Best Plasma Cutter Under $200

Whether you are a professional welder or an amateur who likes shaping metals into something creative and useful, the welding machine should always be the priority for you.

If you search the internet to purchase an efficient plasma cutter under $200, then you would come to know that there are many products available in the market.

The product that we are going to discuss today is the latest and heavy-duty equipment, “the Plasma Cutters”.

A piece of machinery that throws a sharp beam of plasma to shred bulky chunks of metals into pieces. Considering its functionality, the buyers usually perceive it as an expensive thing to purchase but they are not quite right.

There are some lunatic fringes in the plasma cutter market who charge prices lower than other competitors. A lower price offered by the companies does not mean that the quality is compromised.

You might not get as many features as you would have liked by this world is not utopia. You need to let go of some features to get a product that is more budget-friendly.

This article will specify some of the best plasma cutters under $200. The features, pros, and cons will let you decide the cutter which suits you the most.

Best Plasma Cutter Under $200 [Top Picks]

ModelVolage rangeCurrent supportedEasy to usePlugReaderWarrantyPortable
Zeny110 to 220 volts50 ampYesNoYesNoYes
Biltek110 to 220 volts50 ampNoYesNoNoYes
Primeweld120 to 240 volts160 ampNoYesYesYesYes

Primeweld 160A air and stick welder   RECOMMENDED 

Primeweld is known for the quality products at a justifiable cost. This product is no different than your expectations. The impressive voltage range from 120-240 volts and a maximum output current of 160 amp makes the product a lot more versatile than other substitutes.

You can use this equipment at homes, industries, and DIY projects altogether due to sticking and electric arc welding introduced by the manufacturer.

The high-power machinery with compatible size and low weight marks this plasma cutter as one of the more portable and powerful machines at such a low price.

The package also comes with a 3-years warranty contract from the manufacturer. This contract offers free replacement of parts and money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

What we liked
  • The Primeweld plasma cutter has a wider voltage range as compared to the other products mentioned.
  • 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer speaks a lot about the durability and Primeweld’s trust in this product.
  • Compatible size with lightweight adds great value to its portability.
  • The 160amp current is far higher than other similar welding machines.
  • Cuts even through the toughest of alloys and metals including steel and stainless steel.
What We didn't like
  • This unit is difficult to use and the user might need to understand the functions before getting used to it.

Zeny DC inverter plasma cutter cut-50

A piece of sheer brilliance from the Zeny Corporation. This plasma cutter is great at adapting to the voltage according to the electric supply. The ability to work at a range of 110-220 volts makes it suitable for both industrial and domestic use.

The plasma torch is developed specially to provide better cutting accuracy and the system is made heat & voltage protective. Moreover, the torch brings pilot arc technology which allows you to easily seep through the rusty and painted metals.

You will find a digital LCD display that tracks the current flow. This feature makes the product more accurate than ever. The fan attached to the back provides effective cooling to the system.

Zeny plasma cutter is easily portable with a weight of 22 lbs and compact design. For those people who demand penetration power should know that this product cuts 1-12mm thick metal sheets.

What we liked
  • It is compatible with all sorts of metals. The torch is stable and easy to use when cutting chunks of hard metals and alloys.
  • The low weight and compatible size make it very portable.
  • Cutting is impressive considering the price.
  • It is very easy to set up and use. Novice welders and amateurs can operate the machine with minimal difficulty.
What We didn't like
  • Short ground and power cable.
  • No air hose and plug available.


Biltek non-pilot arc 50A plasma cutter

A voltage adjustable plasma cutter with the range from 110 to 220 volts. The Biltek 50A is among the most accurate cutters with user-friendly torch design and effective control.

The torch can easily pierce the sheets of metal having a maximum thickness of 0.5 inches. Furthermore, the non-pilot arc technology means a longer useful life for the consumables and accessories.

The DC inverter provides a greater efficiency at low electricity consumption.

What we liked
  • The accessories include a plug.
  • The dual voltage setting with the highest range of 220 volts adds more to its versatility.
  • The penetration of 0.5 inches is ideal at such a low price.
What We didn't like
  • No LCD or analog meter.



Cutting a metal in a heavy-duty exercise to perform. This is why you would find cutting equipment costing high. It is a blessing to find a product under 200 dollars.

This article has mentioned three of the topmost cost justifiable products where the features are limited but the price is reasonable. All the products are discussed are almost identical in functionality. It is very hard for the reviewers to set them apart from each other and announce a winner.

If you ask our opinion then we would recommend Primeweld 50A plasma cutter 8 out of 10 times because of multiple reasons. The voltage range is simply better and wider than other products where the highest voltage range is 240 volts.

Moreover, the current adaptability is brilliant. The system supports a 160amp current with ease, which directly helps you to perform the laborious metal cutting. A 3-year warranty contract and the entire accessory package are also something to consider while procuring the machine.

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