Best Plasma Cutters for Home Use

Nowadays, it is no more a hectic task to find the best plasma cutter for home use. Before these plasma cutters, it was tough to cut metals. The introduction of plasma cutters is the results of physically exhausting, struggle, sweat, and time spent by men on cutting metal sheets.

Plasma cutters came into the market as a savior for those who are associated with the welding industry. This is not the best tool for cutting metals, but also served for several other purposes of the welding process.

In simple words, the plasma cutter is that tool which makes use of high-speed inert gas for cutting through alloys or metals of different thicknesses. Along with inert gas, the plasma cutter uses electric current, and this will result in a torch that performs the cutting process. Find the best plasma cutter for home use below:

Product Reviews for the best plasma cutter for home use

1) Lotos LTPDC2000D

Why should you purchase Lotos LTPDC2000D?

The most appropriate answer to this query is that instead of wasting money on three machines, you can buy this single cutter Lotos LTPDC2000D, that can handle the work of 3 machines, as it contains 50A plasma cutting unit, 200A stick MMA welding unit, and  200A TIG welding unit. Along with these, this multipurpose machine is available at affordable rates without compromising performance and quality.

Input and output:

This plasma cutter comes with dual voltage along with a dual-frequency, i.e., 50/60Hz. For operating, this cutter needs a higher voltage of 200-220 V AC power, and this is the usual power required by any welding machine of high capacity.

Pilot Arc Feature:

According to many customers, Lotos LTPDC2000D possess a pilot arc features due to which this plasma cutter could be used for cutting rust surfaces of metal without requiring any prior cleaning. While in case of other ordinary cutters, detailed cleaning is needed before starting the cutting process.


  • Capable of cutting different kinds of metals without utilizing dangerous air
  • It can weld through different basic and acidic electrodes
  • This cutter comes with a warranty of 1 year
  • It contains a multipurpose unit
  • Makes precise cutting with minimum slag
  • Consumable will last longer
  • Automatic frequency and dual voltage enabled


  • The consumables of this cutter are specific to this machine only
  • This welding machine contains smaller welding leads

2) Miller Electric, Spectrum 375

Why you should buy Miller Spectrum 375

The Miller Electric Spectrum 375 is the best option for those who are not working on thick metal projects. It can work well on different thicknesses of metals but is a bit limited as compared to various other models. This works well on selected, sized metals due to which it is highly recommended for DIY crafts and smaller home workshops. It is effortless to handle and the best plasma cutter for home use.

Input and output

This plasma cutter, Miller Electric Spectrum 375, possesses a torch along with several other quality parts. The XT30C torch is designed specifically for increasing the convenience level at the time of cutting, with particular design points that target the minimization of fatigue of the user. Its input capacity is 120-240V and can cut through the steel of thickness 3/8 inches. It’s cutting ability is high, i.e., cutting speed of 15 inch metal per minute.

Electronic Pilot Arc Controller and XT30C Torch

It contains an automatic electronic pilot arc controller that gives the extended ability for metal cutting without need of re-triggering the torch, thus, extending tip for life due to increased productivity. Operator fatigue gets reduced due to XT30C torch along with flexible cables.


  • High-quality cut
  • Runs on 220V as well as on 120V outlets
  • Works well on the metal thickness of up to 3/8 inch
  • Contains Wind tunnel tech, that keeps the airflow inside the cutter for removing dust particles
  • The on-demand fan works only when required for extra power consumption
  • Power output changes automatically as per the thickness of metal due to Auto-Refire technology


  • Additional buying of adapter and filters is needed
  • If not set up adequately then hiccups are experienced

3) Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci

Why should you buy Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci?

Another best plasma cutter for home use is Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci. It contains capable size breakers and needs only 30 amps source. It also includes a compressor inside the cutter and can cut all kinds of metals. No gas pressure is required at the time of doing flame tuning. This plasma cutter offers an accurate cut of metal with a very thin kerf.

Input and Output

This plasma cutter by Hobart contains multi-voltages, i.e., 115V and 220V. This plasma cutter provides you an accurate cutting with outstanding speed, and it never compromises on final output. In fact, it will work in a better way if you select oxyfuel for cutting any metal.

Pilot Arc & XT12R Plasma Torch

Before making the real arc, this cutter starts an internal mini-arc within the nozzle. Because of this pilot arc procedure, it is not necessary for the tip to touch the metal surface. Thus, tips never get burnt. Along with this, there is a unique XT12R Plasma Torch due to which users can grip it perfectly. This torch contains finger contours that are so comfortable while gripping that there are no chances of fatigue while working.


  • Requires no setting for gas pressure
  • It provides an exact cut
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Contains a size breaker


  • while cutting heavy metals, it takes too much time
  • XT12R torch is not as good as that of the XT40R

4)  Hobart 500565 Airforce 27i

Why you should buy Hobart Airforce 27i

This plasma cutter Hobart Airforce 27i is for those people who are in search of efficient, more comfortable, and convenient cutting. Although, this cutter is not offering quiet operation, but it is comparatively safer and gives a range of advantages that cover up this imperfection. It is highly durable and so if you buy this best plasma cutter for home use, then you will enjoy huge value for your investment.

Input and output

This plasma cutter contains Multi-voltage plug which enables you to utilize it via any household standard power circuit. Whether 240 or 120V power holders, you can connect it easily without arranging for additional tools. No tool is needed for changing voltage and is easy to do as well. It is highly adaptable and can work for small to big projects. It comes in the shape of an inverter, and this feature makes it highly portable due to lightweight.

Pilot Arc & XT30R  Plasma Torch

This cutter makes use of electric arc and compressed air in its cutting technology due to which it can cut every metal very efficiently and quickly. This cutter beats its capacity of cutting for cutting mild metal sheets of 3/8 ” up to cutting mild steel of size 5/8″. It has the latest ergonomic design along with an XT30R torch. Due to this torch feature, the user will feel comfortable while working.


  • The Wind Tunnel technology secures against abrasive dust and particles from settling inside the cutter
  • Ability to work at both 120 and 240 V of power supply
  • Provides an accurate cut along with minimum slag
  • It is portable


  • It gets overheated at times
  • Too noisy
  • If contacts and clamps are exposed to humidity, they get rusted

5) Hypertherm 088096 Powermax 30

Why you should buy

By nature, this Hypertherm Powermax 30 plasma cutter is a very versatile equipment. The reason behind its importance is that it is very easy to use and can handle the cutting of materials with thickness 16mm. Also, as compared to other plasma cutters, it is highly efficient for using its consumables.

Input and output

This Air plasma cutter Hypertherm 30XP gives an efficient performance in a portable, compact package. It contains a built-in air compressor and is the lightest and smallest handheld cutter in its series. So, you can place it anywhere or take it anywhere for cutting materials. Its input in 120 to 240V, so you can plug it in such range circuit by using adapter plugs.

New AIR T30 torch and Portability

The latest technology is used for making Hypertherm Powermax 30 with reliable consumables and torch for keeping the system to work at its peak. It contains a New AIR T30 torch that helps it in making rugged enough to bear unconducive conditions. In terms of portability, this plasma cutter is highly recommended as it weighs only 22 pounds. So, it is a complete small package that can cut steel quickly than any other cutter with a speed of 200 inches per minute.


  • Built-in compressor cancels the requirement for the support of external compressor
  • It’s cutting speed is reliable and fast
  • It holds the capacity to work at a power supply of 120 and 240 V both
  • It is very small, portable, and light


  • No information regarding warranty
  • Not best for heavy projects

FAQs on Best Plasma Cutter for Home Use

  1. Do I need a Plasma With an Inbuilt Compressor?

Most of the plasma cutters have built-in compressors. Such plasma cutters provide a regular air supply at the time of the cutting process. So, such cutters are highly recommended for those who are operating cutters in places where there are no air compressors. But such plasma cutters with air compressors are underpowered and expensive.

  1. Why should the Plasma Cutter be preferred over Waterjet or Laserjet?

The main reason is the cost of cutting 1-inch thickness. Cutting 1 inch of metal with a plasma cutter is cheap as compared to cutting the same thickness with waterjet or laserjet. So, in this way, the plasma cutter saves cost, times in terms of cutting both ferrous as well as non-ferrous metal pieces.

  1. Is there some Limitation to this Plasma Cutting?

There are many applications for which oxyfuel and other methods are highly preferred as compared to plasma cutters. For instance, oxyfuel has the capability to cut thick steel sheets and perform faster than these plasma cutters.

As compared to oxyacetylene, plasma cutters are a bit expensive. Some people also give preference to torch cutting rather than plasma cutting because of these work without electric power or compressed air. Due to this, the torch method is preferred more by welders.

  1. Can Plasma Cutter be used for Cutting Aluminum and Stainless?

Yes, any kind of metal is easily cut through these plasma cutters. If you own a standard plasma cutter, then you can get your job done seamlessly.

  1. Why Should You prefer a Quality Plasma Cutter?

A quality plasma cutter is given priority for many reasons. First of all, purchasing a plasma cutter is like an investment rather than simply buying an ordinary tool. And it’s a kind of investment that will repay itself for many years. So, it’s better to invest once rather than purchasing cheap tools as the quality cutter will last for long and saves money.


Plasma cutting machines are interesting and useful tools which provide excellent performance. This guide for the best plasma cutters for home use has been organized on the basis of detailed search and reviews given by customers.

Out of these five products reviewed above, the best pic is  Lotos LTPDC2000D. The reason behind its recommendation is that it contains the high duty cycle and works well for heavy and thin metal sheets. Also, it requires no cleaning of rusted metals as needed while working with other plasma cutters.

As discussed above, buying a plasma cutter is a form of a good investment for welding processes. So, while making such a considerable investment, you should be careful and fully equipped yourself with the best information before stepping into the market.

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