Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person

Best Massage Chairs for Tall PersonsGood day!

Today we are going to discuss 4 different best massage chairs for a tall person….all big enough for people taller than average.

You will agree:

Most of the massage recliners that we see online or in the market have just such a precise space for each and every limb and joint.

If you are just an inch or two taller than average height, it is not easy for you to fit in a commonly found massage chair.

It seems to me that there is no room for taller people and there should have been a list of best massage chairs for tall person, and here it is.

Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person 2020 [Top]

Infinity IT-8500 X3 Tall Person Massage Chair

Infinity IT-8500 X3 - Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair - Featuring Air Compression, Decompression Stretch, Lumbar Heat, and Shiatsu Technique- Brown

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If your idea of a massage recliner is one that can be used as an executive chair as well as a lush recliner, then this chair is absolutely for you.

From its outer finish to its upholstery to the overall impression of this chair, it is made to complement anywhere you place it.

What we liked
  • Longest L-Track Roller System
  • Two Level Zero Gravity Position
  • Customized Foot & Calf Massage
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
What We didn't like
  • No Music System
  • Time Taking Assembly

No Music System

We have seen, researched, and reviewed a huge number of massage chairs and we know that music is now considered sort of something that you must provide with a massage chair.

There are those that have Bluetooth speakers and then there are those that have a USB system; you just use a flash drive and hear any kind of music that you love.

Why is it important? Simple! Music is therapeutic and when you combine this with massage therapy, you get 2 x relief from stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Time Taking Assembly


This massage recliner is not like a few others that come pre-assembled or that are very easy to assemble. We even have plug n play type massage recliners.

However, this chair comes in three boxes (three different structures), and you have to assemble these parts and pieces correctly in order to have one big massage recliner. This is definitely a problem.

Longest L-Track Roller System

First thing first:

It is in itself a big pro if the chair’s roller track is no s-shaped, but L-shaped. Why? Because while S-track is still relevantly new and better than chairs that don’t have it, it does not reach hamstrings and hipbone.

With a very long L-track roller system, you get a more satisfying and deep massage, because rollers reach the areas of your body that were otherwise inaccessible.

2 Level Zero Gravity Position

We have explained this zero gravity feature again and again, but let us briefly explain it here. In a zero-gravity mode, your weight is evenly distributed across your chair and since your ankles are at an elevation higher than your heart, you get a better blood flow as well.

What’s best about this chair?

It is one of the few ones that lets you choose from 2 zero gravity positions; this means that you can choose the intensity of blood flow.

Customized Foot & Calf Massage

The foot rollers in this massage chair are 2 for each foot and you can customize the speed of those dual foot rollers – you can select 1 out of 3 different speed levels.

Also, Apart from speed, the foot and calf massage is customizable. You can choose how the airbags around your calves and how the rollers under your feet work.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

It is bad that you cannot enjoy heat therapy for your shoulders, arms, or legs, but it is good that you have the heat massage available for the place where it is needed the most: the lumbar area.

The heated massage at the lumbar area provides relaxation to your tightened muscles, relief to pain or injury and it improves the blood flow.


Kahuna SM-7300 Superior  [RECOMMENDED] 


Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers - SM-7300 (Dark Brown/Black)

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Kahuna is a big name in the massage recliners industry. Kahuna’s SM-7300 is one of the top tall person massage chairs available in the market.

Kahuna, like most of the manufacturers, makes massage recliners for people with all sorts of pockets. Kahuna SM-7300 does not have all the qualities that some other versions have.

Here’s our take on the pros and cons.

What we liked
  • 5 Auto and 4 Special Programs
  • Hybrid S-L Track 6 Wheels Roller System
  • Space Saving Zero Gravity Option
  • Heating Therapy
What We didn't like
  • Only One Zero Gravity Position
  • No Heat Therapy for Calves

Only One Zero Gravity Position

While this massage chair comes with a zero-gravity system – perhaps one of the best ones, it still offers only one position, which is not good.

No Heat Therapy for Calves

We know that heat is a much-needed therapy that we need in case of stress, pain or agony. Calves are one of the body parts that need heat therapy, but this chair does not offer heat therapy to calves.

5 Auto and 4 Special Programs

This massage chair includes a total of 9 programs: 5 of them are basic auto programs and 4 of them are special programs for a special type of massage. Here is the detail:

  • Yoga Stretching
  • Fast Recovery
  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Athlete
  • Office Person
  • Golfer
  • Senior Mode
  • Dynamic Sport

Space Saving Zero Gravity Position

While this massage recliner has only one zero gravity position and that’s a big drawback, the good thing is Kahuna’s innovative space-saving zero gravity position.

Unlike other massage chairs, you do not need to place this massage recliner many inches away from the wall in order to try zero gravity. With a space-saving system, you just place chair 3 away from the wall and enjoy a zero gravity position.

Heating Therapy

Although the heating system is not available for many areas, including calves, it is good that you can use it in the lumbar area where it is actually very much needed. Let us admit, that in the case of most of the massage chairs, heat massage is only available for the lumbar area.


Ogawa Smart Tall Reclining Massager


Ogawa Touch 3D Massage Chair (Ivory & Chocolate)Check Price on Amazon

Ogawa is not a very well-known manufacturer of massage recliners.

But, judging the brand by its product, it is pretty easy to predict that this brand is going to give a tough time to old-timers like Kahuna and Medical Breakthrough.

Here’s our take on the pros and cons.

What we liked
  • Save Unlimited Personalized Settings with a Tab
  • 2 Position Zero Gravity
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Smart 3D Massage Programs
What We didn't like
  • Heat Massage Limited to Lumbar
  • Airbag Intensity Cannot Be Personalized

For starters:

This is a smart 3D massage chair and it comes with many smart features. However, with each and every massage chair out there, you will find one or another issue.

Here are the cons of this product.

Heat Massage Limited to Lumbar

This is sort of an issue that is not specific to this chair; you will find this problem in the case of every other massage recliner.

The heated massage is only available for the lumbar area; while it is good to have it where it is needed the most, it could have been better to have this facility in the neck, shoulder, and feet area.

Airbag Intensity Cannot Be Personalized

On the Samsung tab that you get with this massage chair (specifically for this purpose), you notice that there is no option to increase or decrease the pressure of airbags. This option is available with most of the good-quality massage recliners.

However, In the case of this one, all you can do is go with the global setting. This is all about the cons, here is the detail about the pros of this product.

Unlimited Personalized Settings

Ogawa massage recliner is a smart recliner so using its tab (the attached one) and app, one can save one’s personalized massage settings.

This is different than the normal body scan gimmick that most of the other massage chairs use. All you have to do is sit in this recliner, choose your settings from the tab, and enjoy a 100% personalized massage.

2 Position Zero Gravity

This chair beats many other massage recliners because it has a 2 position zero-gravity system. Most of the full body massage recliners that we have used and reviewed have only one zero-gravity setting. It is always good to get to choose from two levels of blood flow.

Bluetooth Speakers

Ogawa massager comes with its own fully integrated music system. It is a high-quality sound system based on Bluetooth speakers. You can enjoy massage and the music altogether, and this goes without saying that music is therapeutic and very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

Just use the integrated USB port to plug in a flash drive and enjoy the music, or use the same port of charging your mobile devices.

Smart 3D Massage Programs

While using this chair you can choose from seventeen 3D programs – and that too with just one touch.

Each of those programs involves various known massage techniques like kneading, tapping, clapping & rolling and Shiatsu, etc.

You can take all different styles of techniques and modes, and make your own personalized massage, save the settings and enjoy it whenever you want.


INADA DreamWave Tall Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, BlackCheck Price on Amazon


INADA is not a very famous name when it comes to massage chairs, massage recliners, and cushions. But, this massage chair of theirs is a full body massage recliner for a tall person.

Here is what we think about the pros and cons.

What we liked
  • Shiatsu Body Scan
  • Infrared Heating for Lumbar and Seat
  • Quad-roller S-Track
  • Six Massage Techniques
What We didn't like
  • No Music System
  • Only One Zero Gravity Mode

If you cannot see by the pros and cons detail as to how near-perfect this massage recliner is, you cannot get it by any other way. I mean, look at the cons – they do not even matter much.

However, Here is everything about the drawbacks of this massage lounger.

No Music System

There is no music system in this chair – no USB slot, no speakers, nothing.

Only One Zero Gravity Mode

Almost all big massage recliners have a zero-gravity mode, so it is not an advantage to have one. The advantage is to have two or more, which this thing does not have

Shiatsu Body Scan

The automatic body scan in this chair scans your body for shiatsu points and once the complete body scan is done, it devises a massage session tailored specifically to the form of your spine and the shiatsu points.

This body scan is 3D in nature and once it is done, based on your unique pressure points, it adjusts the rollers to give you 1005 tailored massage. However, you can always manually control the rollers in case you think the scan failed.

Infrared Heating

The heating in this chair is sourced from infrared and it is available for the seat and the lower back area. This means that you can apply heat therapy to your lumbar, hips, and thighs.

Quad Roller S-Track

There is a bit of disappointment here because the track is not an L-shaped one, but an S-shaped one. However, lest we forget, S-track is not the most advanced roller track, but it is still better than others. Since it is a quad roller set, you get a better massage.

Six Massage Techniques

With this massage recliner, you get a wide array of features; for example, it offers six massage techniques to choose from.

These techniques are human hands, kneading, double kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and a mix of kneading and tapping.



Here is a table that will help you understand our verdict in a much better way.

  • Ogawa Smart 3D Massager – because this massage chair if fully operable with the attached tab, massage settings can be saved and reused and unlike Kahuna and INADA it has 2 levels of zero gravity. So, it’s the best option for a tall or big person

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