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Top Best Functional Trainers

Today we are going to review some of the best functional trainers available in the global market with a complete analysis of their usage, strengths, and weaknesses.

You will see everyone trying to invest their money in something productive and efficient to ensure that they receive a better return in the end.

This rule applies to anything you do in your life, even the functional trainers that you buy.  Functional trainers are the new in-home gym equipment designed to bring the training machine inside your room.

On the other hand, you receive a complete package without much research because experts have designed these functional trainer machines to make your workout versatile with upgraded cords, pulleys, weights, and adjustments.

Now, coming to the thing that has brought you here, we have compiled three of the most popular and value-adding machines in the market to let you choose from.

The article also discusses some of the most frequently asked questions about functional trainers, so let us get started without further delay.

Best Functional Trainer Cable Machine Review 2021 [Top Picks]

XMark Functional Fitness Trainer XM-7626

We would like to start with one of the most famous functional trainers in the market right now. Order this beast, and you will receive a durable and heavy weight lifting machine made from gauge steel.

There are two different weight stacks with a weight of 200 pounds each. The pulleys are smooth and steady, with 19 different setting holes manufactured 3.5 inches apart.

The size is pretty much compact when you consider installing a mini gym inside your house. The dimensions are 65 inches wide, 43.5 inches long, and 83 inches high.

The accessories are also something to love about the XMark Fitness Trainer because these parts are manufactured from high-quality steel, which is rolled to make them last longer than you would expect.

The ever so advanced machinery can be made more versatile as it supports the XMark 7630 bench. This bench can be bought separately or with the fitness trainer (this can cost you higher than the initial). Furthermore, the movement is completely isolation-based so that you can focus on a single muscle at a time.

What we liked
  • Durable manufacture with high-quality gauge steel.
  • 200 pounds weight for all the heavy weight lifters.
  • Bench compatibility for excessive workout exercises.
  • Smooth pulley movement due to the use of graded material and drive system being used.
  • Isolation-based movement for perfect muscle targeting.
  • Variety of accessories with high-quality material.
What We didn't like
  • The bench does not come inside the package, so you need to buy it separately.
  • No safety bars or lock mechanism to ensure user safety.

Final verdict

The XM-7626 is a durable beast that allows you to lift 200 pounds using a set of smooth pulleys and an isolation-based system. You can add a bench to extend the workout when you want.

This product is suitable for a novice with no budgetary restrictions. However, there are no safety measures installed, so you need to use it with precaution.


Commercial Smith Functional Trainer

Many high-quality gyms in the USA have installed this functional trainer machine because of its durability and resistance to rust and other relative problems.

This extraordinarily heavy-duty and robust machine is manufactured using graded steel. The dimensions are also very compact, with 79 inches in width, 49 inches in length, and 89 inches in height.

Start lifting the weights that range to the highest of 350 pounds, and make your body stronger and healthier without a second thought. The pulleys are sealed to make the bearing less exposed to the oxygen in the atmosphere.

This not only saves the bearing from getting rusted but also keeps it free from any clog. The cables are high tension and pressure sustainable, along with 16 adjustments to make your workout per your height and requirements.

You can invest your money in the Deluxe version if you require a multi-position bench for a variety of different workouts. The standard version does come with a couple of safety bars to protect the users during the training sessions.

What we liked
  • The weight limit is 350 pounds, which is sufficient for the newer weight lifters.
  • The body is durable and long-lasting.
  • The dimension might be a bit bigger than the previous machine we mentioned but is still compact.
  • The pulleys are sealed to avoid rust and clog.
  • 16 adjustments to enable various exercises.
  • The cables are high-tension and pressure sustainable.
  • Comes with a couple of safety bars for your convenience.
What We didn't like
  • The pulley and pins are heavy, so the skinny and physically weak users might find it laborious to start with.
  • It does not come with a bench. The Deluxe version contains a bench; however, it costs higher.
  • There are no assembly codes marked on the parts you receive.

Final verdict

It’s a machine that complements the heavy weight lifting users who like to build their muscles every day. The weight limit is 350 pounds, which rolls over the sealed pulleys with 16 different adjustments at your disposal.

The cables are also sustainable to immense pressure, and the structure includes a couple of safety bars. You should buy this machine only if you have experience because the assembly is difficult and the weights are heavy.


Best Fitness BFFT10 Functional Trainer

A very stylish and compact functional trainer for those who like to decorate their home or workplace in the best way possible. The machine structure and assembly are more straightforward as compared to the previous models mentioned on our list.

You can perform your workout with ease due to the convenience of usage. The body is made from high-quality and durable steel that does not catch rust easily.

The pulleys can be adjusted over an angle of 180 degrees. Moreover, there are 19 different adjustments to make your workout more specific to your height and requirements.

This feature makes the machine more flexible to different types of exercises. Apart from the pulleys, there is a single weight stack that weighs about 190 pounds.

BFFT10 makes sure that the newer trainees do not face any inconvenience, whether it comes to weight or functioning.
The machine comes with a warranty of 3 years on frame and 1 year on parts to assure that your money is never lost.

What we liked
  • The material is steel, so technically, it is resistant to rust.
  • The ratio of 2:1 is more suitable for the weaker users and novice
  • The pulleys are rotatable for extreme flexibility.
  • 19 adjustments to make your workout according to your requirements.
  • There is a warranty available for customers who fear quality.
What We didn't like
  • The 190 pounds provide no resistance because the ratio is 2:1, where a 180 pounds weight will only provide you with a resistance of 90 pounds.
  • The parts are not marked, and the manual is required to be printed by the user.

Final verdict

This functional trainer is the best example of simplicity. You can easily install it anywhere inside your room and start working out. The adjustments are 19, which is more than sufficient. The 2:1 ratio is also something that you should keep in your mind before giving this machine a try.


What is a Functional Trainer Machine?

In the modern era where everyone is too busy to buy a fitness gym subscription, several companies have made an all-in-one kind of machine to help you train at your home.

The machines are equipped with upgraded pulleys and angles to make the performance of various exercises possible using minimum machinery. You can keep this machine in the corner of your room and start training the muscles that you want.

There are several products available in the market which can help to build our body in your home. The functional trainers described above are a perfect example of what we are trying to convey here.

Are Functional Trainers Worth it for 2021?

Most of the time, people ask us that functional trainers cost a handsome amount of money, so are they worth it? To answer this question, we will first say “yes” because they have a range of benefits that it brings with itself.

Let us start with the durability that it brings alongside the versatility. You will never be able to purchase separate sets of all the gears installed in the machine at such a low price. The manufacturing quality enables the body to resist the rust and last longer than what most customers expect.

Lastly, the best thing is exercise and workout diversification. In this factor, these machines bring new methods and angles at your disposal to efficiently train yourself.

What To Look For While Buying A Good Functional Trainer for 2021

Best functional trainer cable machines

It is imperative for a buyer to have complete knowledge about the product that he is going to buy.

It is even more essential when the thing is expensive and demands a fair amount of investment.

In general, a functional trainer must be a versatile tool that encompasses all the exercises related to your arm, shoulders, back, chest, and legs.

It is the basic requirement of a person from a personal functional trainer.

The functional trainer should be easy and safe to use. You can have the open choice for the adjustments in the height, positioning, and angling of the pulleys, and using a separate bench to add exercises with the same functional trainer.

Functional trainers are used to lifting a significant weight. It should be safe enough to use alone without damaging the health and fitness of the user. In addition, it should be cost-effective also.

Apart from the general features, a functional trainer must have two weight stacks.

A functional trainer with dual weight stacks is a safer and more balanced trainer to use because there is no risk of muscle unbalancing injuries.

Best functional trainer cable machine

The bearing and pulley system must be smooth enough to carry out all the workouts without adding extra energy in the pulling process of the weight.

There should be room for movement to the user while using the functional trainer.

It means that a user should be able to take some steps during the exercise with the help of long pulley travel.

A functional trainer is considered to be the best of all when it allows a large number of adjustments in its height, cable and pulley positioning, and other attachments to the functional trainer for different exercises.

Last but not least is the important factor of the simplicity in the functional trainers. The more simple is the functional trainer, the more is the ease of its use. Simplicity in the structure of the functional trainer also reduces the time to assemble it.

These are some important factors that should be taken into account during the selection of a propitious functional trainer.

After discussing the best functional trainers in the market, we are here to enumerate the factors you should consider before buying a training machine. The things to consider are straightforward yet taken for granted.


Size should be your priority while purchasing the functional trainer machine. The main reason is that people often buy this machine to merge all the workout equipment into a single place.

So the setting must be such that the different workout hardware is fixed to complement each other without a significant increase in the size. This will give you space to handle several other chores in the same room.

Versatility and options

You are buying this machine to provide you the best of options to workout. Ensure the functional trainer you are buying is versatile with several pulley settings, cable angles, bar & accessories, and the weight factor.

The more versatile the machine, the better your workout routine will be because the exercise option will increase immensely.


Keep one thing in your mind. The functional trainer is a long-term investment that costs a heavy sum. You need to make sure that the machine you are about to get is durable enough to last for more than a decade.

While most of the manufacturers use high-quality gauge steel, you still need to verify whether the company is known for standard product quality or not.

Identify your usage

Finding a product that complements your need is not a difficult job to perform. The problem is how to identify the purpose you are buying the machine for.

For instance, if you aim to make your muscles bigger and strong, you should consider purchasing a machine that has a heavier weight lifting option. On the contrary, if you are planning a casual workout, it is preferable to buy a less resistant machine with no complexity.

What Exercises Can Be Performed Using A Functional Trainer?

Functional trainers can be used in a variety of ways. If you had used such a machine before and did bicep curl, tricep workout, or chest press.

Then we are here to increase your awareness and let you know that there are many other exercises that you can perform using this compact and convenient servant.

Reverse Lunge

The reverse lunge can be done by getting in a lung position facing the machine opposite the machine. Keep the pulley position to the lowest. Now keep one of your knees at a 90-degree angle and extend it.

The other limb should be in the standing position. Now hold the cable and take it with yourself in the standing posture and reverse yourself back to the initial position. This workout strengthens your limbs and improves your balance.

Tricep plank

Keep the pulley position at the lowest. Attach the D-shaped handle of the end of the cable to make gripping easy. Now go into a plank facing the machine and grab the handle with one of your hands.

Pull the handle and take it right towards your hip and bring it back to the initial position. Repeat this numerous times with slow and steady motion to make train your tricep and ankles.

Leg curls

You can make the most out of the ankle strap that you will receive as an accessory. Tie the ankle strap to one of your legs and keep the pulley to the lowest setting. Now, stand with your face towards the machine and put both your hands on it for support.

Curl your leg until it reaches your hip, and then bring it back to the standing position. This exercise trains your limb, especially the hamstring.

Front squats

The most popular lower body workout among both men and women is the front squat. You need to keep the pulley at the lowest of settings. Now, sit in a squat position facing the machine and hold the string like you are holding a ball in both your hands.

Standing on your feet with a blast and go back into the starting position. This exercise is one of the most prominent ones when you target the hamstring and glute muscles.

Wood chops

This is a straightforward exercise to perform where you should keep the pulley in the highest possible setting. Attach the D-handle for firm grip and stand perpendicular to the machine.

Now grab the handle in both of your hands. Bring it as low as possible as if you are chopping woods in a forest. Repeat this over and over to build up your chest, should, and back muscles.

Cable crunch

How can we miss the abdominal workout? Crunches are considered the best and the most specific workout to make abs, but only a few know that the crunches can be performed used the functional trainer.

Keep the adjustment at the height of your chest. Now kneel in front of the machine and grab the rope extension behind your neck. Once you start going down, start pushing the rope forward.

Repeat the said step again and again. This workout might take a bit longer to get hold of. We recommend you to use a lighter weight to perform this workout.

Bridge curl

This workout is performed to strengthen the bicep muscles. You need to keep the pulley at the lowest height possible. Attach the rod extension to the rope and lie down on the ground, facing the machine.

Keep your knees a bit bent and your feet on the bottom of the machine. Now hold the rod in your hand and pull it towards your shoulder as you lift your hips from the ground. Go back into the initial position and repeat the steps to make the most out of the exercise.

Advantages of having a functional trainer at your home?

There are many advantages that functional trainers bring with them. While we may not be able to identify and explain all of them, there are some prominent ones which we can discuss here.

A one-time investment

Indeed the best thing about the functional trainers is the investment perspective. People usually spend thousands of dollars to pay their gym’s monthly or annual subscription to keep themselves fit and healthy.

It might feel that the gym fee is way cheaper than the investment that you need to make in the functional trainers but hold on. If we analyze the whole situation (considering that you will train yourself for a long time in the future), you have to pay a lot of money in the long-term.

Time and routine flexibility

In this era, the most valuable thing that you have is time. Usually, the gym is not anyway near your home, so you need to take a drive away from your home.

Moreover, most of the time, you would see a vital task emerging out of nowhere, and it disrupts your routine, eventually making you lose your essential day at the gym.

Buying a functional trainer for sure eliminates this risk as you get a versatile setup at your home, saving the time you spend on traveling. Besides, you can also train at any time of the day so that your routine is more flexible.

An all-in-one package

If you have made a gym at your home, you can surely relate to the difficulty people face while buying the gym stuff. First of all, it is difficult to buy all the accessories at once because of the lack of knowledge and money that might hit you hard.

It is always preferable to buy a functional trainer machine as the experts manufacture this machine in such a way that you receive a gear to train all the essential muscles and limbs in your body.


Last but not least, all the functional trainers are designed in such a way that all the machinery and tools complement each other in minimal space. Now you can summon all the gym equipment in the corner of your space to make room for more important things.


All the functional trainers that we have discussed add value to your life in one way or another. If you ask us to give our opinion on the best of the three, we will suggest you according to your usage.

If you are a novice trainee with a higher budget, we will recommend the XMark 766. On the contrary, a novice with a lower budget will find BFFT10 more convenient and cost-beneficial.

The bodybuilders’ professional weight lifters should purchase the Commercial Home Gym Smith for heavyweight and more flexible functioning than other ordinary machines available in the market.

We will close our article by advising that these three products might be better or worse than each other, but each one of them adds excellent value to your routine.

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