Best Functional Trainers

Top Best Functional Trainers

Functional trainers are mainly the composition of two things, the pulley and the cable.

The mechanism of cable and pulley allows you to do any exercise at home without going to the commercial gym.

There are many adjustments available in the best functional trainers to ease your exercise.

You can adjust the height of the functional trainer and can change the position of your exercise with the help of adjustable and swivel pulleys.

In order to buy a personal functional trainer for yourself, you have to have a clear idea of all the compulsory features and qualities of the functional trainer.

Functional trainers are widely used to perform the upper as well as the lower body exercises on a wide scale in the whole world.

You can perform lunges, pullups, pushups, squats, curls, and rotations with the help of a personal functional trainer.

This article is based on the selection and review of the top ten functional trainers available in the global market with the complete analysis of their usage, strengths, and weaknesses.

10 Best Functional Trainers Review 2019 (Top Picks)

Xmark Functional Trainer XM-7626  [RECOMMENDED] 

What we liked
  • It is highly adjustable.
  • The material used in the construction of the frame is very durable.
  • Powder coating protects the xmark xm-7626 from scratches.
  • This fitness equipment is easy to use with the detailed guidelines mentioned in its user manual.
  • Assembling the parts into a complete functional trainer is not a hectic task.
What we didn't like
  • The pulley system feels a bit rigid as compared to other functional trainers.
  • Adjusting the pulley system requires a little understanding of the pully system concept.

The first product of xmark is at the third spot in our top ten functional trainers. This is a multi-functional multi-grip functional trainer tenaciously designed for all ages.

There are dual weight stacks of 200lbs. This weight category is equally fit for the beginners as well as the heavy lifters.

You can have the freedom of movement during the exercise with this functional trainer.

The construction of the frame is done with heavy-duty steel with powder coating. The powder coating prevents the frame from any scratches during the practical use of the trainer.

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This functional trainer comes with the accessories like four cable handles, leg extension strap, ankle strap, a short bar and a long bar, triceps pulldown rope, and the pull-up bars.

The whole trainer is shipped to the user in eight different boxes. The weight of all the boxes is kept very light and they are easy to carry even going upstairs.

There is a complete guide book to assemble all the parts of xmark xm-7626 functional home gym trainer.

The pulleys system is a difficult part to assemble, but once a user understands the whole mechanism of the pulley system it is very easy to use and assemble the whole pulley system of xmark functional trainer.

All the adjustments are very easy to do. This is a user-friendly adjustable functional trainer and allows you to make any adjustments swiftly without consuming extra time and effort. This allows you to concentrate only on your workouts.

The cable of xmark functional trainer cable machine is made with durable material and lasts longer than the average cables available in the market.

You have to oil the parts regularly to increase the lifetime of this functional trainer.


Inspire Fitness SCS Smith System Functional Trainer

What we liked
  • There is a dual pulley system in this trainer.
  • You can adjust the height.
  • Steel bearings are extremely efficient and give a smooth exercise experience.
  • The manufacturer provides a commendable warranty.
  • Recommendable for heavy lifter because of its weight multiplier feature.
What we didn't like
  • It is not up to the mark on performing squats.
  • The price tag is healthy.

Inspire grabbed the first spot in our ranking for the best functional trainers available in the global market.

Inspire fitness came with tremendously superlative features that a person is looking for in an effective functional trainer.

Inspire fitness functional trainer is very easy to use and is a unique product for your home gym. This cable machine is aided with all the equipment used for daily body workout.

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All the exercises including lunges, pullups, pushups, chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps, wings, rotations, squats, and legs can be done with the help of this gym equipment.

Triceps rope, sports handle, ankle cuff, curl bar, and long bar also comes along with this trainer with the hallmark stamp of inspiring brand.

This trainer never lets you get down or feel to go home. It is a complete scs bench press with preacher curl and leg extension.

It is imperative for a heavy-duty functional trainer that the bearing system is efficient and responsive. The bearing system in this trainer is unmatched and gives you the smoothest of the exercise experience.

You don’t have to put extra energy to pull the cable crossover on the pulley system. The dual pulley is used to divide the tension in the string and allows the person to consume all the energy on the body workout.

When it comes to design, there is no competition for its unique design.  The dual pulley system allows you the range of motion during the exercise with easy adjustments.

There is no need to buy extra Olympic weights because they inspire fitness scs that provides you with the unmatched amalgamation of Olympic bar and weight stacks.

There is a 10 years warranty that will be going with you on the purchase of inspiring fitness scs functional trainer. There is a complete guarantee of the frame and all the parts. I would never let down this offer at all.

One key feature is that this functional trainer came with adjustable height. There is no limitation of the ceiling height while placing the inspire ft in your home. You can easily adjust the height of this functional trainer.

Heavy lifter would be pleased to know that there is an option to double your weight by increasing the resistance of cables over a pulley.

This will allow you to add virtual weights to your workout and excel the exercise with stunning body cuts and shapes.


Inspire Fitness ft2 Best Functional Trainer

What we liked
  • Ft2 allows you to carry out your gym workouts in 32 different positions.
  • Dual pulley system with adjustable height.
  • The steel ball-bearing system gives a silky exercise experience.
  • There is an option to set an exercise bench between the legs of the steel frame.
What we didn't like
  • The instruction book has limited information about the usage of this ft2 trainer.
  • There is less freedom of movement for performing squats or bench press.

In the field of functional trainers, inspire fitness grabs the top ranks. Ft2 functional trainer is perfect gym equipment with the options of a number of different exercises to be performed on a single machine.

Ft2 gives you a lot of freedom of movement during the exercise by allowing you to have your gym workout in different directions.

Ft2 is particularly designed for sports-related exercises. You can lose your body fat, increase your stamina, and strengthen your body.

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One exciting feature is that this best functional trainer has enough space that you can set an exercising bench in between the frame and can easily do chest workouts.

Inspire fitness always maintains a high standard when it comes to the bearing system of their best functional trainers. There is a superlative steel ball bearing system, which gives you a smooth exercise experience.

Ft2 workout machine is an elite smith cage with pioneering weight multiplier.  It is very helpful for the heavy lifters because of the ability of this steel frame functional trainer to add a virtual weight to the weight stack by increasing the resistance of the cable cross.

You don’t have to buy additional Olympic weights because of the availability of the Olympic bar with dual weight stacks.

In addition, the dual pulley system allows you to do a number of exercises with dual adjustable pulleys.

Ft2 comes with parts like ankle cuff, curl bar, short and long bars, sports handle, and triceps rope.

These parts allow you to perform all the important exercises of the whole body without any extra expenses on purchasing any part from the market.

The whole package is shipped into different boxes having the whole assembly. These are easy to carry, and you do not have to put extra effort to assemble them in a proper functional trainer shape.

Ft2 allows you to do your workout in 32 different positions. Inspire fitness gives you 10 years of warranty on the steel frame and the entire equipment package.


Monster Force Best USA g6 Functional Trainer

What we liked
  • It is a complete gym. A user can do almost all the exercises on monster g6 functional trainer.
  • Unique band pegs provide additional resistance for heavy lifters.
  • A dual adjustable pulley system allows the free movement during the exercise.
  • All the additional exercise parts are in the package of this functional trainer.
  • Very durable aircraft graded cable is used to lift the weight stacks.
What we didn't like
  • It requires a large area and height to place monster force usa g6 functional trainer.
  • It is heavy on pocket.

This is the real giant in the market of functional trainers and cable crossover machine. This is a combination of both. G6 power rack functional trainer is a complete squat rack.

This monster functional trainer gives you complete strength training for all the body parts.

G6 gives you the complete benefits of a power rack, functional trainer, smith machine, leg press, press bar, lat pulldown, core trainer, and suspension trainer.

It is a complete gym in one trainer with the facility of cross-training as well. You don’t have to go to the gym if you have g6 functional trainer at your home.

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G6 is a complete squat rack that can be used for a complete range of barbell exercises.

The trainer came with the adjustable grade j-hooks and safety spotter arms. These help you to do your workouts with complete safety.

The chin-up bar is specially made for this multi-purpose functional trainer. A user can grip this bar from various grip positions including close grip, wide grip, overhand grip, and underhand grip.

It is a complete package for valor fitness. There is no need to buy extra rowing machines because the rowing exercises can be done easily on this functional trainer.

There is an availability of dual weight stacks with 221 lbs. Weighted plates that can easily be separated with the help of easy pop-pin positioning. So, plate loading is not an issue with this functional trainer.

This weight category is perfect for heavy weight lifting, while the beginners can adjust the weight with the help of pop-pin.

The frame of this functional trainer is made with the brand stainless steel for extreme durability and long life of the trainer.

The whole structure is powder-coated which protects the frame from scratches and other climatic effects.

When it comes to the accompanying attachments, there is no match found in the global market in this context. Whatever part came into your mind, monster g6 have it the bag for you.

Triceps rope, sports handle, ankle cuff, curl bar, long bar, short bar, cable handles, exercise bench, chin-up bar, pull up bar, etc. All are available in this monster g6 all in one functional trainer.

The adjustable dual pulley system is attached to the g6 functional trainer to allow the buyer to do exercise in any position he wants. There is no limitation of movements with this gigantic functional trainer.

Pulley ratio is 2:1 which gives you a smooth exercise experience. There is no extra effort required to pull the cables, all you have to do is to fully concentrate on your exercise.

This functional trainer is immune to consume the extra energy from the user.

For heavy lifters, if 221 lbs. Are falling short of the required resistance for a better workout, this functional trainer has the unique band pegs arrangement.

Band pegs add the additional weight stack resistance with the help of the weight bands available in this functional trainer.

This is a huge functional trainer with healthy dimensions. You have to free up a lot of space or reserve a whole room for this functional trainer to be placed inside your home.

It is a bit complex to assemble because of the complex structure of this g6 functional trainer.

The cable used for this monster functional trainer is a graded aircraft nylon cable which is very durable and can uplift a good chunk of the weight without any deformation in its structure.

Monster force the USA gives you the ten years guarantee for this product. The guarantee is the same for the steel structure and every single piece of equipment.


Life Fitness G7 Home Best Functional Gym Trainer

What we liked
  • This trainer is suitable for heavy lifters.
  • You can customize the pulleys for 20 different positions and can perform 55 different exercises on a singles g7 functional trainer.
  • This trainer helps the user with the help of video guides.
  • The dual pulley system is very efficient and helps you to do all exercise smoothly.
What we didn't like
  • Some buyers feel that the parts warranty is very less.
  • There is a limitation for chest exercises in this trainer.

Life fitness g7 training equipment is one of the best functional trainers from the well-reputed global brand in the field of gym fitness equipment.

Life fitness trainers are widely used in commercial gyms because of their efficiency and effectiveness in body workouts.

The frame is made up of heavy-duty material which is rust free and hence long-lasting. The frame has a powder-coated finish to prevent it from scratches during the daily use of the trainer.

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There is a dual adjustable pulley system installed in this functional trainer to allow the freedom of movements to a user during the workouts.

You can adjust the pulleys in 20 different positions on this functional trainer and can perform more than 55 exercises on a single place at a single functional trainer.

Life fitness g7 is aided with curl rod, long bar, short bar, handle straps, thigh straps, pullup bar, and a chin-up bar.

You can perform a variety of exercises on this trainer without going to the gym because this is a complete home gym.

The appreciable part of this fitness functional trainer is the cable material. The cable is highly durable, and the cable column allows you the smooth action of the integration of the cable machine with a dual pulley mechanism.

An interesting feature of g7 is that it comes with the complete video tutorials and guides to use the functional trainer for a number of different workouts.

It, therefore allows the beginner to learn different exercises from the video tutorial and effectively use the functional trainer.

There are two weight stacks trolling up to 2150 lb weight. This is the perfect weight for the heavy lifters.

You can easily separate the weight stacks for the ideal weight and can perform the smooth exercise with this trainer.

This functional trainer comes with 10 years warranty of the steel frame with 3 years warranty of the supplementary parts.

The parts warranty is kept low because of the extensive commercial use of this trainer in gyms.


Bodycraft hft Best Functional Trainer Home gym:

What we liked
  • Nylon coated aircraft cable is very durable and holds up to 2000lb weight.
  • Pulleys are adjustable to 30 different heights.
  • You can change the angles of pulleys to 180 degrees to add extra movements in the exercises.
  • It is compact and can be placed easily to any portion of the room.
What we didn't like
  • 150lb weight is not enough for heavy lifters.
  • Padding on the leg press attachment is not good but still works well for normal lifters.

The sixth place is grabbed by the functional trainer from bodycraft hft. It is the best multi-gym home functional trainer with smart fitting.

This trainer can be placed in any part of the room with ease. There is a complete guide book of the functional trainer including 70 different exercises for the beginners.

An interesting feature in hft trainer is that it has a two by one cable ratio that allows the enhanced movements and wide range of motion. This dual cable system helps to improve balance and coordination.

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Unlike other best functional trainers in the market, hft has a cable column independent and adjustable pulleys. A buyer can adjust the pulleys to 30 different heights and can also rotate the angle by 180 degrees.

This allows the buyer to do multi-dimensional exercises with ease on a single fitness functional trainer with the help of these swivel pulleys.

The bearing system is appreciable and allows the smooth and swift movement of cable and pulley mechanism.

There are two weight stacks of 150lb available in this functional trainer.

One important thing to be noticed in this gym equipment is the quality of the cable. The cable of this functional trainer is made up of nylon coated aircraft cable.

This is a very strong cable and has the capacity to lift 2000lb weight without losing the elasticity.

The weight stacks can be increased by adding 50lb to each of the weight stacks. This assembly is upgradable from 150lb to 200lb. This is a light commercial best functional trainer.

The trainer brings useful parts with itself including the two fully adjustable cables, pullup bar, two chains, triceps pulldown rope, long and short bar, ankle cuff, and pullup strap for the assistant.

The whole assembly took less than two hours to get into shape and it is durable and last for years.

The only thing that is on the lower side is the padding on the leg press attachment. It is thin as compared to other functional trainers and may tease the heavy lifters.

There are 10 years of warranty on the frame of hft trainer and 2 years parts warranty.


Rep Multi-grip Commerical Functional Trainer Cable Machine:

What we liked
  • 11-gauge steel material is used to make the whole structure durable.
  • dual pulleys with enlarged size are placed for smooth workouts.
  • Rep fitness functional trainer gives you the freedom of 20 different cable potions to try different exercises on a single trainer.
  • There are bigger weight stacks present in this trainer as compared to the other ones in the market.
What we didn't like
  • The movements could go rough during the last strokes of a workout.
  • You have to oil it periodically for smoother movement of all the parts.

The first product of rep came in our list of top ten functional trainers in rep multi-grip functional trainer cable machine.

This is real gym equipment with a high-class material frame. This is the heavy-duty functional trainer that comes with the bigger weight stack.

The weight stack is made up of heavy-duty and long-lasting materials. The overall structure is very durable, and you can easily rely on it.

This function trainer is made up of 11-gauge steel frame which adds to its durability and ensures the unmatched strength of the frame.

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In the global market, there is no such functional trainer that gives you a large number of cable positions for different angles of movements.

There are twenty different positions available for a user to adjust cables and workout on different positions for various exercises.

Rep multi-grip functional trainer has dual weight stacks of 220lb weight. This is perfect for a home gym evenly for the beginners and for the heavy lifters.

This weight stack is bigger than the other weight stacks present in the market. The high value of the weight stack produces great resistance and acts as a weight multiplier.

This can increase the stamina and give strength to the body and make you sweat more. To keep all the workouts smooth and relaxed, high-quality steel ball bearings are used at cable crossovers.

The dual pulley system is enforced on this heavy-duty functional trainer that is larger in size as compared to the pulleys of other functional trainers.

There are a number of accessories came with this trainer. The accessories include sports handle, curl bar, long bar, short bar, ankle cuffs, pullup bar, and a chin-up bar. You don’t have to go to the market for purchasing an additional part for the trainer.

When it comes to the warranty, rep fitness gives you the 10 years of warranty for the durable frame and three years of warranty for the accessories.


Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Best Cage Functional Trainer

What we liked
  • Marcy diamond is the most reliable and strong functional trainer.
  • You can do more exercises on this functional trainer than the exercises available at a normal gym.
  • The ultra-glide linear bearing system is responsible for the smooth exercise experience.
What we didn't like
  • There are no weights given by Marcy diamond. You have to buy your own weights, but it is still very economical.
  • Assembling the parts of this functional trainer is a hectic process.

Marcy diamond is the oldest of the brands producing the functional trainers and other gym fitness equipment since the last era of the 1950s. The name is the hallmark of reliability and strength.

This is more likely a garage gym because it requires a reasonable surface area to place this functional trainer which is usually not available in the living room.

Contrary to other functional trainers, the Marcy diamond elite smith cage is intentionally aided with a multi-purpose exercise cage and a bench.

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This functional trainer comes with accessories like a multi-functional bench with preacher pad and leg raise, triceps rope, ankle cuff, sports handle, long bar, curl bar, ankle cuffs, and short bar.

There is a deficit of one thing in this functional trainer that is the unavailability of the weights for the weight stack. You have to buy your own weights from the market.

It is still very economical even after purchasing the weights form the market. This is a complete home gym in which you can perform a number of exercises with ease.

It is valid to say that a buyer can do more exercise on this functional trainer than in the gym.

Marcy diamond elite smith cage uses the ultra-glide linear bearing technology. This technology allows the swift and smooth movement of the pulleys and cable crossover machines.

The whole system arrives at your doorstep in different boxes, but it is a difficult task to assemble it because of the unavailability of the detailed guide.

Once it is fully assembled, it is very effective in doing different types of exercises on this single functional trainer.

There is a smith machine in this functional trainer which allows you to additional exercises. The Olympic bar is also present in the package, but you may buy Olympic weight stack because of the unavailability of the weights in this gym equipment.

The last thing to be discussed is the guarantee of this product. You can claim your warranty on the frame within ten years of the purchase.


Body-Solid Fitness bfft10 Functional Trainer

What we liked
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • A lot of youtube tutorials are present on bfft10 usage.
  • Pulleys swivel 180 degrees to give the freedom of movements during the body workouts.
What we didn't like
  • There is no warranty claim information present for this functional trainer.
  • You have to work only with two cable handles and a pullup bar.

The ninth place at our selection for the top ten functional trainers is the bff10 functional trainer. This is one of the simplest and easy to use the functional trainer in our selection.

The advantage of this functional trainer is that you can place it in your bedroom with ease because of its smaller footprint.

There is a dual pulley system present in this simplest functional trainer. This allows the smooth movement of the cable on the pulley arrangement.

Contrary to other functional trainers, there is a single weight stack present in this functional trainer.

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The overall weight of the weight stack is 190lb. This is ideal for beginners and heavy weight lifters.

Weight lifting exercises are limited in this functional trainer. You can do a fair amount of exercise with the use of two cable handles and a pullup bar.

This body solid functional trainer allows the buyer to adjust the pulleys at 19 different positions to give the number of different movements to the buyer.

Pulleys are not static on fitness bfft10 functional trainer, swivel pulleys at 180 degrees allow the buyer to use this functional trainer from any direction he wants.

It gives a sense of ease of use to the buyer and relaxes his exercise by allowing to use the trainer from any position.

Any beginner can use this trainer because of the fact that there are a number of videos present on youtube to assemble and use this trainer.

You just have to use two cable handles for doing all the exercises on this fitness equipment. Body solid proudly named it as no cable change design.

It is the cheapest and simplest of the functional trainer in this list with the compact composition.

There is no compromise on the quality of the material used in the construction of bfft10. The steel construction is durable and reliable.

There is no information present on the warranty came time period of this product. If you like the simple functional trainer, bfft10 would be the top pick.


Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer Cable Machine:

What we liked
  • It is a very simple functional trainer with the option to do a number of different exercises.
  • You can use the bench in between the legs of Powertec workbench functional trainer to add more exercises in the list of this functional trainer.
  • It is economical and very easy to use.
What we didn't like
  • There is no text description on the user manual to assemble and use this functional trainer.
  • It takes more time to assemble the whole structure as compared to other simple functional trainers.

The last functional trainer from the global market in our list of the top ten functional trainers is Powertec workbench functional trainer.

It is the simplest of the functional trainers made by the famous Powertec brand.

The main purpose to design this Powertec fitness machine is to make it adjustable to the compact places by keeping the structure simple and economical.

The whole structure is created with durable material and has the protective powder coat to avoid any scratches on the body.

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There are dual fully adjustable pulleys attached to the mainframe at the lower and upper portions to give the smooth exercise experience to the user.

If you want to increase the number of exercises performed on this trainer, you can easily add a bench in between the legs of this functional trainer. This will give you a diversified exercise experience.

Powertec workbench functional trainer, unlike the powerline pcco90x, comes with dual adjustable pulleys, pullup bar, long bar, and two cable handles. You can make good use of these parts to do different exercises at home.

You can perform the curls on this functional trainer. Yes, it is possible because you can attach the long bar to dual pulleys for this purpose.

The advantage of this setting is that you can avoid the twisting movements during the curls.

The structure is simple, but the unavailability of the text guide in the user manual makes it a little difficult to assemble the whole structure.

Still, it takes less time to complete the assembling process of this functional trainer.


Buyer’s Guide for Best Functional Trainer 2019/2020

What to look for before buying the Functional Trainer in 2019/2020?

Best functional trainer cable machines

It is imperative for a buyer to have complete knowledge about the product that he is going to buy.

It is even more essential when the thing is expensive and demands a fair amount of investment.

In general, a functional trainer must be a versatile tool that encompasses all the exercises related to your arm, shoulders, back, chest, and legs.

It is the basic requirement of a person from a personal functional trainer.

The functional trainer should be easy and safe to use. You can have the open choice for the adjustments in the height, positioning, and angling of the pulleys, and using a separate bench to add exercises with the same functional trainer.

Functional trainers are used to lifting a significant weight. It should be safe enough to use alone without damaging the health and fitness of the user. In addition, it should be cost-effective also.

Apart from the general features, a functional trainer must have two weight stacks.

A functional trainer with dual weight stacks is a safer and more balanced trainer to use because there is no risk of muscle unbalancing injuries.

Best functional trainer cable machine

The bearing and pulley system must be smooth enough to carry out all the workouts without adding extra energy in the pulling process of the weight.

There should be room for movement to the user while using the functional trainer.

It means that a user should be able to take some steps during the exercise with the help of long pulley travel.

A functional trainer is considered to be the best of all when it allows a large number of adjustments in its height, cable and pulley positioning, and other attachments to the functional trainer for different exercises.

The last but not the least is the important factor of the simplicity in the functional trainers. The more the simple is the functional trainer, the more is the ease of its use. Simplicity in the structure of the functional trainer also reduces the time to assemble it.

These are some important factors that should be taken into account during the selection of a propitious functional trainer.

Functional Trainer Conclusion:

This article provided you a detailed analysis of the top ten best functional trainers for 2019 of different brands of the global market.

The whole list describes the functionalities of every single functional trainer in a comprehensive way.

The best functional trainer in our opinion is the cage system, functional trainer. This functional trainer gives you the smoothest of the exercise experience with the help of a steel ball efficient bearing system and dual pulleys.

The dual cable crossovers also reduce the stress on the user during the exercise. There is a dual pulley system in this trainer. It is easy to use and can be used by the beginners and the professional heavy weight lifters.

All the functional trainers are selected on the strict criteria of performance, usability, and price. You can choose any of the aforementioned functional trainers with confidence. They all are up to the required task under their domains.

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