Best Plasma Cutters Under $1500

Lotos LTP5500D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Dual Voltage 110V/220V, Brown (55AMP Digital)

A large number of plasma cutters under $1500 are available in the market. But most of them only make promises, and when it comes to real-work, they fail. So, it is difficult for most people to select the best plasma cutter.

Thus, in order to help people, we will give a detailed review of the best and affordable plasma cutters.

We have summarized the reviews, properties, features, pros, and cons of these plasma cutters to allow you to select the one according to your needs.

Some people want a portable plasma cutter for carrying around easily. Others are looking for a powerful one which a high duty cycle. No matter what your requirements are, you are in the right place.

So, there is no need to go anywhere else or waste hours while finding the best plasma cutters. We will give you all the necessary information that is required about the top plasma cutters. These reviews will assist you in buying the best plasma cutter under $1500

ProductRatingInputOutputDuty Cycle
Everlast Power 60S3.8220V60A60% duty cycle at 60A and 100% at 50A
Everlast Power 50S3.3110V - 220V50A100% duty cycle at 50A
Razorweld JRWPC45LT3.6110V - 220V45A100% duty cycle at 45A

Best Plasma Cutters Under $1500 [Top Picks]

Everlast Power 60S Plasma Cutter under 1500 Dollars

Everlast Power plasma 60S is one of the best plasma cutters in the market right now. It is a combination of the best features and the latest technology, which makes it highly demanding.

In addition to reliability and long life due to the latest IGBT technology, it is one of the most potent plasma cutters i.e., the 50S. Although it is a multi-tasking plasma cutter, it works best for different welding objects. It can cut up to 1-inch at 220V.

Pilot Arc and technology

IPT 60 torch will make sure to give smooth and fine cuts. The pilot arc starts with a blowback start, which does not need high frequency for functioning. The post flow timer is also adjustable to improve and enhance torch life.

The pilot arc will shut down after every 3-4 seconds due to the pilot tip arc-saver option. This feature will prevent wearing off of consumable parts. The service parts of torches are not expensive, so it is easy to replace them


IGBT modules not only improve reliability and performance, but it also decreases the overall weight of Power plasma 60S. A built-in handle is present on the top to carry it easily. Moreover, it does not use any battery, so no added weight. It weighs about 67lb, which is not bad with all the unique features and functions.

What we liked
  • Everlast Power plasma 60 is highly efficient
  • It offers 60% duty cycle at 60amp and 100% duty cycle at 50amp\
  • It uses the latest IGBT technology
  • Adjustable post flow timer and pilot tip arc-saver option make it long-lasting and easy to use.
  • Really smooth cuts
  • Good for home shops
  • It is an affordable product for the given specs
What We didn't like
  • Although it is somewhat portable, it does not have the most compact or lightweight design.
  • Once as to be careful with the torch
  • It does not run on 110 volts
  • The user has to install an air dryer separately to improve its life.
  • The generator that one must use should be the one having a “clean power” output.


Plasma Cutter for 1500 – Everlast Power 50S

 Everlast power plasma cutter 50s is one of the most preferred plasma cutters because it delivers high quality without hitting your bank. This 50 amps ARC plasma cutter is highly effective, long-lasting, and reliable.

Its post flow can be controlled easily up to 60 seconds, which assures the long life and performance of this cutter. The company offers a new-tip saver function that helps limit the Pilot arc time.


ARC plasma cutters come with its carrying handles and straps which allow its users to carry it around. Another feature that is great about them is that they have CNC ports for light gauge CNC use. The inventor which powers it is pretty light, thus making the total weight of base unit 40 pounds.

Another factor that adds to the portability of this cutter is an excellent performance at low voltage i.e., 110 volts. CNC ports, lightweight design, and low voltage requirement that allows you to move it easily.

Pilot arc technology and torch

Unlike others, these plasma cutters have a low life span, Everlast power plasma cutter features Italian based IPT60 torch design.

The dual voltage performance feature allows it to run at different voltages i.e., 110V and 220 V. One can take advantage of a 100% duty cycle at high voltage and current.

What we liked
  • Plasma cutter is inexpensive and highly efficient
  • It can cut up to 1-inch thick metals easily
  • Rusted and paint-coated metal surfaces are easy to cut due to pilot ARC feature
  • Lightweight and detachable cords make it suitable for carrying around
  • The post flow is adjustable
  • No matter whether it is a plate, flat bar or pipe, it cuts everything fluently
  • It offers CNC port and TIP SAVER option
What We didn't like
  • Carrying handles and straps are not of good quality
  • Power cords are short
  • The torch cord is also short
  • You have to cut the surface slowly if you want a smooth flow
  • The manual is also bad and was written by an unprofessional person.
  • The performance is not the best at 110V
  • The torch has only six months warranty
  • The torch is expensive if one wants to buy it separately
  • Replacement tips are faulty


Razorweld Plasma Cutter Around 1500 – JRWPC45LT

 If you are looking for high quality and quick plasma cutters, then you are at the right place. To cut different objects, Razorweld JRWPC45LT allows you to change current capacity depending upon your work.

No matter whether you want to cut steel wire or high-quality copper wires, the high-temperature plasma stream of Razorweld 45 covers everything.

It has a preset regulator which makes it easy to use. Similar to other high quality and expensive cutters, it uses the latest IGBT technology.

Portable design

The Razorweld 45 is the best plasma cutter if you are looking for a compact and portable design with the best functioning. It has the lightest weight and compact design when it comes to efficient and portable plasma cutters.

It weighs about 30 pounds, which enables its users to carry it around. The 2T/4T feature will also protect you from fatigue. In addition to lightweight and compact design, it has a built-in handle which will allow you to carry it easily.

Torch and pilot arc technology

Same as other expensive plasma cutters, it uses plasma arc technology which ensures consistent ignition without interfering with close electrical devices.

Well, to increase and improve the cutting performance of Razorweld 45, it uses the latest and reliable Sure-grip SC80 plasma torch. Both of these features enhance the performance and quality of Razorweld 45.

What we liked
  • It has a lightweight and portable design
  • Razorweld 45 is easy to use
  • A built-in handle is present at the top
  • Razorweld 45 is Highly efficient and cuts deeply
  • It is an affordable plasma cutter as compared to others with the same features
  • Good quality machine
What We didn't like
  • The length of the duty cycle is rather short
  • One can neither extend nor adjust the duty cycle
  • The plasma gun and torch are not of good quality. One needs to replace them after a few months of use
  • Moist air can get into the weld area due to which consumables are utilized faster than expected.
  • One has to replace the consumables after some pretty expensive time
  • When we consider its main parts, it is a costly product as buyers expect more in this price range



The above three are the best plasma cutters for 1500. These offer unique features and high quality at affordable prices. But the Everlast power plasma 60S plasma cutter is the best among the two. The only problem of this plasma cutter is its heavyweight in comparison to the other two, but it is highly efficient.

It cuts everything fluently within seconds. Moreover, unlike other plasma cutters, it does not pause or stop while cutting. The latest IGBT technology makes it long-lasting and reliable.

It cuts all metal surfaces like butter, including aluminum, steel, iron, stainless steel, etc. Moreover, it is the most potent Plasma cuter among the three.

Unlike the other two which are rather slow, the Everlast 60s plasma cutter allows robust and fluent cutting action. In addition to that, the cuts are really fine and smooth.

There is no other product out there, which is offering the same quality and features at this price. If you want a Plasma cuter for professional use, then you can go for it with your eyes closed.

Because we strongly recommend Everlast 60S plasma cutter for 1500 dollars or less. But if you have another set of standards about plasma cutters, then you can consider buying the other two.

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