15 Best Gaming Mouse Under 50 (2019’s Latest Guide)

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Starting to get into competitive gaming?

Who wouldn’t? Some gaming groups make a professional career from gaming.

If you’re starting to adapt to the gaming lifestyle, best gaming mouse under 50you might want to look for the¬†best wireless routers¬†around.

It’s important so you can play games without experiencing performance drops.

But don’t stop there. You need to pair it with accessories like a gaming mouse to make the most out of the experience. A good mouse can ensure you’re more accurate and a whole lot faster when playing.

15 Best Gaming Mouse Under 50 (Top Picks)

LINGYI Gaming Mouse

In most cases, getting the cheapest option won’t give you the best gaming experience. That’s what makes¬†the LINGYI mouse¬†an unexpected gem within the $10 price range. Its sensor has a lot of precision and it doesn’t overreach.

This feature makes it easier for you to turn in video games. It allows you to do so without picking up the mouse a whole lot. Its degree of precision is such that it doesn’t need you to overcorrect or under-correct while gaming.

It’s great when you’re playing competitive shooter games. After all, this LINGYI mouse strikes a great balance between its DPI, IPS, and sensitivity. Its design is cool and its lights change every now and then.

VersionTech 2400 DPI Mouse

This mouse is great if you want to play MMO games. The cheapness of this mouse isn’t obvious since it looks great. Its color shifts through the rainbow and at times it glows with more than one color.

As for functionalities, the mouse turns without a hitch. Priced around $10, the¬†VersionTech 2400¬†is still a great investment if you’re looking for a beautiful mouse with a decent degree of functionality.

Steel Series Rival 700

The Rival 700 is a unique mouse that comes with an OLED display. It shows different things like its settings or some GIFs made for this display. You can download it from several other series from this brand.

This mouse is a modular type that gives features like RGB lighting and adjustable DPI settings. The DPI maxes out at 16,000 on the mouse’s optical sensor. The maximum DPI for the laser sensor is at 8,000.

Its expensive price matches its versatility since you can play FPS, RPG, and MMO games without problems. The only issue with this mouse brand is that it isn’t available for left-handed users. It also has modules you can buy separately if you’re willing to shell out more money.

Asus ROG Spatha

This is Asus’s flagship when it comes to gaming mice. It’s a massive gaming mouse that comes with all sorts of features like more buttons and RGB effects. The latter can sync up with products made by the same manufacturer, such as motherboards.

It’s magnificent since it’s made out of a magnesium alloy instead of the traditional materials. It’s heavier than the others and its price is something only hardcore gamers are willing to pay for. It’s worth it since it has lots of programmable buttons and it’s easy to charge.

The mouse is wireless, but you have the option to use wires. No matter how you use it, it doesn’t come with any input lag. With around 12 programmable buttons, you’ll a better degree of convenience.

The ROG Spatha¬†isn’t perfect since it comes with some flaws like the flimsiness of the side buttons. It doesn’t affect its capabilities despite this. You’re still getting the value you deserve for the price.

Razer Ouroboros

Razer is a multi-billion dollar hardware company made for gamers. The mouse’s features make it a worthy competitor of the Asus Spatha since it has the same wired/wireless capabilities. Unlike its Asus competitor, the Ouroboros offers an ambidextrous design that attracts a better market.

Remember,¬†the Ouroboros mouse¬†caters to hardcore enthusiasts so it doesn’t come with RGB lighting. It’s a pretty old model so expect a more updated version in the future. By then, it will most likely have the Chroma lighting feature.

Its greatest feature is that you can shift or remove parts of the mouse. You can tune the weight and the palm rest of the mouse to get a great grip experience. It has 11 programmable buttons with dual sensors that keep everything accurate.

TeckNet Professional Optical Computer Wireless Mouse

This TeckNet mouse¬†is wireless and it has an optical sensor with 4000 DPI. Its battery can last around 12 months even with regular use. It has a low battery indicator to ensure that you’re never caught by surprise when playing your games.

It has an ergonomic design that gives health benefits like comfort while gripping it. It prevents awkward posture and prevents unnecessary stress. You can rely on this mouse to get you those much-desired headshots in FPS games.

Its 2.4 GHz wireless mouse technology allows you to have a stable signal up to a 10-meter range.

Pictek 2400DPI 2.4G Wireless Mouse

This¬†mouse from Pictek¬†has 7 buttons that allow you to adjust the DPI five times. Its clicking sound is almost silent so you won’t need to worry about it during your gameplay sessions. It helps in maintaining your concentration while preventing others from getting distracted with the clicking.

This wireless mouse has the same technology as TeckNet’s mouse. Its advanced energy-saving chip ensures that it doesn’t run out of power even with intense use. Its design looks great and you can toggle its LED lights with an on/off button.

Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

Here’s a brand,¬†known for their computer products. They have some of¬†the best keyboards¬†on the market, for example.

Logitech also creates some of the best gaming mouse around. If you want a long battery life, you can rely on this mouse to deliver without a performance decrease. It has the Delta Zero sensor technology that ensures high accuracy when gaming.

This Logitech mouse¬†has a guaranteed 250 hours of battery life. It also comes with an indicator so you’ll know when it’s time to change the battery. It has programmable buttons that makes it more functional no matter what game you’re playing.

It has a durable build with a 20-million click lifespan. It’s reliable and you won’t get delayed responses.

E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Mouse

One of the more advanced game mice in the market, this mouse has an ergonomic design made for right-handed gamers. Its enhanced performance makes it usable within a 30-foot range. This grants you more freedom to move around without suffering any sort of performance loss.

Its LED lighting makes your surroundings much brighter even in total darkness.¬†The E-Blue Mazer II¬†has the OMRON Micro Switch that makes it durable at 5 million clicks. This stays consistent even when you’re having an intense gaming experience.

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

The MM057 mouse is best due to its performance and flexibility during gameplay. You can adjust the DPI with its switch. This allows you to have a degree of control without necessary software or hardware.

It has a lifespan of 5 million clicks on the average. Its wireless range is stable at 10 meters for maximum comfort. Its battery life is longer at 15 months, giving you an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The best part is that it has a relatively low cost and five DPI switches. The only drawback is the fact that it doesn’t have LED lights. If you aren’t fond of dull mouse design, you might want another brand.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

The best feature of¬†this Anker mouse¬†is its scientific ergonomic design. This allows you to stay comfortable even when you’re spending more hours gaming. It reduces the strain from both your hands and arm to ensure that you won’t suffer from pain later on.

It has this resolution optical tracking technology. This allows you to move the mouse without any problems no matter what surface to use. It’s an important feature if you need precision and accuracy when playing games.

With this, you can count on it to give you the comfort and performance you need to master your game.

Logitech G403 Wired Version

If you’re fond of FPS games, this Logitech mouse is the best fit for you. It’s lightweight due to weight tuning, making it the ideal choice for long FPS gaming sessions. Its design makes its button slope more gradual while making the buttons stay in the center.

This type of design ensures that it fits most people’s style of gripping. Its 3366 optical sensor prevents the cursor from spinning out while gaming. You won’t experience unexpected rattling or accelerations.

The best part about the Logitech G403 is its price at under $50. If you have more money to spend, you can opt to buy the wireless version.

Redragon Perdition

When it comes to mice used for MMO gaming, the Redragon Perdition is a great fit. It has lots of programmable buttons and a great ergonomic design. Its affordable price makes it a better grid mouse compared to other models like the ones from Razer and Logitech.

Its Avago sensor allows this mouse to support up to 16,400 DPI. Of course, it isn’t as accurate as most of the other mice on this list. It’s not something you’re likely to notice unless you’re doing competitive shooter games.

The mouse’s other features include a tuning weight of 20 grams, five color modes, a six-foot braided cable, and 30g acceleration. The M90 Perdition is great at $40 if your main purpose is to play MMOs.

Zowie FK2

The FK2 has an ambidextrous orientation, making it great even if you’re left-handed. When you take FPS games to the next level, you can rely on its super-accurate sensor complemented by its streamlined design. It strikes the perfect balance between lightweight and durability.

Whether you’re a claw or palm grip user, you’ll find comfort with the FK2. A lot of people say that its comfort level is such that it feels like an extension of their hand. After all, its size, weight, accuracy, and responsiveness feel right no matter what game you play.

The only gripe people have with¬†this Zowie mouse¬†is its lack of proper software support. It’s a minor problem but it’s always better to have a means of seeing your mouse options. With this, you don’t have the option to make it more personalized towards your play style.

Aside from this, it’s a good $60 mouse a lot of professional gamers use for competitive FPS tournaments.

Thermaltake Talon Blu

Another ambidextrous mouse, the Talon Blu has the Avago 3050 as its sensor. This is rare considering the fact that the mouse has such a low price. Rest assured, Thermaltake managed it without resulting to heavy compromises with its performance.

Its quality looks good, with materials looking well put together. Depending on your preferences, the lightweight feel of the mouse is one of its better features. The comfort it gives stays consistent throughout the years.

Like the Zowie FK2, its main problem is its lack of software support. Despite this, it’s one of the most functional mice out there. You can use it for both FPS and other games at an unbeatable price point.

Get the Best Gaming Mouse under 50 Today!

Getting the best gaming mouse under 50 is crucial for competitive gaming. If you don’t know where to start, you can use this guide to get the best deals.

A good mouse is only the start. There are other great accessories you might need for competitive gaming or to enhance the experience. You may need a suitable keyboard or headset to truly enjoy the game.

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