Best Home Gyms Under $1000

Home Gyms under $1000

Home gyms are in trend now. It is a better option to do your daily workouts at home if you are aware of the basics of the gym exercise.

A home gym is the all-in-one material for all types of exercises.

There are certain parameters to select a home gym for the best results.

The bearing system of the home gym equipment must be great in order to have a smooth and swift exercise experience.

The most important consideration is the quality of the frame material used in the construction of the home gym trainer.

The frame material must be durable and made of high-quality material. The weight stack must be above the average.

There should be a minimum of 150 lbs. weight stack for the beginners and it should also be upgradable. The warranty limit must also be feasible for the home gyms.

Below is the list of the best home gyms under $ 1000.

Best Home Gyms Under $1000 (Top Picks)

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

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Kinelo Marcy Deluxe Diamond Elite Smith Cage Home Workout Machine Total Body Gym System

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Marcy Diamond is one of the most reliable brands in fitness equipment. Marcy Diamond is at the top of the list when it comes to the economical choice for home gyms.

It is obvious from its construction that the frame is durable and requires a large surface area. You cannot place it in your living room. It’s more likely a garage gym.

There are a multi-purpose cage and bench in this home gym and you can do a number of diverse exercises on this single machine.

It came with the accessories like a multi-functional bench with preacher pad and leg raise, triceps rope, ankle cuff, sports handle, long bar, curl bar, ankle cuffs, and short bar.

There is the use of ultra-glide linear bearing technology in this Marcy Diamond home gym equipment.

The advanced bearing technology allows the buyer to perform all the exercises swiftly and comfortably from any angle.


  • It is durable and reliable.
  • A handy functional trainer with a number of exercise options.
  • Advanced Bearing technology makes it easy to use and adapt.


  • No text guide is available for assembling this home gym machine.
  • Weights are not provided with this fitness machine.

Body Solid G1 S Home Gym

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Body-Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym

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In a limited budget, body solid G1-S is the best home gym for beginners as well as experienced bodybuilders.

The commonly has a good reputation for making home gyms since 1989 and it came with a good fame in the market.

This home gym is basically used as an entry-level to the gym and is very strong, durable, and powerful. The foot size is kept compact, so it can easily be adjusted to a normal room as well.

You can perform over 40 different exercises for the whole body. This home gym enables you to do chest exercises, shoulder and biceps, triceps exercise, legs workouts and many other versatile ranges of exercises.

There is the presence of a bio-mechanically developed chest station which allows you to do various chest exercises with ease. Leg curl station is also available in this compact package.


  • This home gym has a Military-grade cable which is very durable and rigid.
  • Weight plates are made of supreme material and have nylon bushings for smooth operation.
  • There is a lifetime warranty for the whole package.
  • A user can perform more than 40 exercises on this compact home gym.


  • The weight stack is not upgradable.
  • No leg curl press is present.


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Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Stack MWM-988

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The second product from Marcy manufacturers is at the third spot in our ranking for the best home gyms under $ 1000.

As reflected by the name, this home gym has a weight stack of 150 lbs. which is perfect for beginners.

It is a complete home gym with the availability of the 30 plus exercises on a single machine.

You can do chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs exercise on this home gym with ease.

The machine has the dual function butterfly arm which enables the user to do the vertical butterflies and chest presses.

There are a lad station and an adjustable preacher curl pad which are used for back and biceps workouts.


  • This home gym enables you to perform 30+ exercises.
  • You can do chest, shoulders, arms, back, and leg exercises on this simple and economical fitness machine.
  • Leg pads have comfortable foam padding.
  • Sealed bearings are responsible for the smooth and noiseless motion of the parts.
  • Aircraft rated cable is used in this fitness equipment.


  • There is no space for additional weight stack.
  • No details of the warranty are provided.

Bowflex Pr-3000 Home Gym

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Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym with Upgrade

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Bowflex is the name of the innovation in the field of fitness equipment. This brand is famously known for the unique construction of their gym equipment.

The Bow-Arrow mechanism is used in the construction of this home gym and the name of the machine is a reflection of this phenomenon.

This brand is manufacturing the quality home gyms from 1986. The PR-3000 is a versatile home gym that allows you to do more than 50 exercises on a single machine.

One of the interesting features in this fitness equipment is the absence of a weight stack.

There is no weight stack, but the machine allows you different levels of resistance during the exercises and these resistances are equivalent to 5-210 lbs.


  • The buyer can do 50+ exercises on this home gym.
  • There are no weight stacks, the product came with resistance training mechanism.
  • User-friendly cable pulley system.
  • Weight resistance can be increased to 310 lbs. from 210 lbs.


  • Frame warranty is less as compared to other Bowflex home gyms.
  • Weight resistance is also kept low in this home gym by Bowflex manufacturers.

Marcy Mkm-81010 Dual Stack Home Gym

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Marcy Stack Dual Function Home Gym – 200 lb. Stack MKM-81010

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The last home gym under $ 1000 is from the Marcy company. The home gyms from Marcy are everywhere in the global market because of their supreme quality material and efficiency in different exercises.

Marcy’s MKM-81010 is a complete home gym. A user can do all the body workouts on this single fitness equipment.

There are removable arm curls attached to this fitness equipment which can be adjusted to the physical features of the user.

A comfortable foam roller pads are also there to aid the leg exercises with super comfort. The buyer can workout on the hamstrings, quads, and glutes with ease.

There is also the availability of the resistance exercises for the pectoral muscles and the chest muscles with the help of the butterfly press.


  • It is a complete body workout package.
  • 200 lbs. weight stack is perfect for a home gym.
  • Weight stack has two layers of protection.
  • 14-gauge premium steel is used to make the durable frame of this fitness gym.


  • There is difficulty in assembling the whole package.
  • Limited warranty of 2 years.


In this article, we presented the best home gyms under $ 1000. There are certain parameters to choose the top 5 home gyms under $ 1000.

All the presented home gyms are up to the mark with the availability of a number of exercises on a single machine at home place.

Marcy diamond elite smith cage is the best home gym in our opinion under $ 1000. It is a complete home gym and allows the user to perform a chest, back, legs, shoulders, and arms exercises.

It is reliable and durable with advanced cable, bearings, and pulley system for the smoothest of the exercise experience.

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