Best Plasma Cutter under $300

Have you ever seen labor cutting metals using a machine? Yes, you are right! The machine that throws a fine, shiny, sharp, and continuous beam of plasma.

On occasion, people think that the bulky box that ignites the plasma gun might be expensive to buy but we are about to prove you wrong. There are several best plasma cutters under $300 available in the market.

While you would see certain brands flexing heavy duty and expensive products, some suppliers tend to keep their products cost justifiable with handy features.

Primeweld, Coral, and Amico are among the manufacturers known to produce the plasma cutters that can help cut through metallic material like iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and others with ease and perfection. We would suggest you not to take the features for granted as there are some efficient functions to look up to.

This article will summarize the features provided by the above-mentioned manufacturers. The pros and cons will let you decide the machine that suits your needs. So, without any further delay, let’s start our analysis into the cheapest but quality plasma cutters to have ever exist.

Best Plasma Cutter under $300 [Top Picks]

Primeweld Premium 50A Plasma Cutter

We are starting with the most compatible plasma cutter in our series. The machinery can be used in industries, construction sites, and homes with minimal effort. You would find the inverter technology handy which allows the cutter to switch the voltage between 110 and 220 volts.

The cutting is very impressive as the plasma can penetrate through a thicker layer of metals. The maintenance is not a hectic routine to perform because the repair is not required as often as the other products.

Moreover, the MOSFET transistor enables the machinery to maintain a suitable voltage while cutting through thicker layers (up to 0.5 to 0.75 inches thick)  and a steady voltage during the thin metal cutting.

As far as the quality is concerned, the company provides a 3-year warranty contact that justifies the product strength and durability.

What we liked
  • The Primeweld plasma cutter is compatible with a variety of metals. It can pierce the hardest of metals (even the ones having thicker layers).
  • It is very portable due to its compact design and smaller size.
  • The structure is easy to clean and maintenance is often the least bothered thing about this cutter.
  • The premium 50A is safe to use because it contains a fire prevention function.
What We didn't like
  • The users find it difficult to operate because of the inherent complexity (no meter to serve as an indicator).


Coral Plasma cutter under $300 – cut-50 Pro

The new portable Coral cut-50 pro cuts through 0.75 inches of metals effortlessly. The range of voltage supported is wider than the previously mentioned plasma cutter (110-230 volts). The voltage adjustments and fire prevention technology makes the cutter compatible with both domestic and commercial use.

You can cut through any kind of metal whether steel, iron, copper, or aluminum with convenience. Even a novice laborer can operate the machine with ease as there is a reader attached to the front and a filter is fitted inside the machine for a better cutting experience.

Furthermore, the users rarely get bothered by the repair and maintenance because the machinery is durable. You receive a 3-year warranty contract from the Coral corporation to claim damages on malfunctions and other severe safety threats.

What we liked
  • Coral cut-50 pro is very portable due to its compact design and smaller size.
  • The manufacturer has incorporated a wider voltage range.
  • You can cut through any piece of metal that is 0.75 inches thick.
  • The unit is safe and easy to use.
What We didn't like
  • The metals surface should be cleaned thoroughly before cutting.
  • The plasma torch has no guarded trigger at all.


Amico cut-50 Plasma Cutter

This masterpiece built by Amico handles the voltage as high as 240 volts. The lightweight and compact size make it the first choice for welders when handling domestic or remote projects. The plasma torch is very comfortable to handle and the penetration power is a complete one inch.

The system runs low fire and repair risk. You can conveniently cut your favorite shapes and designs on the most resistant metals.

The Amico corporation has installed a meter on the front to make handling convenient. Moreover, internal filters enhance customer satisfaction to the next level.

What we liked
  • The machinery is impact resistant when it comes to dealing with bigger and thicker chunks of metals.
  • A comfortable grip with high power allows you to cut fine shapes.
  • Digital indicator installed on top of the machine is convenient for professionals and novice all together.
  • The voltage range is wider than other DC plasma cutters.
What We didn't like
  • It does not contain a non-touch pilot arc feature installed.


ModelPenetration powerVoltage rangeMaintenancePortableIndicatorCompatibilityQuality Assurance
Primeweld premium 50A0.75 inches100-220 voltsLowYesNoAll metals3-years warranty
Coral cut-500.75 inches110-230 voltsLowYesYesAll metals3-years warranty
Amico cut-501 inche110-240 voltsLowYesYesAll metals90 Days


The plasma cutter market is very saturated these days. You would find the majority of manufacturers with different products of their own. So considering the features provided by all the above-mentioned products at a price lower than 300 dollars is satisfying.

While all the products are approximately the same in their functions, you would still ask for the one that stands out among the three. Talking about the voltage handling and a safety feature, all products stand victorious but some functions set them apart.

If you ask for our suggestion then we would recommend the Amico cut-50 because it has better features than the other products. The piercing power is strong (1 inch) and the voltage range is impressive as well (going up to the 240 volts).

The indicator makes welding convenient but newer customers demand a longer warranty contract. The warranty is often not an issue as the product is durable.

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