amazing! You will enjoy every second of your game with your friends playing along with some different darts.

The flight of the W.M Darts is not as premium as it seems, despite the great aesthetics and models.

The speed will not be going to be improved a lot because of this flight. But this is not a pretty big deal at all because you still going to feel the performance of this dart piece.

Final Words

This was our article about the Best Soft Tip Darts of 2019! We hope that you enjoyed our article and found the best darts that fits your playstyle the best!

We hope you a wonderful day!

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