Best Plasma Cutter Reviews 2020 [TOP RATED]

Do you want to make quick, smooth, and clean metal cuts? Go for the best plasma cutter.

It will save you from a messy workplace, loud grinding noises, imprecise and rough metal cuts

The plasma machine is an ionized gas-operated torch, which cuts the electrically conductive material by melting it electrically.

The cut is smooth and neat because it is made by the melting process.

Getting the best plasma cutter is challenging if you don’t know in detail how they work. You must also know what type of plasma cutter you are looking for in fact.

Purchasing metal production machines proves a hard task most of the time.  We have decided to facilitate you, thereby analyzing hundreds of reviews and provisions to help you make the best choice.


Best Plasma Cutter Reviews 2020 (TOP PICKS)

Hobart Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter

Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 240V
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This Hobart Airforce 40i is for sure the most expensive and most powerful plasma cutter by Hobart.

This cutter is characterized by remarkable reliability, prompt cutting speed, and a solid duty cycle. The brand has launched a volume of its similar products in the market.

At 50% duty cycle, the maximum cutting capacity of this cutter is 7/8″. This cutter utilizes Auto-Retire Technology that allows the operator to even cut perforated or expanded metals along with coated or painted surfaces.

It has exceptional safety features including its efficient air consumption, ergonomic trigger safety, and its specific XT40R torch consumables. This plasma cutter works on an input power of 240V.

If you are planning to buy a plasma cutter for doing heavy workloads, then this would be the best choice. This is also the best cutter welder for home.

What we liked
  • Powerful cutting performance
  • Pilot arc controller permits you to cut perforated or expanded metals easily
  • Wind Tunnel Technology is embedded in cutter
  • Operates without High Frequency
  • Fan-On-Demand is also available for dusty environments
  • Power Factor Correction circuitry (PFC)
What We didn't like
  • Ground clamp is too much weak


Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Powermax45 

Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP Hand System w/CPC - 20' LeadsCheck Price on Amazon

If you are in search of the cutter with the best performance, then stop searching any more as this Powermax45 is the best choice.

This cutter cut through 1/2″ steel easily at a rate of 20 inches per minute without requiring a cool-down time. This cutter gives you a torch control along with making precise and neat metal cuts.

Purchasing this plasma cutter is a money saver in terms of quality and performance, although the price is a bit high.

It is also economical in terms of the attached consumables. Its consumables are also much affordable as compared to similar other units.

The torch is best for the projects that are across the entire applications’ spectrum. It is featuring 3 primary modes: gouging for the purpose of punching holes, non-continuous pilot arc, and continuous pilot arc.

Whether you are a serious metal fabricator or professional handyman, this Powermax45 will do the rest for you.

What we liked
  • Affordable running costs
  • High-quality and Durable unit of the series
  • Best for industrial applications
  • Controllable amperage output
  • Portable and Lightweight unit
What We didn't like
  • Purchase price comparatively steep


Lotos LTP8000 Best Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTP8000 80Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter, 1" Inch Clean CutCheck Price on Amazon

This plasma cutter Lotos LTP8000 is a powerhouse, heavy-duty machine which possesses a duty cycle of 60%.

It has the feature of the pilot arc which permits constant cutting on dirty and rough metal surfaces.

There is a MOSFET transistor in it that generates a uniform output for the purpose of cutting through very thin metals.

It has the capacity for producing high-power output for thick metal cutting. In terms of safety, it comprises of advanced German cooling system known as PAPST.

This plasma cutter LOTOS LTP8000 is more cumbersome than previous models of the same series. Its weight is 65.6 pounds.

Although it is a cumbersome and big cutter, it is still easy to transport and portable as well. Similar to Lotos LT5000D, this model is also using non-hazardous compressed air.

What we liked
  • IGBT component along with a heavy-duty design
  • Hand Cutting Plasma Cutter along with Pilot arc CNC
  • On 220V it gives 80Amps
What We didn't like
  • One year warranty only
  • Not best for some heavy-duty work
  • big size


Ramsond CUT 50DX Plasma Cutter

Ramsond CUT 50DX 50 Amp Digital Inverter Portable Air Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage
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If you have a tight budget, then this plasma cutter will best suit you. This Ramsond CUT 50DX has a dual-frequency/automatic dual voltage of 50/60Hzand 110/220V.

The duty cycle of this cutter is 60% with an integrated pressure gauge display. This cutter can cut metal with a thickness of a maximum of 1 inch, and in fact, it is highly efficient in cutting thick metals of 3/4-inch.

Digital inverter technology is embedded in it due to which its weight is only 19 pounds. This model is the 4th generation of products by Ramsond, and this model has overcome the primary issues faced by users in previous models.

Similarly, most of the internal components are upgraded due to which it becomes more reliable and solid than those of previous generations.

There is a non-pilot arc torch, so one should keep some distance or follow the guide at the time of using this.

It gives very fine cutting on 3/8″ metal, but on increasing the size, the cutting lost its cleanliness.

Through this plasma cutter, you can only do cutting of those metals whose thickness is within the range of this cutter.

What we liked
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Hose length is around 10 feet
  • Dual voltage converter
  • Compact cutter
What We didn't like
  • For many users, the trigger placement at handle’s top is not comfortable
  • One year warranty only


Hypertherm Powermax65 Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm Powermax 65 Hand System - 25 ft LeadCheck Price on Amazon

If you are a company that wants to upgrade its existing cutting equipment, then Hypertherm products are an option.

In this plasma cutter, there is a 65A plasma torch that has the capacity to cut the metal of thickness of 1” along with severance capability of 1 ¼”.

As this Powermax65 possesses immense power and high-quality cutting capability, it is best for heavy-duty and industrial applications.

In fact, this model is also used by most of the big industries, such as in the Kennedy Space Center.

Many customers declared that this is the perfect addition to their small home workshops as well.

The weight of this machine is 65 lbs, and thus, it is not that much portable as other products of this series are.

As it is offering a range of 25 feet, so it provides the possibility that you can use it anywhere without moving it around.

What we liked
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and High-performance plasma machine
  • Fitted with a lead of 25-foot
  • Comes with different styles of the torch
  • Works best for heavy-duty cutting
What We didn't like
  • High price
  • Long profile and lead are not good completely for hobbyists
  • Lacks portability


Best Plasma Cutters under $500

Why go overpriced when you can get the Best plasma cutter under $500?

Of course, you’ll get lots of necessary and best functions to get the job done, with 100% satisfaction 🙂

Last week I received many emails. Few people were asking about plasma cutter under 500.

My team spent lots of hours researching. Finally, we picked 9 best plasma cutters which are best for everybody having a budget under 500.

Best Plasma Cutter under $500 (Top Picks)

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Plasma Cutter  [RECOMMENDED] 

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Dual Voltage 110V/220V, 1/2 Inch Clean Cut, Brown

Check Price on Amazon
What we liked
  • Includes non-touch technology where the torch nozzle does not have to come in contact with the surface area being cut.
  • Very efficient.
  • Powerful enough to cut through both thick and thin metals.
  • It is fully automated and requires no labor in cutting.
What We didn't like
  • During cutting the touching or dragging nozzle to the surface area can cause damage to it.
  • It requires a great time cutting the angle right.


Goplus Cut-50 50A 220V Electric Plasma Cutter DC

Goplus CUT-50 Electric Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP 110-220V Dual Voltage Welder Cutting with Free Mask (Black)



Check Price on Amazon
What we liked
  • It’s perfect for cutting metal materials.
  • Good value for money
  • It’s easy to use, lightweight and requires less effort.
  • Highly recommended for beginners.
What We didn't like
  • This machine is indeed workable for beginners but not for the professionals, as they need some high quality models to carry out their work.
  • Due to its very low price, it is obviously not comparable to more expensive, higher-quality models, but it does get the job done.


ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter 50AMP CUT-50

ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter 50AMP CUT-50 Dual Voltage 110-220V Cutting MachineCheck Price on Amazon


What we liked
  • It’s good for cutting hard metal materials.
  • Good value for money
  • It’s easy to use, lightweight and requires less effort.
What We didn't like
  • More load and more voltage will cause severe damage to the machine.


What is Plasma Cutting?

What is Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a procedure that cuts through electrically conductive materials by methods of an accelerated jet of hot plasma.

Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, although other conductive metals might be cut too.

In this article, we discussed the plasma cutter under $500 which is going to be much helpful for the people who want the plasma cutter at a reasonable price. 🙂

Plasma cutting is often used in fabrication shops, automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, and salvage and scrapping operations and for all these purposes a person must possess solid knowledge about the plasma cutter.


What to look while buying the Plasma cutter under 500?

best plasma cutters under 500

There are various elements to be considered when acquiring plasma cutting machines.

They incorporate cut limit, cut quality, dependability, obligation cycle, convenience, and working expense.

The initial step is to make sense of what kind of plasma slicing you intend to do.

Is it true that you are intending to cut by hand or on a table?

Some plasma cutting apparatuses can do both, going from handheld to motorized curtailing once more.

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A couple of frameworks incorporate a CNC interface and inside the voltage divider, giving more alternatives to motorized applications.

When you realize what sort of plasma slicing you will do, at that point you ought to consider the thickness of the material you intend to cut.
best plasma cutters under $500

Generally, it’s required to pick a framework with a prescribed cut limit that matches the material thickness you intend to cut 80 percent of the time.

For instance, on the off chance that you predominantly plan to cut 1/2inch thick metal, and just every so often cut metal that is somewhat thicker (say 3/4 of an inch), at that point, you can pick a 1/2inch framework.

Cut quality is another essential thought. Not exclusively does it affect the nature of your completed piece, it spares time in later phases of creation.

In a perfect world, you need a spotless, smooth edge so you don’t invest a great deal of energy in optional work.

Notwithstanding smooth, clean cuts, better plasma cutting frameworks make a much smaller kerf (cut width), which implies more exact cuts and less squandered metal.

You ought to likewise think about unwavering quality. All in all, the most dependable plasma cutting frameworks are designed with fewer parts, utilize programming rather than equipment where conceivable, are fabricated to ISO norms and are satisfactorily tried.

plasma cutters under 500

Consider a brought together fan design to get cool air through the focal point of the framework, where the most thermally delicate segments are found.

This will bring about more effective and predictable cooling and empower a higher obligation cycle.

Some plasma slicing devices are less demanding to use than others.

Clearly, for an accomplished administrator, usability enables an occupation to be done quickly and all the more effective.

However, it might likewise imply that individuals with next to zero experience can get great outcomes.

Despite encounter level, make sure that administrators utilizing plasma cutting apparatuses can land positions finished rapidly and with great quality, keeping time-touchy tasks on the plan.

On the off chance that you intend to move around a considerable measure or do any work far from your shop, at that point size and weight will assume a part in your choice.

Designing advances mean you would now be able to get a lightweight framework without yielding force and execution.

Certain plasma cutting frameworks likewise accompany innovation that consequently alters for various voltages and voltage varieties, which is great in the event that you intend to work off a generator.

Finally, you ought to think about working expenses. Cut quality, cut speed and execution assume a part here however so does plasma consumable cost.

Plasma consumable life can differ altogether from one brand of plasma slicing framework to another.

Longer plasma consumable life is vital as it decreases downtime for change-outs and brings down the cost you pay for new plasma consumables.

Numerous brands utilize licensed innovation to broaden plasma consumable life, while additionally conveying top-notch cuts.

If you are tired of cutting metal with an angle grinder or oxy-fuel torch then you can choose plasma cutter from this article which consists of a list of plasma cutters under $500 from the cheapest to most expensive.



It’s important for you to pick the plasma cutter that fits both your financial plan and your necessity. As we have discussed the plasma cutter under $500 and the whole list that came under this heading is a good value for money.

Although each machine discussed above has some advantages and disadvantages, so you have to choose wisely according to your requirements.

The basic leadership process lays on an assortment of elements, the primary need being the nature of the cut, the convenience and the reasonableness of the hardware.

We have evaluated products in the list of the plasma cutter under $500 according to the privilege that satisfies the terms of proficiency, quality, and reasonableness.

In any case, as far as the esteem accommodated the value, we prescribe Lotos CT520D Plasma Cutter. It conveys quick and exact cutting at high frequencies.

Lotos Technology NC-FXDR-KJUX CT520D Plasma Cutter, Tig Welder, and Stick Welder is a great piece of equipment for both individuals doing DIY home projects and small business owners.

If you are looking to invest in a great plasma cutter, which will also allow you to tig and stick weld, supports both 110 and 220 volts, it is very powerful but will not require a big space to be used, and that has a price tag that will look after your budget, then this might be the machine you were looking for.

Best Plasma Cutter under $1000

Everlast SuperCut 51P

The Everlast SuperCut 51P is the very best plasma cutter under $1000. It is available as the successor to the famous and long-running and SuperCut 50P.

This model of plasma cutter is a redesigned version of MOSFET inverter and is much better as compared to the older models of SuperCuts.

Pilot Arc

The high- frequency arc starting is the feature of The Everlast SuperCut 51P helps to reduce start delays. This feature also gives a nonstop engaging pilot arc when required.

This cutter provides high-quality clean cuts with less rubbish even when you want to cut through the metal sheets of ¼” or 3/8″ thickness.

Other Features

The Everlast SuperCut 51P is a high-frequency plasma cutter; therefore, it is not suitable to use close to computers or other sensitive electronics.

It is not ideal for CNC use as well. There are several factors that affect the capacity of this plasma cutter. It works best with new consumables, dry air, and proper air pressure. The quality of the cut also depends on travel speed, consumable orifice size, and standoff height.


  • No start delays due to the high-frequency arc.
  • This cutter can give clean cuts of ¼” to 3/8″ inches.
  • This model comes with a pilot arc.
  • The cutting is quick and reliable.
  • This model has better features than the older Supercuts models.


  • Professional skills are required for setting up.
  • This cutter must not be used for CNC or in close proximity of sensitive electronics.

AHP AlphaCut 60

The Alpha Cut plasma cutter is the best choice for those people who need to cut through metal sheets frequently but want a budget-friendly option.

This cutter has a front-mounted air pressure regulator, and all of its controls are easy to navigate. This plasma cutter can go from 110V to 220V fast by using a built-in adapter right after you plug it in.

Input and Output

Despite 60 amperes output on 240V, this cutter features a dual voltage design. This design allows it to work at 120V power with the provided adaptor at a reduced maximum output.

Pilot arc and torch

The nonstop Pilot Arc makes it easy to slice through the painted, rusted, and expanded metals.  This model of plasma cutter can perfectly slice through the steel sheets with a thickness of ½” to 5/8″ and even thicker metals whenever you require.

The cutter has an added iPT 60 torch which has become a standard for many plasma cutter manufacturers now. The durability of this model and the availability of the consumables at a competitive price make it the top priority for the buyers.


  • This cutter can give clean cuts of 1/2″ to 5/8″ cuts.
  • It features the pilot arc.
  • The cutter is user-friendly.
  • It offers improved productivity and optimizes the longevity of the consumables.


  • Sometimes needs lots of effort to set up.
  • This model is costly, and its maintenance is also hefty.

Razorweld JRWPC45LT

Razorweld JRWPC45LT Plasma Cutter is the best portable machine among the single-phase inverters available in the market.

It is made with a vigorous custom design featuring a firm-gripped torch. This cutter completes the process of metal cutting from cutting to finishing seamlessly.

Torch and functioning

This cutter comes with a quick-release torch feature along with euro-connection. This feature ensures the overall portability and gives you a choice to switch fast between compatible torches if required.

Its settings are easy to operate and have a 2T/4T function to minimize the operator’s fatigue. You can change and adjust the cutting capacity of this model using its simple 20-45 amperes dial. This dial allows you to change the finish features of your workpiece as well.

Pilot arc and performance

The low-frequency pilot arc ensures a consistent and reliable operator ignition without disturbing the operation of any nearby electrical equipment.

You can buy this model with a 19.5ft firm grip torch, a return lead and a pre-set air-regulator. It offers you high performance, and it’s cutting capacity is 20-45 amp, which is adjustable along with pre-setting air adjustment.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It gives you a continuous and reliable ignition with its pilot arc.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • It gives quality cutting capacity and high performance.


  • It has a short duty cycle.
  • A bit too expensive.
  • This model comes with a lower quality plasma gun.


Well, these are some of the reviews of the best plasma cutters for your convenience.  Hopefully, now you can choose the best plasma cutter under $1000.

The only thing to consider now is where you intend to use this cutter. We highly recommend Amico CUT-50, 50 Amp Pro. Plasma Cutter.

This model has an auto-voltage ability that can adapt from 100 to 240V input power using plug adaptors.

Like other plasma cutters available in the market, this model can also cut through various metals like mild steel alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and different metals cleanly.

Its maintenance and cleaning do not require much time and energy.  As compared to the other cutters, this model produces less toxic gases and has less fire hazard.

Its advanced design gives you a comfortable grip. So, go for this model to prevent continuous expenditures on the cheaper machines.


Plasma Cutter under $1500 (TOP PICKS)

Everlast Power plasma 60S plasma cutter

Everlast Power plasma 60S is one of the plasma cutters in the market right now. It is a combination of the best features and the latest technology, which makes it highly demanding.

In addition to reliability and long life due to the latest IGBT technology, it is one of the most potent plasma cutters i.e., the 50S.

Although it is a multi-tasking plasma cutter, it works best for different welding objects. It can cut up to 1-inch at 220V.

Pilot Arc and technology

IPT 60 torch will make sure to give smooth and fine cuts. The pilot arc starts with a blowback start, which does not need high frequency for functioning.

The post flow timer is also adjustable to improve and enhance torch life. The pilot arc will shut down after every 3-4 seconds due to the pilot tip arc-saver option.

This feature will prevent wearing off of consumable parts. The service parts of torches are not expensive, so it is easy to replace them


IGBT modules not only improve reliability and performance, but it also decreases the overall weight of Power plasma 60S.

A built-in handle is present on the top to carry it easily. Moreover, it does not use any battery, so no added weight. It weighs about 67lb, which is not bad with all the unique features and functions.


Everlast Power plasma 60 is highly efficient
It offers 60% duty cycle at 60amp and 100% duty cycle at 50amp\
It uses the latest IGBT technology
Adjustable post flow timer and pilot tip arc-saver option make it long-lasting and easy to use.
Really smooth cuts
Good for home shops
It is an affordable product for the given specs


Although it is somewhat portable, it does not have the most compact or lightweight design.
Once as to be careful with the torch
It does not run on 110 volts
The user has to install an air dryer separately to improve its life.
The generator that one must use should be the one having a “clean power” output.

Everlast Power plasma Cutter 50S

Everlast power plasma cutter 50s is one of the most preferred plasma cutters because it delivers high quality without hitting your bank.

This 50 amps ARC plasma cutter is highly effective, long-lasting, and reliable. Its post flow can be controlled easily up to 60 seconds, which assures the long life and performance of this cutter.

The company offers a new-tip saver function that helps limit the Pilot arc time.


ARC plasma cutters come with its carrying handles and straps which allow its users to carry it around. Another feature that is great about them is that they have CNC ports for light gauge CNC use.

The inventor which powers it is pretty light, thus making the total weight of base unit 40 pounds. Another factor that adds to the portability of this cutter is an excellent performance at low voltage i.e., 110 volts. C

NC ports, lightweight design, and low voltage requirement that allows you to move it easily.

Pilot arc technology and torch

Unlike others, this plasma cutter has a low life span, Everlast power plasma cutter features Italian based IPT60 torch design.

The dual voltage performance feature allows it to run at different voltages i.e., 110V and 220 V. One can take advantage of 100% duty cycle at high voltage and current.


Plasma cutter is inexpensive and highly efficient
It can cut up to 1-inch thick metals easily
Rusted and paint-coated metal surfaces are easy to cut due to pilot ARC feature
Lightweight and detachable cords make it suitable for carrying around
The post flow is adjustable
No matter whether it is a plate, flat bar or pipe, it cuts everything fluently
It offers CNC port and TIP SAVER option


Carrying handles and straps are not of good quality
Power cords are short
The torch cord is also short
You have to cut the surface slowly if you want a smooth flow
The manual is also bad and was written by an unprofessional person.
The performance is not the best at 110V
The torch has only six months warranty
The torch is expensive if one wants to buy it separately
Replacement tips are faulty

Razorweld JRWPC45LT

If you are looking for high quality and quick plasma cutters, then you are in the right place. To cut different objects, Razorweld JRWPC45LT allows you to change current capacity depending upon your work.

No matter whether you want to cut steel wire or high-quality copper wires, the high-temperature plasma stream of Razorweld 45 covers everything.

It has a preset regulator which makes it easy to use. Similar to other high quality and expensive cutters, it uses the latest IGBT technology.

Portable design

The Razorweld 45 is a good plasma cutter if you are looking for a compact and portable design with the best functioning.

It has the lightest weight and compact design when it comes to efficient and portable plasma cutters. It weighs about 30 pounds, which enables its users to carry it around.

The 2T/4T feature will also protect you from fatigue. In addition to lightweight and compact design, it has a built-in handle which will allow you to carry it easily.

Torch and pilot arc technology

Same as other expensive plasma cutters, it uses plasma arc technology which ensures consistent ignition without interfering with close electrical devices.

Well, to increase and improve the cutting performance of Razorweld 45, it uses the latest and reliable Sure-grip SC80 plasma torch. Both of these features enhance the performance and quality of Razorweld 45.


It has a lightweight and portable design
Razorweld 45 is easy to use
A built-in handle is present at the top
Razorweld 45 is Highly efficient and cuts deeply
It is an affordable plasma cutter as compared to others with the same features
Good quality machine


The length of the duty cycle is rather short
One can neither extend nor adjust the duty cycle
The plasma gun and torch are not of good quality. One needs to replace them after a few months of use
Moist air can get into the weld area due to which consumables are utilized faster than expected.
One has to replace the consumables after some pretty expensive time
When we consider its main parts, it is a costly product as buyers expect more in this price range


The above three are the good plasma cutters that offer unique features and high quality at affordable prices.

But the Everlast power plasma 60S plasma cutter is the best among the two. The only problem of this plasma cutter is its heavyweight in comparison to the other two, but it is highly efficient.

It cuts everything fluently within seconds. Moreover, unlike other plasma cutters, it does not pause or stop while cutting. The latest IGBT technology makes it long-lasting and reliable.

It cuts all metal surfaces like butter, including aluminum, steel, iron, stainless steel, etc. Moreover, it is the most potent Plasma cuter among the three.

Unlike the other two which are rather slow, the Everlast 60s plasma cutter allows robust and fluent cutting action. In addition to that, the cuts are really fine and smooth.

There is no other product out there, which is offering the same quality and features at this price. If you want a Plasma cuter for professional use, then you can go for it with your eyes closed.

Because we strongly recommend Everlast 60S. But if you have another set of standards about plasma cutters, then you can consider buying the other two.


Portable Plasma Cutters (TOP PICKS)

Longevity ForceCut 42i

Longevity ForceCut 42i is the best plasma cutter that can add value to your workshop and home. A circuitry of 110-220V is required for operating this plasma cutter and this factor also adds to its portability in terms of power.

It contains a 40Amp torch due to which this cutter gives the brilliant performance and quality cutting of up to 1-inch thick metal sheet at 220V. While at 110V, it can cut a 3/8-inch thick metal sheet.


It contains a sturdy handle and total weight of cutter of 36 lbs., this cutter is really easy to move from one place to another in the workshop without much struggle.

Also, Voltage can be adjusted quickly due to dual voltage adapter, thus making it a travel-friendly and extremely mobile cutter. IGBT Inverter Technology is embedded in it.

This technology is famous for efficient cutting and also made the plasma cutter lightweight and durable. So, this model of the cutter is efficient, lightweight, and small.

Pilot Arc Technology

With the help of constant pilot arc, expanded, painted, and rusted metal surfaces can be cut easily. The output is really smooth because of flexible features.

This arc mechanism can detect any loss in voltage and the arc gets auto-triggered for enabling the torch head to maintain the consistency of arc during cutting.


  • Very lightweight and Highly Portable
  • Excellent performance and cut quality
  • Able to cut rusted, expanded, and painted metals
  • Easy to use
  • Low operational cost and consumables’ cost


  • Expensive

Eastwood Versa Cut 60

This plasma cutter is a good choice for those welders who work in fabrication shops, garages, and for hobbyists who are cutting metal sheets and need to be capable to make intricate and precise cuts.

For instance, those working in muffler shops will enjoy using this plasma cutter.

Input, Pilot arc, and torch

This plasma cutter contains 60-amp, 50-60Hz, and 220V output and is designed specifically to cut stainless steel, aluminum, and steel of up to 0.875-inch thickness.

The built-in arc permits for quick arc striking and easy cutting of expanded and rusty materials. There is an internal moisture separator that assists in making sure that dry air reaches the torch for giving an excellent cut.

Duty cycle and portability

The duty cycle of this machine is 60% which is good for continuous long cuts. With a weight of 45 pounds, this cutter is light enough to carry along anywhere for cutting metals.


  • Highly portable
  • Gives fine cuts
  • Contains self-starting arc
  • handy 20-foot torch
  • Contains 10-foot ground cable along with air pressure regulator that is adjustable
  • Gauges and controls are on the front that is easy to use
  • Contains sturdy handle ease in carrying machine
  • Set up is fast and easy, no need for special tools
  • Contains a standard 220 plug


  • It is a bit expensive for those who are doing crafting as a hobby
  • There are no extra nozzles in the package, need to buy them separately

SungoldPower Cut50

The reason why one should buy this SungoldPower Cut50 Digital Display cutter is its intensive arc. It is completely safe to use, waterproof, and reliable cutters that come with several accessories.

It works at 50 amps and 110V and it is completely noiseless. Along with these, it is highly efficient.

Input and duty cycle

This is one of the good portable plasma cutters with a duty cycle of 60%, air pressure of 0.5 MPa, and 85% efficiency.

For insulation capability, this cutter is graded F and contains a rated input of around 24 Amps. Its output voltage is 102V whereas the frequency power ranges from 50-60Hz.


The weight of this cutter is 24 pounds due to which it is highly portable as compared to other models. Also, the duty cycle is really impressive, so you don’t have to worry about power consumption as it worker without irritating noise while cutting metal sheets.


  • Portable due to lightweight
  • Energy-efficient
  • Precise metal cutting capacity
  • Uses IGBT soft-switch technology that gives highly stable cutting and performance
  • The LCD display that gives easy readability


  • Expensive plasma cutter
  • Not good for thick metal sheets


As a whole, the Eastwood Versa Cut 60 is our portable plasma cutter for all kinds of industrial and DIY metal cutting needs.

As for cutting metal precision and speed are highly important. The best reason for purchasing this plasma cutter is its versatility and ease of use.

It would be really difficult to find a plasma cutter with similar specs. As most of the plasma cutters are overly complicated.

This plasma cutter contains a high quantity of power due to which it is convenient for those who are not that much professional at cutting metals. Cuts are really fast and made as per the movement of torch. Professionals will also love this plasma cutter.

This is our suggested product, but the choice is yours and you are the one who knows your actual cutting needs. So, choose the one that best suits your needs!


Best Plasma Cutters for the Money (TOP PICKS)

Plasma Cutter 40A 220V Electric DC Inverter

This 40A model of plasma cutter offers excellent cutting through various metals like carbon steel and stainless steel with a width of 8 mm.

  • It provides a maximum compensation thickness of 12 mm. But the quality of the cut will not be good, and the speed of cutting will also be slow.

This cutter is designed especially for stainless steel variants, but you may use it to slice through aluminum and copper.

The cutting results might not be up to the standard, though. You can efficiently operate the device when the air pressure is tremendously high by regulating the air pressure machine.

The electric circuit of this cutter protects from under and overvoltage. This way, it adds to the longevity of the cutter, which can cut through various types of different metal plates in multiple ways.

What we liked
  • Stellar customer service.
  • This cutter offers protection against the voltage fluctuation.
  • Air pressure can be adjusted.
  • This cutter gives you excellent cutting.
What we didn't like
  • You cannot attach the ground to the cutter steadily.

PrimeWeld Ct520d 50

The Zeny Cut-50 is the best option if you are a DIY hobbyist and require metal sheets cut in a variety of sizes.

This cutter ensures that your metal sheets will not twist, which mostly happens with jigsaw cutters.

The machine comes with an air pressure regulator, welding facemask, a cutting torch LG-40, grounding clamps, wire brush, chipping hammer, air pressure managing valve, and user manual.

This dual outlet cutter does not have a plug or air hose as a part of the package because it works in two ways. This plasma cutter can cut through copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals precisely.

What we liked
  • The portability of this cutter makes it easy to carry and work with.
  • This model of plasma cutter is easier to set up.
  • The price is very economical and suitable for people with a limited budget.
  • You can use this cutter on a range of metals.
  • The cutting results are impressive.
What we didn't like
  • The information in the user manual is given haphazardly.
  • This cutter is not suitable for the metal sheets thicker than 1/2″.
  • The package does not contain a plug and air hose, and you have to buy them separately.

Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter

The free and powerful Lotos LT3500 plasma cutter is a perfect choice for you, whether you are a hobbyist or DIY enthusiast.

This model is highly efficient and cost-effective. With a weight of a mere eighteen pounds, this machine is highly portable, and you can transport it easily anywhere you want to work.

The cutter glides through the metal sheets with a thickness of 2 to 5 inches precisely. Anyone can set up this cutter without using any special skills. Connect the built-in NPT ¼” D plug to the air compressor.

This plug is for industry use. This machine connects with an even 110V standard wall power outlet and starts its cutting operations instantly. This cutter always gives a precise cut because it uses non-toxic compressed air.

What we liked
  • It contains a high-quality cooling fan system.
  • This model comes with consumables, power supply, ground clamp, power supply, and pre-installed air filter.
  • This cutter is an automatic dual-frequency machine.
What we didn't like
  • The consumables you get from Lotos are costly.

Buying Guide: Plasma Cutter for the Money


Not all plasma cutters have built-in inverters, but those cutters, which have usually come with huge price labels.

The function of an inverter is to receive direct current and then feed it via the high-frequency inverter transistor that usually ranges from 10 – 200 kHz, thus increasing its portability.


Those plasma cutters with wall outlets of 110-220V are relatively less costly but have limited operating functions as well.

Those plasma cutters having hefty prices can work best on 220-240 V and can cut thick metals. The metal thickness is determined through the power specs of the cutter.


Plasma cutters for creating cutting arc need electric current and it is measured in amperage.

Customers should match metal thickness with amps along with power source. There is a positive correlation of cutting speed with amperage

Metal Thickness

For a metal of thickness ¼ inches, 25 amps are enough, while for slicing the metal of ½ inch, 50 amp is required, whereas, for a metal of 1-inch thickness, 80 amps are necessary.

Controls & Indicators

There should be a power switch in all kinds of plasma cutters along with a few other ways of current adjustment settings based on the kind of metal that is being cut.

There are LED indicators in modern plasma cutters. This indicator is present at the panel’s front that makes it easier to real all signals, though; such cutters are costly due to these indicators.

Duty Cycle

Those plasma cutters that have high output amperage give a high duty cycle, which can cope with your needs if you planned to work more hours.


You must choose a plasma cutter, which suits your requirements and is within your price range. All of the cutters, as mentioned above, come under $ 500 and are a good value for your money.

All of them are good choices in quality, proficiency, and reasonableness. But every machine has pros and cons so, choose the most suitable option wisely.

You may consider the ease to operate, the quality of cut, and the compatibility of the cutter with your requirements before making the purchase.

However, Lotos CT520D Plasma Cutter is our recommendation because of its quick and precise cutting at high frequencies.

The versatile combination of Plasma Cutter, Tig Welder, and Stick Welder makes Lotos Technology NC-FXDR-KJUX CT520D an excellent tool for the small businessmen and DIY hobbyists alike.

If you want to buy the plasma cutter for the money with tig and stick welding functions, runs on 110 and 220 volts power, portable, and does nit cost you a fortune, this cutter is an ideal choice for you.


Best Plasma Cutter For Home Use

Lotos LTPDC2000D

The most appropriate answer to this query is that instead of wasting money on three machines, you can buy this single cutter Lotos LTPDC2000D.

It can handle the work of 3 machines, as it contains a 50A plasma cutting unit, 200A stick MMA welding unit, and  200A TIG welding unit.

Along with these, this multipurpose machine is available at affordable rates without compromising performance and quality.

Input and output:

This plasma cutter comes with dual voltage along with a dual-frequency, i.e., 50/60Hz. For operating, this cutter needs a higher voltage of 200-220 V AC power, and this is the usual power required by any welding machine of high capacity.

Pilot Arc Feature:

According to many customers, Lotos LTPDC2000D possess a pilot arc features due to which this plasma cutter could be used for cutting rust surfaces of metal without requiring any prior cleaning.

While in the case of other ordinary cutters, detailed cleaning is needed before starting the cutting process.


  • Capable of cutting different kinds of metals without utilizing dangerous air
  • It can weld through different basic and acidic electrodes
  • This cutter comes with a warranty of 1 year
  • It contains a multipurpose unit
  • Makes precise cutting with minimum slag
  • Consumable will last longer
  • Automatic frequency and dual voltage enabled


  • The consumables of this cutter are specific to this machine only
  • This welding machine contains smaller welding leads

Miller Electric, Spectrum 375

The Miller Electric Spectrum 375 is the best option for those who are not working on thick metal projects. It can work well on different thicknesses of metals but is a bit limited as compared to various other models.

This works well on selected, sized metals due to which it is highly recommended for DIY crafts and smaller home workshops. It is effortless to handle and the best plasma cutter for home use.

Input and output

This plasma cutter, Miller Electric Spectrum 375, possesses a torch along with several other quality parts. The XT30C torch is designed specifically for increasing the convenience level at the time of cutting, with particular design points that target the minimization of fatigue of the user.

Its input capacity is 120-240V and can cut through the steel of thickness 3/8 inches. It’s cutting ability is high, i.e., cutting speed of 15 inch metal per minute.

Electronic Pilot Arc Controller and XT30C Torch

It contains an automatic electronic pilot arc controller that gives the extended ability for metal cutting without need of re-triggering the torch, thus, extending tip for life due to increased productivity. Operator fatigue gets reduced due to the XT30C torch along with flexible cables.


  • High-quality cut
  • Runs on 220V as well as on 120V outlets
  • Works well on the metal thickness of up to 3/8 inch
  • Contains Wind tunnel tech, that keeps the airflow inside the cutter for removing dust particles
  • The on-demand fan works only when required for extra power consumption
  • Power output changes automatically as per the thickness of metal due to Auto-Refire technology


  • Additional buying of adapter and filters is needed
  • If not set up adequately then hiccups are experienced

Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci

Another best plasma cutter for home use is Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci. It contains capable size breakers and needs only 30 amps source.

It also includes a compressor inside the cutter and can cut all kinds of metals. No gas pressure is required at the time of doing the flame tuning. This plasma cutter offers an accurate cut of metal with a very thin kerf.

Input and Output

This plasma cutter by Hobart contains multi-voltages, i.e., 115V and 220V. This plasma cutter provides you an accurate cutting with outstanding speed, and it never compromises on final output. In fact, it will work in a better way if you select oxyfuel for cutting any metal.

Pilot Arc & XT12R Plasma Torch

Before making the real arc, this cutter starts an internal mini-arc within the nozzle. Because of this pilot arc procedure, it is not necessary for the tip to touch the metal surface.

Thus, tips never get burnt. Along with this, there is a unique XT12R Plasma Torch due to which users can grip it perfectly. This torch contains finger contours that are so comfortable while gripping that there are no chances of fatigue while working.


  • Requires no setting for gas pressure
  • It provides an exact cut
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Contains a size breaker


  • while cutting heavy metals, it takes too much time
  • XT12R torch is not as good as that of the XT40R

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Plasma With an Inbuilt Compressor?

Most of the plasma cutters have built-in compressors. Such plasma cutters provide a regular air supply at the time of the cutting process.

So, such cutters are highly recommended for those who are operating cutters in places where there are no air compressors. But such plasma cutters with air compressors are underpowered and expensive.

Why should the Plasma Cutter be preferred over Waterjet or Laserjet?

The main reason is the cost of cutting 1-inch thickness. Cutting 1 inch of metal with a plasma cutter is cheap as compared to cutting the same thickness with a waterjet or laserjet. So, in this way, the plasma cutter saves cost, times in terms of cutting both ferrous as well as non-ferrous metal pieces.

Is there some Limitation to this Plasma Cutting?

There are many applications for which oxyfuel and other methods are highly preferred as compared to plasma cutters. For instance, oxyfuel has the capability to cut thick steel sheets and perform faster than these plasma cutters.

As compared to oxyacetylene, plasma cutters are a bit expensive. Some people also give preference to torch cutting rather than plasma cutting because of these work without electric power or compressed air. Due to this, the torch method is preferred more by welders.

Can Plasma Cutter be used for Cutting Aluminum and Stainless?

Yes, any kind of metal is easily cut through these plasma cutters. If you own a standard plasma cutter, then you can get your job done seamlessly.

Why Should You prefer a Quality Plasma Cutter?

A quality plasma cutter is given priority for many reasons. First of all, purchasing a plasma cutter is like an investment rather than simply buying an ordinary tool.

And it’s a kind of investment that will repay itself for many years. So, it’s better to invest once rather than purchasing cheap tools as the quality cutter will last for long and saves money.


Plasma cutting machines are interesting and useful tools that provide excellent performance. This guide for the best plasma cutters for home use has been organized on the basis of detailed searches and reviews given by customers.

Out of these five products reviewed above, the best pic is  Lotos LTPDC2000D. The reason behind its recommendation is that it contains the high duty cycle and works well for heavy and thin metal sheets. Also, it requires no cleaning of rusted metals as needed while working with other plasma cutters.

As discussed above, buying a plasma cutter is a form of a good investment for welding processes. So, while making such a considerable investment, you should be careful and fully equipped yourself with the best information before stepping into the market.


Plasma Cutters with built-in Air Compressor (TOP PICKS)

Thermal Arc 1-1110-1

This model is a light, portable, light, and mighty little machine with a built-in compressor. It weighs only 29 pounds and has a supportive handle, which makes this cutter easy to use and carry anywhere.

The best thing about it is that even being so lightweight, this cutter has tremendous cutting power at a fast speed.


This model is designed to cut through 3mm or 1/8″. But it’s reducing capacity can reach up to 5 millimeters or 3/16″.

This model can work on a single voltage using a plug of 15 amp. According to its manufacturing company’s claim, this product is 25% better than the other products of this type in the market.

Torch and Other topographies

For the beginners, this model comes with a twenty feet long cord. This length is useful for various tasks, both indoor and outdoor.

You can use the trigger easily while holding the torch without disturbing your flow of work. This device works for rusted and painted metal sheets as well.

The powerful light of this plasma cutter is capable enough to fulfill your requirements as a hobbyist or a professional metal cutter.


  • This model has a pilot Arc, whereas no other plasma cutter in this category comes with this feature.
  • This model can cut through the rusty and painted metal surfaces.
  • It has a built-in air compressor.
  • This cutter offers the highest cut thickness in the category.
  • This machine is highly portable and weighs only 29 pounds.
  • It comes with a long cable.


  • It does not have any extra consumables
  • This cutter has a duty cycle of only 30%.

Hypertherm Powermax30

If you are looking for the most excellent plasma cutter, the Hypertherm Powermax 30 AIR is a perfect choice for you.

Made in the USA, the Powermax 30 is the plasma cutter that has a built-in air compressor. The dual-voltage power capacity of this cutter enables you to cut through almost any material you require to work with.

Duty cycle and Input

This model, with its  240v power capacity, offers a 35% duty cycle, better quality cuts as compared to 120v machines.

This increased power capacity is useful when you need more powerful cutting for your projects.  It can cut through stainless steel sheets endlessly with perfect precision.

Portability and Performance

This cutter can effortlessly cut through 3/8” steel with a speed of 10 inches per minute. For stainless steel, it can slice through a 5/8” sheet at the rate of around five inches per minute.

Its auto-voltage sensing technology automatically keeps track of the power supply and lets you work at a higher speed with less groundwork.

This cutter is a lightweight one with a weight of thirty-five pounds only and thus, suitable for any type of work anywhere you want.


  • It’s portable and lightweight.
  • It can cut through almost any material.
  • It has dual voltage capacity of 120v and 240v
  • It can cut very fast.
  • You can have its change of parts and consumables even ten years later.
  • This cutter comes with a three years warranty for the power supply, and 1its torch has a year warranty.


  • This model is too expensive.

Forney 317 250 P+

Forney is a budget-friendly model so, if you want to have a good quality plasma cutter with a built-in compressor.

It can perform almost all the tasks which an expensive cutter will do. It is not as powerful as the first two options of the plasma cutter, but it is good enough to give you the best value of your money.

Portability and Input

Forney works on standard 120v (15A) power supply, and thus, you can plug it in any power outlet. It is highly portable because it weighs only thirty-five pounds.

You can upgrade it to the dual input 230V option also. Moreover, you can switch it to a lower power option for more portability.

Cutting and Torch

This model utilizes drag touch technology. This feature lets the worker move the torch directly across the metal to get more precise and cleaner cuts.

When it comes to the cutting capacities of this model, it can slice through 1/8” materials at a speed of 20”/minute. With a little less speed, it can cut through the metals around ¼” also.


  • It’s the most cost-effective option available.
  • It offers unique drag torch technology.
  • It cuts every metal.


  • It takes a while to start after the trigger is pulled.
  • It cuts slower than others.

Frequent Asked Questions

What are the things required to work with The Plasma Cutters With Built-In Compressor?

The best thing about these plasma cutters which have built-in compressor is that you need only a power supply source and a plasma cutter unit to start the process of cutting metals.

This quality makes them work in the metal cutting field very easy. If you run your business from home and are planning to use a plasma cutter indoors, the only and important thing you require will be to check the suitable power supply and outlet.

Do all these Plasma Cutters With Built In Compressors work like those without one?

It is very little or no difference amongst the ways the plasma cutters with or without the built-in compressor cuts the metals.

The primary difference you need to consider before purchasing a plasma cutter with a built-in compressor is to have a look at its output power.

Mostly, cutters with a built-in compressor come with too lower output because the unit has to power itself and internal compressor.

Why are the plasma cutters with built-in compressors are expensive as compared to the conventional non-Air compressor plasma cutter?

The plasma cutters with the built-in compressors usually cost more than those without the built-in compressor with the same cutting capacity.

The increase in the price is because this unit comes with a plasma cutter and compressor combined, which affects its price.

What Does “Duty Cycle” Imply  And Why should you Consider It Before Buying A Plasma Cutter?

The duty cycle of an apparatus is a technical term that is used to describe the time a machine can easily work at extreme power in a given amount of time.

Mostly, the duty cycle for plasma cutters is determined by monitoring a ten minute. For plasma cutters, the duty cycle is usually defined based on the particular 10-minute trying period.

The plasma cutter’s duty cycle is usually measured in a percentage. There are chances of a cutter being of poor quality if it does not have a duty cycle score with simple trial parameters.


To sum up, any one of these plasma cutters with the built-in compressor can be useful for most of the users.

All of them work with regular power supply and can slice through the same thickness of metals.  But the best way to choose the plasma cutter is to think about your requirements before choosing any model.

But if you can spend enough money, we will highly recommend the Hypertherm 088096 Powermax 30 AIR because it is the best model according to our experience.

It performs almost similar to the regular plasma cutters without a built-in air compressor. There is a slight difference in speed between this model and the standard plasma cutters which utilize the external air-compressor.

So, now the choice is yours. There are plenty of other options available for the plasma cutters with built-in compressors.


Buying Guide for the Best Plasma Cutters 2020

Think about your Power Requirements

You must consider the thickness and type of metal you intend to cut before selecting the power of your plasma cutter.

The power output of a plasma cutter is essential to determine the quality of its cut. The power output influences the duty cycle of the model also. You may find run of the mill units in home workshops with 15A, 120v outlets.

Cutters for industrial use or high-performance units require 20A to 50A and 220v to work effectively.

To determine your power needs, first, consider the thickness of the metal sheets you usually work with.  A 25A model is the best choice for working with a thickness of ¼”.

Metals beyond 1/2″ require 40A for the best cut. The plasma cutter with 60A amperage is ideal for working with 1″ metal sheets.

Then explore the type of power available at your home or workshop. Metal sheets of ½” or thicker than this require a 220v outlet.

Check with your electrician to make sure that your existing power supply structure is enough to handle a plasma cutter.

Power output defines the cutter’s input power, so be careful about that. Don’t be unwise to spend a fortune on setting up too high power infrastructure than your requirements.

Price and Performance

It’s always difficult for everyone to maintain a balance between cost and value. Everybody wants to spend only as much is necessary.

But to save money doesn’t mean to buy a substandard product which cannot fulfill the expectations of its usage.

As a common rule, it is crucial to ascertain what are your specific requirements from your plasma cutter.  After that, enlist the models that can cater to your specifications or slightly higher than that.

This step will ensure that you have a wide range of items to select from in terms of performance. Have a comparison of similar units and try to buy a unit without unnecessary features.

For instance, don’t pay a higher price for an otherwise average cutter if you don’t need its portability feature.

If you intend to use your cutter as a tool for your hobbies, choose 35% duty cycles instead of the expensive 50% duty models.

Always remember that the initial cost of a plasma cutter is not the entire cost. It includes the operational and maintenance charges as well.

The wearing out rate and consumable also adds to the running cost of your plasma cutter. To avoid hefty expenses in the future, choose a unit that uses consumables moderately.

The Cutting Capacity of Your Plasma Cutter

Almost all the plasma cutters can cut through every electrically conductive metal. The reason behind this that there must be a complete electric current through the ground clamp, workplace, and back to the unit.

The materials which are electrically conductive are usually made of metal and can manage the electrical current flow in one or multiple directions.

The flow of negative ions, positive ions, or negatively charged electrons is called an electric current.

Mostly, the workers cut through metals like aluminum, copper, steel, brass, and stainless steel using ionized particles.

But you may use your plasma cutter to cut through other materials which are also good electricity conductors.

Plasma Cutting for Novices

Being a new steel manufacturer, you may have different requirements than the heavy industrial units.

On the other hand, if you are an artist, a DIY fan, or a hobbyist, probably you won’t need a sophisticated model with an amperage of as high as 80AA or even more.

But if you think that you need a high-performance model, consider it thoroughly before buying your plasma cutter. Evaluating your requirements and any particular feature before purchasing is a crucial step.

You may not want to end up owning a too tricky and complicated cutter that you cannot operate appropriately.

Keep it in your mind that paying a considerable amount of money on a too high-fi product which you can’t handle is equal to wasting your money on a poor-quality and underperforming machine.

The novice users of plasma cutters must consider the following factors before purchasing their units. There must be compatibility between the cutter’s power output and the thickness of the metal sheet you want to cut with it.

The other thing to consider is the quality of your torch. Buy a durable and high-quality unit to get the optimal value of your money.

Required Parts and Consumables for Your Plasma Cutter

All the parts of your unit which wear out with usage and time are called consumables. The consumables for a plasma cutter typically include shield, nozzle, retaining cap, electrode, and swirl ring.

The shield guards the other consumables against sparks and molten metal residues. The swirl ring leads the gas from the machine to the cutter, and the retaining cap maintains the entire consumable stack in place.

The consumables with the highest rate of wearing out are electrodes and nozzles. The function of the nozzle is to funnel the flow of gas and concentrate the plasma arc.

The electric current from the cutter to the metal plate is completed by the electrode current. Types and combinations of the consumables are specific to every plasma cutter with their pricing.

So, it’s always advisable to ensure that the consumables for the model of the torch you are going to buy are readily available at a reasonable price. Try to find out a model that has the slowest possible wearing out rate.

You will also require an air compressor for the plasma cutting of metals. Some cutters come with a built-in compressor, but you need to set up an extra compressor if your cutter doesn’t have one.

The internal mechanism of a plasma cutter depends on the compressed air flow. Therefore, a cutter can give your metal sheets a neat cut only if it has a high- quality compressor.

The quality of the compressor affects the lifespan of your consumables as well.

Different Uses of Plasma Cutting

Always think before buying, that how will you use your plasma cutter.

Industrial Cutting

Cost-Effective and optimal manufacturing largely depends on the quality of the plasma machine.

The piece or mass production lines must manage the effort, time, and cost most efficiently.

They cannot achieve these targets by using old metal cutting methods. Moreover, the quality of the cut is better while using the plasma cutter as compared to the typical machines.

The input cost per unit reduces to a great extent when you use the plasma cutter, which is mounted and have the capacity to cut certain lines or patterns after being programmed.

These cutters work not only faster than typical saws or grinders but also give more neat and precise cut.

The surfaces cut through by the plasma cutters require less groundwork before installation or mounting because the plasma cutter produces less wastage.

There is no room for error when it comes to industrial cutting. When cutting thousands of metal units, programmable plasma cutters minimize the risk of mistakes, which may cost a fortune otherwise.

Plasma cutters are used in the metal industries, where precision and aesthetics are the top priority.

High-tech industrial operations often require plasma cutting for steel units. Plasma cutting ensures that the process of metal cutting is entirely error-free and fully controlled.

This precision of the control over the production system makes the manufacturing cost-effective.

Installing a plasma cutting unit may initially cost a huge amount, but it soon pays back in terms of reduced consumption of available and enhanced quality of the products.

The price of the consumables goes even lower if you buy them in bulk.

Plasma Cutting for Artwork

Precise cutting for the metal artist has been challenging before the availability of the torch cutters.

The range of the cuts achievable through the typical metal cutting methods was also minimal and hindered the creativity of the metal artists.

The outcomes of the art projects depended on the metal cuts, which lacked precision.

The availability of the plasma cutters has not only widened the horizons of the creativity for the metal artists, but it has increased the production capacity as well.

The unique and innovative cuts are possible with the torch cutters which were not imaginable with the typical metal cutting processes.

Art is a creative phenomenon. An artist gets frustrated when he cannot express the creativity he has in mind because of the unavailability of the appropriate tools.

The metal artist can now use the plasma cutters for the minute details and intricate designs to express their creativity to the fullest.

The ease of cutting the metals in any way they want has lifted the barriers of the innovation and creativity of modern artists.

To get the best service from your metal cutter as an artist, although you don’t have to buy the overly expensive and powerful model of the gas cutter, never compromise ion quality.

The high-quality cutter will save you from too frequent after-sale services or the expenses on consumables.

Automotive Plasma Cutting

You need a plasma cutting unit for automotive cutting if you are an automotive, a hobbyist, or own a garage. You always need to cut metals during repair, customization, or restoration of a vehicle.

In the automotive business, metal cutting usually involves manufacturing new parts, removing dysfunctional or worn out parts, preparation of surfaces for welding and cutting off the stuck nuts and bolts.

Portability is the feature you must look for in a plasma cutter if you are in the automotive business. Buy a plasma cutter which is lightweight and easy to carry around.

You have to work with painted and rusty surfaces when working with metals in the automotive industry.

Plasma cutters with a pilot arc make it sure that you don’t face any problem while cutting such pieces. But the cutter must be portable so you couldn’t miss any nooks and crannies.

Automotive metal cutting usually involves cutting through a maximum thickness of ½”. You may want to choose mid-level power output, but it is advisable to opt for a high-quality model.

Such models can cut through the surfaces thicker than ½” if you have to do so but may take a longer time.

Household Use of Plasma Cutter

Household maintenance and repairing often require cutting through metal surfaces if you own a home.

There are many ways you may use plasma metal cutters around the house. Some of the examples include fabrication of bathroom, kitchen or other fixtures, plumbing, or general repairing.

The durability of your plasma cutter is most important for household use than portability.

Because you are using your cutter for domestic purposes, try your best to minimize the cost of wearing out of the machine and consumables.

This initiative is important because you are not expecting any profit or earning from using your cutting unit.

Moreover, arrange an appropriate power supply for your plasma cutting unit to work effectively.

What Is the Process of Plasma Cutting?

The plasma cutter incorporates rare gases to slice through the metals or electrically conductive materials. The nozzle of this machine blows out these gases at high velocity.

You apply an electric pilot arc to the sluggish, blown out gases at the vent to convert the gas into plasma. Both of these processes form an exceptionally hot flame that can slice through various metals effortlessly.

Consequently, you can complete your work with much reduces effort, in lesser time and with a lot more precision.

The innovation in technology has helped plasma cutting to evolve to be useful for multiple purposes. You can use it for a range of tasks other than cutting massive metal sheets.

It is an excellent tool for home repair because you can use it to cut sewerage, gas or water pipes or other metal fittings. The neat finish of the plasma cutter allows you a perfect fitting of joints.

Moreover, you can use plasma cutters for DIY projects or artwork because it helps you cut intricate details and complicated patterns on metals.

How Do You Cut the Metals Using Plasma Cutting?

For some people, plasma cutting can become a complicated task. Let’s simplify the process and know more about the technical terms of plasma cutting.

There is a wide variety of plasma cutters available in the market. They range from small and compact units that you can hold and operate with one hand to the computer-aided heavy-duty machines designed for industrial use.

There are the same principle and basic design behind all the sizes and shapes of plasma cutting regardless of their models and makes.

The essential parts of a plasma cutter include a handheld torch with cable, power input, and cable, an air compressor, a ground clamp with cable and consumables like tips and electrodes.

Plasma cutting is, in fact, a process of metal cutting using a high-speed flame of scorching plasma. A plasma cutting unit produces this plasma by sending a current through speeded inert gas when blown through a nozzle.

Why Do You Need a Plasma Cutter?

Plasma cutters can reduce human labor and the time you may require to complete a metal project otherwise.

If your project or business requires metal shaping, cutting or designing metal sheets, a plasma cutter is an irreplaceable tool for you. You can do all types of metal cutting much more quickly and accurately.

You may like to use the advanced models of plasma cutters to shape on or cut out different patterns to design your metal stuff.

This is the best tool to slice through non-ferrous metal sheets, including different forms of steel that are less than one inch thick. You may use it to cut through aluminum, copper, bronze, brass and various other materials.

Let’s have a look at how plasma cutting is better than the conventional means of metal cutting.


As compared to oxy-acetylene cutters, plasma cutting needs far less labor. Oxy-acetylene cutting requires the operator to have a grip on the cutting speed by keeping the oxidizing process to the fullest.

Moreover, plasma cutting has no parallel when it comes to cutting through the expanded metal sheets.

Accuracy and Speed

The speed of the plasma cutters is the fastest among all the varieties of metal cutters available in the market. You can have linear and non-linear cuts in your metals precisely.

Best Plasma Cutter Conclusion

Although we have described in detail the selection criteria for the best plasma cutter for 2020, yet you are still confused, go through this conclusion.

This conclusion is compiled, keeping in mind the cutting capacity of the unit, durability, portability, and versatility.

Hypertherm Powermax45 is the ideal cutter when it comes to the thickness of the metal sheets a cutter can cut through. It can handle the 1″ thickness easily whereas the other models have ½’ capacity as their best.

This model is the best from the efficiency aspect as well because it offers 45Amp with 5/5 consumable affordability. It has the best duty cycle of 60% at 41A.

Hypertherm products are famous for their durability and come with three years of power supply warranty and a one-year overall warranty.

But the Miller Electric Spectrum 625 X-Treme is better in portability because it has a shoulder strap to carry it around and weighs only 37 lb.

However, for beginners,  Hypertherm Powermax 45 is the best choice because it is easy to use and grip.

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