10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews 2020

Best Massage Chairs ReviewsI bet you would agree:

After a long and hectic day on job or at office, when one comes back to home, the first wish that pops up in one’s mind is to sit in a soft and reclining massage chair and get rid of stress and fatigue.


This is exactly where things get interesting.

Not too long ago, before Amazon became the catalyst that ecommerce industry was crying for, there were only a few reputed brands, and they were selling high quality the best massage chairs of that time – definitely for big bucks.


Everyone could not afford those expensive (although highly reliable) massage chairs and this ever-growing need for massage chairs is the reason why you can find a lot of affordable massage chairs on Amazon.


This is where it gets tricky. Many of those so-called massage chairs are hardly average recliners with a few massaging options.

And there are no quality checks so you would find a lot of customers complaining about how their massage chair broke after a few weeks or months.

Hence the need for massage chair reviews!

This website is committed to 100% fair and transparent massage chair reviews.

We base our reviews and ratings on the most important factors that render a massager chair good, bad or ugly.

Top Ten Massage Chairs Review [2020]

Enough is enough! No more fluff, let us cut it to the chase and have a look at the best massage chairs of 2020:

Esright Massage Recliner

A recliner is good.

A massage chair is better.

But, do you know what is best to set your aching body at peace? It is a massage recloiner.

So is the case with Esright massage recline chair. It is one of the best massage recline chairs that you can find on Amazon.


  • Faux leather material that is soft, durable and with enough padding to make you feel comfortable
  • 1 cup-holder on each armrest and 4 storage bags for magazines, tablet, cell phone and anything like them
  • One of the only 360 degrees’ swivel and 150 degrees’ recline massage chair on Amazon – use it as a combo of office and massage chair
  • Heating and vibration features


  • Cannot lock in 100% reclined position
  • Not really a bucket seat – less comfortable than those with bucket seats


I know that you see a chunk of information that is not enough for you to click that “Add to Cart” button or to understand the qualities and drawbacks of this chair.

No problem:

Let me explain this chair’s pros and cons in simple words:

  • Works like an office Chair as Well


When you are tight on budget and space too, and you want one chair for two different purposes: massage and office chair, you need something like Esright massage recliner.

It can recline up to 150 degrees and the swivel limit is 360 degrees. It is just like an office chair and with its black color and faux leather, it does look like an office chair, except it has really good massage machine behind that PU material.

  • Faux Leather or PU

Polyurethane (PU) is the material that looks and feel like leather. It is also called faux leather. Faux means false; so it is false leather. A material that looks and feels like leather, but it isn’t one.

So next time whenever you read or hear this word “faux leather” do know that it is PU and in terms of looks, feel and durability it is almost as good as leather. This recliner that comes in all colors, has a high quality leather like material on it.

  • Cup Holders and Pockets

With two cup holders and 4 pockets, this is more than a massage recliner or office chair. It makes it easy for you to keep important items near you e.g. newspapers, magazines, cell phones and tablets etc.

  • Really Awesome Features


It is not all about back heating and vibration. This massage chair recliner has many rich features that every good massage chair must have.

For example, it is not a power control chair. What it means is that it is not you will have to follow a pre-defined program and you cannot use it in your own way.

It comes with a remote control; so you will be able to use it easily with remote and choose the part of body that you would like to be massaged.

The strong pedestal makes sure that you do not fall while reclining this chair or swiveling.


There are flaws that you would dislike, although as compared to many other chairs, these flaws are not very serious.

First of all, you cannot lock this chair while it is reclined to its last limit. So you have to trust your foot and your grip on the ground.

Secondly, the seat, as comfortable and soft it is, is still not a bucket seat. The bucket seats hold you well and make you feel more comfortable.

And yes:

It is not a full body massage chair, which means your feet, shins and calves will not be massaged.

Kahuna LM6800 Full Body Massage Chair


If you’re disappointed by the cons of Esright massage chair, especially it’s incapacity to massage your feet and calves, here’s a much better massage chair.

It is much better because it does everything that Esright chair could do, but it is a fully body massage chair, which means that from your arms to spine to legs and feet, it takes care of entire body, and you enjoy a better level of satisfaction and calm.

Here are the pros and cons.


  • One of the few massage chairs that have fully body massage system
  • Lets you choose one of many auto programs and set timer
  • Zero gravity boosts blood-flow … another special thing about it
  • Foot area … dual foot rollers and totally detachable and washable


  • Thigh massage is not included
  • Neck massage is not included

Ok, here we go.

I guess even the best massage chair has to have its own cons. And unfortunately, this one comes with some really important drawbacks.


The pros of this massage chair and the price of the features that it has to offer, make it a great massage chair to have at home or office.

Let us have a look at all pros – in detail.

  • Full Body Massage Chair with 6 Auto Programs


I just combined two different but inter-connected pros. This chair is a full body massage chair which means it includes the foot massage as well as spine and arms etc.


This chair comes with not one, two or three, but 6 auto massage programs. All you have to do is sit in the chair and choose any of the programs.

So what are those 6 auto massage programs that I can choose? You may ask, and here are all of them:

  • Shoulder Air Bag massage
  • Heating massage for lower back
  • Arm-Well air bag massage for arms
  • Air bag massage for calves
  • Heating massage for calves
  • Dual foot roller for feet
  • Zero Gravity system

Zero gravity system, as the name suggests, lets you recline to a limit where you head is positioned lower than your body and the legs are position higher than the body and head.

This, resultantly, boosts the blood flow from your entire body to your brain. With blood comes oxygen and thus your brain gets refreshed. There are 3 stages of zero gravity posture and you can choose any of them based on your requirement.

  • Dual Foot Roller on Feet and Air Compression Bags for Calves

This massage chair excels where others don’t. For example, not only it does not ignore the feet area, it shows attention to detail as well.

So, for your feet it comes with dual rollers and for the calves’ area, it has air compression bags as well as the heating system. The heating therapy works like a magic on every part of body and calves are no exception.

  • Detachable & Washable Foot Area

For what it’s worth, the foot rest pad on this chair can be easily detached and washed in case you see a need for this.

This is not something that you’ll notice in many massage chairs and considering how dirty that area can be, it is really smart thinking to make that a detachable and washable part of the chair.

  • Durability


I mean seriously, have you noticed the damned thing? This is one heavy piece of furniture with 249lbs weight.

Yes, that’s right, 249 lbs. And guess what, heavy and big is not bad when we talk about furniture, because once you have plunk this thing where it belongs (in your plan), you do not need to worry about its size and weight.

This chair is a keeper; you may have it as long as you want and except for electric circuits or perhaps heating or roller mechanism, there is nothing that will need repair in coming 5 to 10 years.

Volito Instant Revive Zero-Gravity Massage Chair


To beef up the competition, I bring to you another zero-gravity massage chair that does not cover full body, but possesses its own qualities.

To start with, this massage chair as the sleekest and most stylish design with faux leather exterior and really comfortable foot rest.

They claim that this massage chair has a touch of license massage therapist and except for arms, it covers all body areas that a massage chair must address.

Let us have a look at its pros and cons.


  • Sleek & Stylish Furniture + Massage Therapist’s Touch
  • Zero Gravity Design Full Body Massage Chair
  • Padded Armrests
  • 3 Physical Therapy Programs to Choose From


  • Uncomfortable and anything but a bucket seat
  • Back Rest Rollers are not compatible with natural shape of vertebrae

Dice has been cast; let us examine those pros and cons in detail.

But before I do, it is very important to understand that when you go to buy a massage chair, you should not expect for a perfect one.

I mean on Amazon, there are massage cushions and seats that people buy and use on normal chairs, let alone the actual massage chairs.

It is hardly possible to find a chair that has all the qualities including zero gravity function and all functions like fully body massage, heat and vibration and bucket seat and what not.

Even if you find out a chair like this, it will be too costly.


Keeping in mind that there is nothing like a perfect massage chair, let’s go to pros and cons in detail.

  • Sleek and stylish design

You might want to know why sleek and stylish deign is a big plus point of a massage chair. Well, think of it as a piece of furniture at home or office.

You already have a very limited space and you simply do not want to add a big piece of furniture that you can’t use more than 15 minutes, because more or less this is the time that you spend while having massage.

This is why this chair is the best; it is sleek and stylish and definitely it will complement your home or office furniture.

  • Zero Gravity Deign

Just like the Kahuna massage chair, this massage chair also gives you a zero gravity recline. You can recline it way back to zero gravity where your legs will be positioned higher than you head.

I do not need to repeat how good it is for the health of your brain and restoration of your energy.

  • Padded Armrests


This chair is not really a full body massage chair (and for that matter no chair is a full body massage chair), because it lacks the arm massage facility.


It is not unfriendly to your arms. The armrests are no rugged and foamless pieces of crap that will give you a pain in your arms while other body parts will be getting proper massage reception.

This chair has contour and fully padded armrests to make it easy for you to use it.

  • 3 Physical Therapy Programs to Choose From


Not as good as that 6 massage programs chair that we have reviewed above, but it is still something to cheer about if you get to choose as to which body part you would like to get massaged first of all.

Here is the list of these 3 massage therapy programs:

  • Full Back
  • Shoulder, and
  • Low Back or Lumbar

Best Massage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair


This one is sort of special addition. No, I do not mean that it is a perfect massage chair. Heck, this thing does not even cover foot massage.


What really makes it amazing is the different approach towards the whole massage thing. For starters, this is a shiatsu massage chair (you can find the definition of shiatsu above).

But what really makes it one of its own kind is its capacity to blend with your life style and your furniture at home or office.

I’m talking about surround sound system, USB charging and long rail rollers massage.

Excited? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


  • Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker & USB Charger
  • Convenient and comfortable sitting + cell phone slot in armrest
  • Combination of kneading and tapping massage


  • Design Flaw – Turn-on switch pad located at odd side of chair
  • No Heating – Lumbar totally ignored

Easier said than used, but these are the words of the people who have used this chair and the reviews make it a mixed bag of everything.


We will examine these pros and cons in detail to see where this chair stands. But there is something interesting about this chair.

It lacks at some basic items. For example, it does not have back heating, seat vibration and foot massage.

You would probably say that it is a piece of crap, but it is not.

It has the longest rail of rollers and thus covers a larger part from neck to lumbar.


The strongest side of this chair is the sweet spot of luxury recliner and full body massage chair. It brings a mix of them with music and curved comfortable seat and everything else.

  • Long rail Shiatsu Massage Chair


I have already talked about the long rail’s benefits, let’s just talk about the benefits of Shiatsu. In simple words it is an all-inclusive massage.

This means that when you enjoy massage, sitting in this chair, you will feel equal pressure on all body parts and thus equal relief – at the same time.

  • Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker + USB Charger


Let me put it this way.

Who would not like to enjoy 3D surround sound music, while charging their mobile or tablet and enjoying a wholesome massage?

I bet, everyone will love it.

  • Comfortable Sitting + Cell Phone and Controls Slots

As you can see, it is a very curved seat and perhaps one of the few massage chair seats that can actually be called a bucket seat.


A part of luxury, apart from cell phone charging and music thing, is that you do not have to keep your phone in pocket or in your lap.

There are beautiful pockets in armrest that keep both: your cell phone/mp3 player and your controls panel.

  • Combination of Kneading and Tapping

One of the many reasons why it is called an all-inclusive (Shiatsu) massage chair is because it brings you the best combination of massaging therapies.

For example, if you like to ask your massager to apply the kneading and tapping at the same time, he probably cannot do so.


This chair comes equipped with a system that combines both and give you a very relaxing massage.

Kahuna SM7300 Full Body Massage Chair


Another Kahuna massage chair and this one is also a full body massage chair.

There is something about Kahuna massage chairs that make them so special. Just like the other one, from aesthetic point of view to quality to functions and durability, this one is also a really good choice for those who are bent on massage chairs.


Without further ado, let us go to the review and have a look at the pros and cons of this chair.


  • Lower back heating system made especially for lumbar
  • Neither 3 not 6, but 9 auto massage programs
  • Zero gravity massage chair lets you recline to a 360 degrees angle and enjoy a better blood flow
  • A satisfactory combination of different massage types and techniques e.g. Shiatsu


  • Very expensive as compared to other full body massage chairs
  • Heating therapy online limited to lumbar area


So if you want a massage chair that should provide you heating massage on upper back or on your legs and feet, this chair is absolutely not for you.


If you’re not hell bent on heating massage and you really want a high quality shiatsu massage chair with zero gravity system and as much as 9 auto massage programs to choose from, then this chair is absolutely for you – not to mention the combo of kneading and tapping and knocking massage techniques.

Let us dissect each and every of these pros to have a better idea of this massage chair.

  • Lower Back Heating System

Ask from athletes, hikers and people who get exposed to mental labor throughout the day. If there is one body area where they feel pain, stress and fatigue in particular, it is the lumbar area.

Due to gravity, this area and shoulders have to bear the impact of lifting weight. This problem can be addressed with an armchair with special attention to lumbar area.

This armchair provides heating to the lumbar area and thus it is something that you must get if you always complain about pain and fatigue in that area.

  • 9 Auto-massage programs


This massage chair might not be good in terms of back heating or heating in legs and feet area, but where it beats other massage chairs is in terms of auto-massage programs.

It has as much as 9 auto massage programs. Here are the details of 5 auto programs and 4 special auto programs that you can enjoy with this chair:

  • Yoga Stretching
  • Fast Recovery Massage
  • Pain Relief Massage
  • Relaxation
  • Athlete
  • Office Person
  • Golfer
  • Senior Mode
  • Dynamic Sport


  • Zero Gravity System

This massage chair is a zero gravity massage recliner. This means that you can enjoy massage in a very comfortable position and because your body weight will be evenly spread across the chair, you will get rid of stress or pressure on any of them.


This chair comes with s Space Saving Technology. This means that unlike other massage chairs, it will not take too much space in zero gravity recline mode.

Just give it 3 inches space from the wall and it will slide forward to make a shift from normal to zero gravity recline position.

  • Special Features

This massage chair is packed and loaded with many special features that you will definitely love.

For example, it offers you a very tempting combination of kneading, tapping, knocking and Shiatsu massage techniques.

Then there is something special about the rollers and track as well. It has 6 wheels’ roller system for full body massage.


It has an SL track for those rollers. Now, if you know what is the importance of a track in a massage chair, you should know that most of the people whine about how they didn’t get an S track but an L one and vice versa.


With this chair, perhaps for first time in the history of massage recliners, comes the SL track that is a perfect combination of both and thus does not disappoint users of both.

Osaki OS4000 Executive Massage Chair

If you think like me and you also want to save the space at office, you would look for a massage chair recliner that may work like an executive chair as well.


If this is the case, Osaki OS4000 Executive massage chair with zero gravity system is exactly what you’re looking for.


It is because it positions itself right in the middle of the sweet spot of a recliner, massage chair and executive office chair.

Interested? Let us check the pros and cons.


  • High quality faux leather for maximum comfort and durability
  • Easy to use LCD display – control it with remote control device
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity inspired by NASA
  • 5 levels of speed and massage intensity


  • Feet massage rollers don’t work well
  • Back roller is weak and no heating except for lumbar


I suppose everything that glitters is not gold, but this one is only partly not gold. If you look at the bigger picture, you’d see that it is full body massage chair with some really good functions.

For example, it does not provide heating in entire back area, except lumbar. Lumbar needs more heat than entire vertebrae and the reason is the excessive pressure that it goes through while you lift weight or go through physical labor.

Let us examine those pros to get a better idea of this chair.

  • High Quality upgraded PU for maximum comfort and durability


Guys at Osaki claim that upgraded PU was used in making of this chair just to maximize the comfort, quality of massaging experience and the life of this chair. So do know that this high quality chair will be with you for a very long time.

  • Big LCD Panel and Small Remote Control Device

Since this chair is packed and loaded with so many features and massage modes, they have this big LCD panel through which you can control the massage chair and if you feel like doing it with a remote control device, there is this very small but effective wireless remote for you.

  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity System

This chair is also a zero gravity chair like a few good ones on this list, but there is something special about this massage chair.

It comes with 2 stage zero gravity system; it means that if you do not like 100% recline to zero gravity, you can choose the 1st stage of gravity.

With two of them, choice is yours and so is the level of comfort.

  • 5 Levels of Massage Speed and Intensity

To start with, you can choose as to how intense and fast should be the massage. There are 5 levels of it and with a total of 25 airbags, this machine is ready to please you and satisfy you to your fullest.

Apart from intensity and airbags, there are many as 6 unique programs to choose from; you can choose from Healthcare, Therapy, Relax, Smart, DemoAutomatic and Circulation auto-massage programs.

However, as you have read the cons, this chair seems to be performing bad in foot massage and back heating area. Weak or insensitive feet massage rollers and no back heating, but only in lumbar area makes the standing of chair questionable.

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

Bad marketing:

This was the first phrase that come to my mind when I came to know about this product. By the looks and name of it, it appears more of a luxury office recliner.


It is a massage chair. It is not a full body massage chair, it is not zero gravity, it does not have rollers and rails for them and the remote control device is not wireless one, but a big and wired one, but it has heat and vibration, it has 8 massage motors and 9 pre-programmed massage modes with 5 intensity levels.

It has a beautiful executive style foot rest (ottoman) that massages your feet with vibration.

Let’s get a recap of all important pros and cons as well.


  • 8 Vibration Massage Motors – upper back, mid back, thighs and calves
  • 9 Pro-programmed Massage Modes with 5 Intensity Levels
  • Heat Treatment for Lumbar
  • Ottoman with Vibration Massage Included


  • So Loud Because of Vibrators
  • Poor Padding & Cheat Quality Material

I read these pros and cons and I couldn’t help but recall a few dialogues from the movie “Limitless”.

“Well Spartans weren’t big on amenities.” (Attractive features), and then the other person says, “Yeah, and they eventually got their assess kicked” (You lose competition if you do not have everything that it takes).


This is still steal when you look at the money that you pay. While there are massage chairs that have prices higher than $2,000, this one is just a couple hundred bucks.

Let us examine all these pros in detail to understand what you may get from this chair:

  • 8 Vibration Massage Motors

Get this:

This chair does not have zero gravity system or rollers or rails etc., so all it has to join the category of massage chairs is vibration and heat.

And please not that this chair is really good at vibration massage if this is something that you like in particular.

It has 8 vibration massage motors that take care of your body from upper back to mid back to thighs and calves etc.

  • 9 Pre-programmed Massage Modes and 5 Intensity Levels


It is all about vibration and heat, but when you skip trying to be a Jack of all trades, you become master of a few.

This massage chair is good at 9 pre-programmed massage vibration modes and also you can choose the level of intensity from 5 different levels.

  • Heat Treatment for Lumbar

Since vibration massage seems to be the mantra of this massage chair, it does not provide the heat massage on many areas, but only on lumbar area.

As we have discussed this above, this is the area of a person’s spine that receives biggest amount of pressure and stress.

Thus a heat massage aimed only at lumbar is not that bad a deal.

  • Ottoman and Other Features

This chair is not much of a full body massage chair, but it seems to be trying hard to be one. For example, for your thighs, calves and feet, this chair comes with an ottoman that applies vibration massage to all of these areas.

Also, as meek and affordable a massage chair as it is, it still comes with extra features like its own handheld, wired controller, swivel, recline and recline adjustment function.

So you can use it with ease of handheld controller and you can set the recline tension as well as swivel when you need.


The problems are there and they cannot be ignored. For example, it is not a wireless control device, but a wired and big one.

The seat is not padded enough for a good massage; as a matter of fact, back and seat get stiff so early.

And the sound made by vibrators can be almost unbearable depending on the kind of floor that you have.


How about an FDA registered massage chair? Yes, that’s right. Now you might want to know why this chair is registered by FDA which is only concerned with food and drugs (edibles)?


Since FDA is concerned with medical products and these guys presented their chair as a medical device, they got it registered as a medical device.


This adds to the authenticity of this chair and so do a lot of amazing features like full body massage and zero gravity position etc.

Let us cut it to chase and have a look at the most important pros and cons of this product:


  • 7 Massage Programs
  • 3 Levels of Airbag Intensity Control + 3 Massage Speed Control Levels
  • 3 Stage Ultra Automatic Zero Gravity System
  • Full Body Massage with Special Attention to Details


  • Remote control’s backlight is so dim
  • Rollers are not compatible with body


This massage chair is not an ordinary one considering that over 150 people have bought it. However, neither it is the most sold massage recliner on Amazon nor it is the best, because you cannot decide as to which one is best.

When it comes to choosing the best massage chair, emotions come to play and personal preferences make the decision easier for us.

Let us have a deep insight of all the pros included the abovementioned ones.

  • The Massage Programs


This massage chair offers total 7 massage programs. 4 of them are auto-massage programs e.g. revive your whole body, get full comfort and relaxation massage, intensive back massage and whole body stretching to get you rid of stress and fatigue.

And there are 3 manual massage programs as well. Or you can call them five based on which combinations you use.

So you have kneading, tapping and combination of both, and on top of them there are Shiatsu and rolling options which need basic techniques like kneading and tapping etc.

  • 3 Levels of airbag sensitivity and 3 levels of speed

Airbags are used in a massage chair to use compression as a tool to provide comfort and boost blood flow.

When airbags get inflated they press your fatigued legs or arms and thus you enjoy a good remedy against fatigue. However, simultaneously, they boost the blood flow to those body parts and you feel better and fresher.

Thus, when you get to choose the pressure level of airbags, you can have a better and more fulfilling massaging experience. Obviously, ability to control the pressure of these massage bags is something to cheer about.

Then comes the massage speed levels. Some people would love to have a rodeo ride on a massage chair, give it sincerest 15 minutes, restore their 100% and get back to work.

But there are those who love to prolong the massage to enjoy it and this is why ability to enjoy as many as 3 speed controls is a good thing.

  • Full Body Massage & Attention to Details

Tell you what:

A lot of massage chairs claim to be full body massage chairs, but hardly a few reflect the actual spirit of a full body massage chair.

For a massage recliner to have full body massage capacity, there has to be very profound attention to details.

While reviewing this chair for you, I noticed that the manufacturers don’t only claim it to be a fully body massage chair, but it actually has the attention to detail needed for a full body massage recliner.

For example:

Not only it has the capacity to apply massage to entire back, arms and legs, it also comes with a plan for each different body part.

For example, for buttocks, with its L-style rail, it lets the rollers glide all the way from upper back to the buttocks where they provide really good massage.

Then come features like full body computerized scan, lumbar heating and full body stretching etc. This attention to the details make this one of the best massage recline chairs on our list.

Ideal Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Ideal Massage:

It is the name of the company that makes and sells these chairs on Amazon and as a matter of fact, from the looks of quality, programs and durability, this is an ideal massage chair – although not the only one.

The design, functions and programs etc. are very similar to some A class massage recliner on Amazon e.g. Kahuna or Best Massage etc.

One of the best things about this massage chair is that it is not a 15 minutes’ massage chair, it lets you choose the time that you want to allocate to your full body massage – from head to toe.

Let us have a look at the specifications and the drawbacks to have a better, bigger and clearer picture of this full body massage recliner.


  • You choose your Massage Time – 5 to 30 minutes
  • 3-D Humanized Full Body Massage Chair
  • 4 All-inclusive Auto Programs to Choose From
  • Real Zero Gravity Position with Head Positioned Lower Than Body


  • Rollers for Neck Positioned Poorly
  • Airbags are likely to malfunction


This massage recliner is just as much a mixed bag of everything as any other massage recliner that I have reviewed in this lengthy review.

While it is true that it is full body massage chair, so much so that it addresses the neck too, it has its own flaws.

Depending on your size, the rollers for neck massage may either outsize your neck or won’t reach it.


The perks of this massage chair are really tempting.

For starters, I’ve read motherlode of reviews of people who weren’t happy about how their massage chairs do not let them go for more than 15 minutes in one go or how their get too hot after 15 minutes or 20 minutes of massage.


We will have to examine these pros in detail to see whether the 190+ people who bought this chair were happy customers or unhappy ones.

  • Ability to Choose the Massage Time


I cannot stress more on the importance of one’s ability to choose the massage time that their aching and fatigued body needs.

The manufacturers of this chair did something really important here and instead of making the consumers subject to the programs of this massage chair, they let the consumers choose as to how long a massage they want from a time period of 5 to 30 minutes.

And this is for one go; if you choose for 15 minutes’ massage and when it is finished you feel liking doing it again, you can set a new period from 5 to 30 minutes.

And yes:

This all-inclusive massage is full body, and in case of this chair, full body means neck to toe (well they say head, but we know that most of the massage chairs don’t even bother for neck).

  • 3-D Humanized Massage


This is a technical bit. However, the purpose of this review is not to teach you about how to make computer scanning systems for massage chairs, so let me put it simply.

All top of the list massage chairs have this system. That is, there is a computerized scanner that scant the shape of vertebrae and then makes minor adjustments in the positioning of rollers in order to give you a massage tailored to your body needs.

There, said it.

But this massage recliner is much better (as per the manufacturers) because it has a 3-D system of intelligently detecting your spine’s curves and then take care of them with a near human massage.

  • 4 Auto-programs


That’s a little shocker.

Why? Because we know a lot of massage chairs (even few included in this review) that have as much as 5, 6 or 9 massage programs.


These are not manual massage programs and when you look at the highest number of the auto-massage programs offered by any massage recliner included in this review, you will find out that they are maximum 5.


4 auto-massage programs is not a big issue – as long as they do the job. These 4-auto massage programs are: shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling and vibration.

You know what is a Shiatsu, you also know how rollers and roller movements are used to work massage all the way from top to spine to its end and vibration is a very simple and very well-known therapy.

Kneading – in case you do not know what it is, is an act of compressing tissues against other tissues or bones in an effort to bring peace to the fatigued body part e.g. shoulders.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

There has been this whole different breed of massage recliners that look and feel a lot like a high quality and high-priced executive chair.

Sort of chairs that we often notice in room of a big company’s CEO or Director.

Well, I’m a fan of this type of massage chairs because it adds a certain bourgeois-touch to the whole massaging experience and secondly because it saves money and space to have one piece of furniture for two different tasks.

Inada Sogono Dremwave comes forth as a massage chair that covers the maximum human body real estate coverage massage recliner.

That is, this chair covers more areas of your body than any other massage chair would.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of this product.


  • 1,200 Square Inches Massage Coverage
  • Undulating Human Like Massage with 8 Motions
  • Different Types of Body Stretching
  • Youth Session – Specially Designed for Youth


  • Back Massage Rollers Are Not Strong Enough
  • Lousy Material

I do not know whether it comes as a truth about other products as well or not, but in terms of massage recliners, “you get what you pay for” appears to be the truth.

There are all types of massage recliners over Amazon and some of them cost $2,000 plus, but you cannot really tell as to which one will stand the test of time and which one will not.

This massage recliner is no exception. This is a mixed bag of everything and when I will discuss all the pros of this recliner here, you will see whether it is worthy your bucks or not.

  • 1,200 Square Inches Massage Coverage


Let us first get this one thing right. This massage chair’s manufacturer claims that they take care of your body better than all other massage recliner manufacturers.


Well, they claim that their massage recliners cover 1,200 square inches of your body. This is the broadest body coverage that almost any massage recliner can offer to its customers.

The benefit? Well, supposedly, this massage chair cuddles your body in a much better way and gives you a more fulfilling massage.

The cradle is bigger than other massage recliners and perhaps it receives and surrounds the body in a much better way.

  • 8 Motions – Humans Like Massage

You must be aware of what is a Shiatsu massage, at least by now. And if you do, you must know that it is all about human touch.

Since so many technicalities and complications are involved in hiring a human massager e.g. money, time, compatibility etc., we got used to massage chairs, but irony of the matter is obvious.

We want a machine, but we want it to have a human touch and to give us a human like massage. Well, this massage recliner is fully capable of doing so with not less than 8 distinct undulating motions that make you feel like being massaged by a human.

  • Different Types of Body Stretching

Since body stretching and Yoga are types of physical exertion and massage, almost every good massage chair does have the function of body stretching.

Inada’s massage chair is no exception. It also comes with body stretching functions that help you restore your energy and relieve all the stress and fatigue off of your nerves.

Here are the types of stretching that it offers:

  • Extension
  • Flexion
  • Gentle rotational stretching – of shoulders, hips and mid-back etc.


  • Specially Designed Youth Session


We’re going to have to give this credit to this chair. We all know that something works much better when it is aimed at a segmented part of target customers.

The manufacturers of this chair actually practice this and they have added something like a special youth session in the programming of this chair.

So if you are 14+ and you fall within the age from 14 to 20 (roughly speaking), you can enjoy a rather gentler massage, aimed at youth.


These pros cannot help us looking at the cons, because this chair seems to have some serious issues.

We’re not talking about problems like wireless or wired remote, but some more important issues. Sort of issues that may make or break the deal.

For example:

Is it because of dense and thick upholstery on the back or because of some problem with rollers, but even when you increase the massage strength/sensitivity level, the rollers at back sometimes fail to reach your back properly.


There is problem with upholstery. The material is not A quality one. It starts deteriorating with time and you soon find out that it has worn off at many places.

But this is it, about this massage chair. And this is it about the review as well. We have reviewed the ten best massage chairs in 2020.

Now we will go through some important sections e.g. buying guide, rating guide, best three massage recliners and FAQs.

Buying Guide for Massage Recline Chairs

How about I tell you what you’re thinking?

You’re thinking that I’ve told you about 10 best massage chairs, but I haven’t told you which one is the best and you still do not know the telltale qualities of the best massage chair.

So how to pick one out of top 10 massage recliners on Amazon?


For your ease and satisfaction, here is a complete massage recliner buying guide. If you want to know what you should look for while buying massage recliners, just read these most important qualities and get one that suits best your pocket and your requirements.

Know Your Requirements


This is the most important aspect of buying a massage recliner. You should know your requirements and why you need a massage recliner.

  • Bob is 45 – he needs a massage recliner because he has some problem with his spine and his physicist asked him to get one.
  • Lynda is 40 – she needs a massage recliner because she get tired after a busy day and she needs to relax, get her nerves rid of the stress and reclaim her body.
  • Josh is 18 – he loves Shiatsu massage after a few hectic hours of soccer and workout, so he needs a massage recliner, but he wants one that will go easy on him.

So, who are you? Perhaps you do not even need a massage chair and a shiatsu massage cushion with basic features would suffice in your case.

You need to know your exact expectations from a massage recliner and then pick one that suits your needs.

Know Your Budget


Here comes the disappointment. We cannot simply buy anything that we want. This ain’t a candy shop and we aren’t kids.


It is perfectly possible that you find a massage chair and you fell in love at first sight, but when you look at that price tag, you learn that it is way beyond your budget.

Frankly speaking, we have all types of massage chairs in this review and while some of them are less than $500, there are those which cost more than $2,000.


You need to know that you can bring home a massage chair any day, but it will be not be one that you lost your heart to.

Most probably, it’ll be the one that you can afford. The good news? There are many that you can afford and if you don’t even afford the cheapest one – hey, there are always those shiatsu massage cushions that you can use.

Follow the Brand

When a business starts selling well, it is called a successful business. When a business gets acknowledged only for its name or logo, it becomes a brand.

Follow the brand. You will find many businesses selling good quality massage chairs, you will find good reviews on their listing, but you are always reluctant to buy because you do not know them.


Because, as much money as they have been making, they are not recognizable brands. And if they are not recognizable, it means that irrespective of good review, there is an amount of risk.

Follow the Reviews

Number is the key here. Let me tell you a dirty secret of selling on websites like Amazon or eBay etc.

They are rife with Asian sellers and brands. I do not hold anything against them, but there is literally nothing that you can do if the product fails after the limited time protected by Amazon.

So, how to know that a product is legit? Follow these rules:

  • Firstly, check the number of reviews the product has.
  • Secondly, check as to how many of them are positive reviews.
  • Thirdly and lastly, check as to how many reviews were given with Asian names and how many were given with American/European names.

If a product has many reviews – it means it attracted a lot of customers and it might be a good one. They might be a legit company with a marketing campaign that raked in so many sales.

If a product’s reviews are 90% positive, it means that the ratio of risk is only 10%. However, this is conditioned with third and last point.

If all those positive ratings are from Asian names, beware that those are highly likely to be fake reviews from that Asian Company’s Asian employees.

However, if most or all of the reviews are made with American/European names, then it means that the product is legit and you may buy it.

Attention to Details

Whether these are the bullet points explaining qualities of the product or the reviews by customers, always look for real, authentic and verifiable statistics and facts.

Words like “best”, “awesome” and similar other words and expressions are no longer relevant. You are going to buy a product that has a lot to do with technical details.

If your main problem area is your feet and a “very good” and “durable” massage chair does not offer full body massage, it is waste of money to buy it.

So read the bullet points, product description and reviews to find out material details about the product.

  1. Research

I think you would agree:

All of us know what we want from a massage machine, but we do not know how a massage recline chair can address those issues.

So, if you have problem with your feet or shin or calves and you end up buying a massage chair that is not a full body massage chair, you will be really disappointed.

Because of most of massage chairs that do not provide full body massage, ignore the feet area.

So, do proper research about different equipment used in different massage chairs. For example, rail is the metal rail that is used to help rollers run from top of back to the end of it.

Rollers are the plastic wheel-shaped things that go up and down, in different movements, and provide you a back massage.

Likewise, air compression bags are used from top to bottom to give you a much better blood flow. And for the same purpose the heating pads are used in back and feet area.

Then comes vibration; this is mostly used in seat so as to address the problems with pelvic area.


In very small letters, perhaps at some inconspicuous place, these cunning manufacturers mention the warranty. You need to fetter through the entire page to find out whether there is a warranty or not, and if there is a warranty, is it only for a year or more.

Where to Buy Massage Chairs?


This is one important reason why I mentioned Amazon in this review for price check and for reference.

Amazon is the place where you should buy a massage chair, or for that matter, anything apart from groceries.


Well, there are many valid reasons for this; take a look:

  • Firstly, you can find all massage chairs at one place and you do not have to go to the website of each and every massage recliner that you consider.
  • Secondly, at the same place you can read the reviews of the people who have already tried the product, and you can make your mind about buying it or passing it.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, when you buy from Amazon, not only you are protected by whatsoever warranty is given by the company, but you also enjoy Amazon protection. If you find out that a product is not what it looked like – send it back straight away.

Benefits of Massage Recliners & Chairs

If you still wonder as to what physical benefits you may enjoy with massage chairs, here is a full breakdown of all these benefits.

Take a look at what a good massage recliner can do for you. Shaitsu, full body or zero-gravity etc. depends all on your personal requirements and choices.

Fixes Sore Muscles

The biggest problem that takes us to a physicist or makes us seek a massage is the sore muscles and tissues.

They give birth to pain and ache that won’t let you enjoy your day or perform your daily functions. These pains and aches are definitely needed to be resolved.

A good massage chair takes good care of the pain, fatigue and ache in your body part, especially when they arise out of sore muscles and tissues.

Exhaustive work out, difficult work routine or a day carried away by moving furniture and stuff – anyone of these can be the reason and a massage chair fixes this with moving rollers and air bag compression as well as with heat.

Rids You of Stress & Fatigue

Whether you are physically fatigued or mentally stressed, result is always the same. You end up with stressed nerves and those nerves have to be taken care of.

Stress and fatigue may result in bigger problems as well and normally a 15 minutes’ massage is enough to relieve stress and fatigue off of your nerves and brain.

The air compression bags and rollers can help you a great deal while no one is around, except your massage chair, and thus you feel relaxed and revived.

Improves the Blood Flow

If there is one thing that we cannot stress enough upon is the importance of blood flow for our life.

From brain to heart itself to other vital organs to genitals, supply of healthy and clean blood is the secret of a healthy and functional life.

Lest we forget, all important nutrients for our vital body organs and bones are transported via blood and the last thing that you want on your list is clogged arteries.

All functions of a massage chair are mainly focused on ideal blood flow – heating pad, vibration, rollers and air compression all help you with getting a better flow of blood.

Better Sitting Posture

Most of the people who have to buy a massage chair are those who have a back bone problem. Since our sitting posture gets badly affected our hipster life style and hardly a few of us care to sit with a back bone straight like an arrow, we all need medical or similar help.

A massage chair’s rollers find the position of your spine, echo with that position and work to make it better. As a result, with punctual and long term use of massage chair, you get a straight sitting posture that protects you from backbone anomalies.

Criteria for this Review of 10 Best Massage Chairs


We all know that we need a massage chair to treat a problem in our spine or just to get rid of stress and fatigue.


We do not know as to what are the features that we should always look for while buying massage chairs.

Here is a list and explanation of each factor that is a part of our reviewing criteria. These factors make or break the quality of a massage chair.

Have a look:

Real Estate


This sounds funny, but in case of a massage chair, a human body is a real estate, and a good massage chair is one that covers the biggest part of this real estate.

In simple words:

If your massage chair covers spine but it does not cover neck, or if it covers both neck and spine, but it does not cover legs, it is anywhere from good to ugly based on how much area it covers.

Quality and Number of Airbags

Ever heard of compressions socks?

They are nothing but airbags that compress your feet and then they loosen the grip to let fresh blood come to the feet.

Bad blood circulation is a big reason for a lot of sufferings and with fresh blood coming to your feet (or other body parts) you feel much better and less fatigued.

This is exactly what airbags in those lush massage chairs do. Their compression quality and the number of them used in a chair, decide how good is a massage chair.

Quality and Number of Rollers

Just like airbags, these rollers are also there for one purpose – better blood circulation. Also, they provide you a massage on particular body areas where you feel pain, stress or fatigue.

From kneading action to rolling vertically, they are used in various very diverse settings as per the bodily needs of a person.

Their quality, the number of them uses in a chair e.g. quad rollers for back or luxurious foot rollers, and their movement styles (which rely a lot on massage programs) make the difference and make a chair either good or plain ugly.

Massage Programs

Depending on the nature of your fatigue and on how deep you pocket is, you may choose from a wide array of massage chairs with a variety of massage programs.

These programs are focused on one or two body parts e.g. spine or legs, and thus you can customize as too which body part must be massaged at a certain time – also the intensity of that massage.

Back Heat

All of massage chairs do not come with a back heat therapy. We all know that in conditions such as injury and pain, heat is a very effective remedy.


High quality and expensive massage chairs mostly have this back heat luxury and this makes them much better than those that don’t have it.

Seat Vibration

Another tool used for blood circulation. Vibration does not only pull you out from a state of dizziness, but it also boosts blood circulation which is the most important reason why top-notch massage chairs and cushions have this functionality.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a special type of Japanese massage that is kind of all-inclusive remedy for your body’s wrongs. The main point of this massage is applying equal pressure to certain points of your body that need massage or any sort of remedy.

This massage has been adapted by the massage chair manufacturers, and now some massage chair companies claim that their massage chair applies a shiatsu massage to your body.

Remote Control

Instead of controlling your lavish massage chair by tapping on the screen of its panel or pushing buttons on the same, I bet you would love a remote control and control the massage programs and movements just like you control your television or air conditioner from a distance.


This was our review and judgment criteria and you will see a table in the end of this review that will show as to how each and every chair in this review performs in terms of these standards.


Before we jump to the chairs and see the best ones, let us first discover as to how a massage chair can help you with minor injuries, displacements, stress, fatigue and pain etc.

How does a Massage Chair work?

A massage chair is just like any random recliner, except some airbags and rollers and heat massage systems are installed in it and there is an electric circuit to keep these things moving and working.

For your buttocks it uses vibration, for legs, there are compression bags and for your back it has rollers that massage vertically as well as horizontally – and yes, there is back heat function to improve blood flow and decrease pain and fatigue.

What Does a Massage Chair Do?


I don’t really think that a shallow answer will work here because we all know what it does; it does exactly what a masseuse or massager will do to a human body.

Technically speaking:

A massage chair helps a mother lode in relieving stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue off of your body. If you really want to reduce your nerves’ tension level, you either need a manual massage or a massage chair.

Also, if your muscles are stressed due to physical labor or exhaustive workout or other similar reasons, you need to spend 15 minutes on a massage chair to feel that your muscles aren’t stressed as before.

Improved blood flow: I can’t stress more on how much important it is to have a good blood flow in your body. From heart itself to brain to feet, you need good blood flow. A massage chair, from compression air bags to heat massage ensures that you get a good blood flow for a long day.

Alleviation of pain and spine fatigue is also a very big plus point of massage chairs. A good massage chair will definitely relax your spine and decrease the pain arising out of minor displacements or problems.

Last but not the least, all of us end up having a bad sitting posture which eventually effects our spine – a good massage chair can help you get back a good spine posture.

Massage Chairs Comparison Chart

No further ado:

Let us get to know where each of these massage chairs stand. We defined a ranking criteria, here’s a table based on that criteria and you can see the benefits of each and every chair to find out which one is the best.

Which Massage Chairs Brand is Best?

  1. Best 1 – Kahuna SM-7300
  2. Best 2 – Kahuna LM-6800
  3. Best 3 – Inada Sogno Dreamwave

How does a massage chair work?

A massage chair uses many different tools and techniques to fix your stress, pain or displacement problem.

For example, heating massage is used to calm the aching body part and boost blood flow.

The air compression bags are also used to restore the blood flow. They press the body and release it with increased blood flow.

Vibration also works to improve sensory skills and blood flow. However, rollers are not for the blood flow. Their main job is to press the tissues and muscles along the spine to disperse pain and give you a long lasting relief.

Roller do not only roll, they knead as well. Kneading replace the human action of rubbing. It has been explained above.

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